Bonus: D23 moments that made me cry – PREP103b

In this special bonus episode, I discuss the most touching moments from the D23 Expo (and try not to cry while doing it!).

You'll hear audio that includes Richard Sherman, an animator, a special medley, and Kristen Bell.

Listen to the audio to hear audio straight from the D23 main stage.

Here's the short video I mentioned that I recorded in the parks.

Couple dancing during "A Kiss Goodnight." ❤️

A video posted by Shannon Albert (@wdwprepschool) on

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Fun bonus podcast, Shannon! Loved all the audio clips, including the outtro music. Was that the Owl City song from Wreck It Ralph?


Shannon, do you have a link to where we can watch that final montage you played from the end of the Disney Parks announcements (had the celebrate the magic music)? I’d love to see it, but can’t find it on YouTube.



Thank you so much!

Shanon I just wanted to tell you what an inspiration you have been to me. I absolutely adore your podcast and this one was my favorite! Your love for Disney and what you do shines through and through. I am a long time listener and my very first episode was your mother’s day episode from a few years ago. You inspired me so much I immediately began searching my passions for something that would make me excited to get to work! Well, long story slightly less long, I pretty much did exactly what you did, following my interests down some… Read more »

Oh my, I am so sorry I misspelled your name! Doh!


Thanks, Shannon, for sharing these special moments with us! (Even though you made me cry.) I held it together until “Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?” Then tears, goose bumps, and choked up. Just got myself together and then you got choked up and I did all over again. You are doing a wonderful job and we appreciate all your tips, ideas, and info. Disney is truly the most magical place on earth and you really help add extra magic to our trips every time we go! Wishing you many magical blessings in return! Thank you!!

Suzanne Weaver

By far, my favorite podcast!!! Music is what makes the magic happen – in my opinion. Thanks, thanks, thanks so much for sharing this with all of us who anxiously await to “hear” from you – you are truly remarkable! You & Casey are such a great team – ring & yang!!! Listening & reading both of your reports from D23 this past weekend has made my “wish” to visit Disneyland even greater…


I am a WDW fan, but am dying to go to Disneyland. Listening to “A kiss goodnight” , the story behind it, gave me goose bumps and brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for sharing! You and Casey are awesome! Keep up the great work!

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