The ultimate Disney World packing list – Word, PDF and Google Docs formats

Hate that nagging feeling that you're forgetting something on your trips? I do too. That's why I put together this huge Disney World packing list to help you remember lots of items that you might otherwise forget.


You shouldn't (though one reader's mother did that once!). This is just an all-inclusive list to help jog your memory.

Now, let's take a look...

Please pin it, save it, print it. Whatever you like. I hope you find it helpful.

(Downloadable Word, PDF and Google Docs versions are at the bottom of this page OR you can get the WDW Prep Packing List app for iOS to bring a convenient version to your phone)

Ultimate Disney World packing list

Download the Disney World packing list files

Sources for some of the items on the Disney World packing list


Thoughts or questions on this ginormous packing list? Tell us about it in the comments.


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A Memory Scent! We bring a glade plug in of the same aroma every time we go to Disney (and only Disney) and leave it plugged in the room through our entire vacation. Every now and then at home we’ll plug it in for a day and the scent-memory lifts everyones mood even if we cant be in Disney =D


That’s great for your family, but for the family that comes after you, there’s going to be an artificial chemical stench filling the room, and for my family, that can be life-threatening due to anaphylactic airborne allergies. Please be considerate of others and rethink your aroma bomb.


Unfortunately, your family should reconsider going to Disney world due to the parks having Disney Air Smellitizers to make areas seem more authentic to not just looks, but smells as well. As a healthcare professional, airborn allergy anaphylaxis is rare, and if your family is that sensitive then you will be at risk in the parks.

Not every uses “artificial chemical stench”. A lot of people use essential oils. Which some
people can also be allergic to as well. My brother is allergic to everything, even the hair on his head, but my family is still going to live their lives and have a memory scent using oils.


Do you know about housekeeping??

What an awesome idea!!


This may be on the list and I might have missed it, but I recommend bringing some body glide. It’s a deodorant like product that runners use to prevent chaffing. We have found it works amazing when doing lots of walking! We bought ours at Dicks, but I bet any athletic/outdoor store would have it!


Just to let you know, that I refer to this list no matter where I’m traveling. It’s so complete that I’ve found it to be so helpful for my non-WDW trips, too. Thank, Shannon!


This is definitely way in advance haha but I was wondering how much chance of rain is there in Orlando during December? We’re going about the second week of the month and I’m just wondering what kind of weather we’ll find when we get there.

Patrick Walsh

We actually went about the 12th of December every year for about 10 years. Mainly, its the slowest week of the year. The weather isnt so rainy however, it does get a bit chilly that time of year. Sometimes it drops into the 40’s which doesnt seem bad for someone coming from Wisconsin or the NE etc. but, it gets very windy an that adds to the chill. This wasnt always the case, and, one time we actually wound up having to buy parkas because the weather had suddenly dropped while there. If i were you, check the weather but do pack some heavier jackets. You can always just leave them in the car or room should you not need them. Have a wonderful time. I also suggest doing the Mickeys very merry xmas party. The price has skyrocket since the first year they started it plus they have added the amount of people they allow in. It used to be a lessor amount. But, all in all, the lines will be nil to none an walk on most. Not all are open, free cocoa an cookies (used to) havent gone in about 6 years now. Have fun, enjoy, an say hi to mickey for me. 😉

Have to add…. Best thing we bring and is a must every year. Boot dryer and dryer sheets … Sounds dumb. But noone likes nasty smelly shoes! Simply place a dryer sheet in the shoe and place on the boot dryer… Also helps with the room smell… Especially if you have 6 pairs of nasty rain/ waterride shoes just sitting in your room all night!!!😝😝😝 sometimes they dont even have enough time to dry when they need put back on again.


Thank you for all of this! We are taking our kids to Disney for the first time and I’ve had so many questions. You have had amazing answers. You have already lessened my anxiety a ton!

Kristen Epperly

can you bring a wagon. the fold up ones. I have 3 kids and a wagon will work better than a stroller. but if wagons aren’t allowed we will just bring a stroller. thanks. great list. thanks for the sun block I totally forgot that one.


Liquid Benadryl is also great for long flights with young children. We take a red eye every year from Seattle so the kids can just sleep. We got a ton of compliments about our granddaughter’s wonderful behavior! Thank you liquid Benadryl! We just gave it to her in line at the ticketing desk so we could get it into the checked luggage last minute.


Our pediatrician recommended that we use allergy/decongestant for our children when flying to reduce pressure from extra fluid in ears/sinuses. It’s a bonus if it helps them doze off 🙂


if your child is not sick i dont recommend giving uneeded meds. a great alternative is melatonin for kids. its natural. we use Luna brand(Amazon) or if Zarbees honey all natural cough syrup night time.
trust me Im not judging I have totally done the same until I discovered these natural alternatives 🙂


this will be our fist trip and we will be going in november any suggestions on what is a must have for clothing? I am not sure what the weather is usually like in florida at this time of year


We travel this time of year everytime. Days are warm but layer or take a light jacket because nights can get cool!


I would recommend making or buying Disney ears out of the park or on etsy. Also buy Disney stuffed animals out of the park and giving them to your kids in the park. They are so expensive and you could get them at 1/2 the price.


do anyone know if you need to bring swimming stuff to disneyland paris?

Bobby Sharp

This was a great list! I used it in order to pack for our family’s first Disney World trip. My son is four so I added a few things to the list:

Quarters (for penny stretcher machines)
Foldable toddler toilet seat
Bandana (for wiping sweat off my forehead) – gross, I know. I sweat on command….
Toddler silverware


We are thinking of taking my son once he turns 4, do you think it is a good age to take him. Im having mixed feelings about the patience and things…


Maybe add “small cheap things for Jawa trading”


Double-up on the undies in the summer! Not just a good idea for little ones who might have an accident, but for everyone to have fresh clothes after the mid-day pool/shower break & maybe to sleep in. My kids thought I was crazy when I told them to pack 10 for a 4 day trip, but we used them all!


The M&M tube idea is fabulous! Myself, my husband, and our three year old son are going in about six months. Something I have to add is a pinch of patience. I know that for myself and my two guys we are good when it comes to waiting or the heat, but when mixed with thousands of other, more than likely less prepared tourists, it can be a bit frustrating. Mix it in with your pixie dust and all will have a magical time.

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