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Can I book a pre-park opening breakfast reservation?

Can I book a pre-park opening breakfast reservation?

Back in the Before Times, it was super common to book a breakfast in the parks before they were officially open which was a fantastic way to start the day.

Nowadays it’s a little more difficult.

Here’s what you need to know.

Which restaurants are open before park opening?

These restaurants are open for breakfast and sometimes open before the park opens:

Safari Mickey at Tusker House

How do I know if a restaurant will be open before the park is?

This is the tricky part. In the past, it was consistent and predictable. Nowadays, it totally depends on the park hours.

You’ll need to cross-reference the restaurant hours with the park hours for your date. Be sure to include Early Entry in this since that’s 30 minutes before the official park opening.

You can do that by clicking on the links on the bulleted list above which all go to the Disney World website. (FYI – you won’t find this info in the app, but only through a browser. )

At those links, you can change the date and the hours will appear for that day.

One word of warning though: Disney sometimes changes the hours after they’re initially released, especially if they think the parks are going to be busier than they originally expected.

If the park opening time changes, your breakfast reservation could be during regular park hours and not before park opening.

How do I get to my reservation if the park isn’t open yet?

Each park will have a separate entry for people with breakfast reservations. Look for that signage at the tapstiles as you enter the parks (or in the case of Magic Kingdom, the signage might be in the Hub area in front of the castle directing you where to go).

Which character breakfast should you do?

We have info and reviews on each one to help you decide. Check out the best character meals at Walt Disney World.