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Incredibles Movie Night

Incredibles Movie Night

The world was first introduced to the Incredibles way back in 2004 when they stormed onto the scene with messages about the power of family and loving who you are. 

Much to the delight of Super Fans everywhere, we got to see the entire family back on the big screen in 2018 for Incredibles 2.

Here’s how you can bring some of this Disney movie magic home to your own super family.

First things first

New to planning a Disney Movie Night? 

We have lots of tips and suggestions to get you started but the main thing is have fun!

Below you’ll see that we have tried to provide a variety of ideas to fit a wide range of ages.

And, don’t feel like you have to do exactly what we say; think of this more as a jumping off point or a place for inspiration.

You can go big or keep it simple – the choice is yours!


Invitations are one of the easiest ways to make a Disney movie night feel extra-special.

Remember: an invite doesn’t have to be anything fancy. And if you love being creative, this is the perfect time for that.

This is even something you can get the kids involved with – have them make invitations or design a movie poster for your big night.

You could also invite people electronically via text, hang a hand written sign on the fridge, or if you want something ready made, you could print something out like the example below:

Download PDF

Menu inspirations

When it comes to the menu, you can quickly theme up anything with a fun name.

The name “Incredibles” is an easy one to add to just about anything you might already have already been planning to cook, but don’t forget you can also play off of the names of the characters, too.

That pasta you were already planning on serving? Call it “Elastigirl’s Stretchy Spaghetti” and just like that – you’ve made it a little bit more fun.

Heck, this might even be the time to get brave and introduce your kiddos to something new that they normally would turn their nose up at; they may be more inclined to try that new veggie if they think Mr. Incredible recommended it.

If you want to make something new or different, the internet is FULL of fantastic recipes to try. You can go as complex or as easy as you want. 

Here are some fun ideas for things to serve. Remember, don’t feel like you have to use these as is; you can adapt them to fit your family’s tastes and preferences.

Note: Unless linked to a recipe, all of the ideas below are just fun ways to re-name things you might already be planning to serve.

Entree ideas

  • “Hero” Sub Sandwiches
  • Mrs. Incredible’s cheesy pizza (with lots of stretchy cheese)
  • Edna’s excellent enchilada’s


  • Syndrome’s Salad
  • Elastigirl’s spiral mac ‘n’ cheese


  • Violet’s grape juice
  • Incredible punch


  • Violet’s Grapes 
  • Frozones Frozen Treat (could be a Popsicle, a bowl of ice cream; basically whatever frozen thing you have on hand!)
  • Incredibles Mask Cookies


  • Jack-Jack’s popping corn
  • Violets disappearing __________ (insert your favorite snack here)

Once you decide on what to serve, you can print off the blank menu below and write in your selections:

Download PDF

Suggested activities

Design your own superhero 

Who hasn’t dreamed of being a superhero? 

What super powers would you have? What would your costume look like? What would your name be?

Print out one of the superhero outlines below. 

Then, let each member of the family design their very own superhero. 

Have a giant roll of paper handy?

Trace the outline of each of you to make life-sized superheros!

Don’t forget to allow time to describe what your hero can do.

When you’re all finished, hang them up as decorations.

Download superhero PDFs

Superhero Dash

The goal here is to use what you have on hand to turn yourself into a superhero.

You can go full Captain Underpants or make it more serious – whatever you want.

Set a timer, and then everybody races off to create their costumes.

Towels can be capes (just don’t tell Edna), fanny packs can be utility belts, backpacks become jet packs…you get the idea.

When you are done, everybody gets the chance to showoff their creation, reveal their superhero name, and of course, describe their powers.

Download masks PDF

Elastigirl’s Limbo

Who doesn’t love a good ‘ol fashioned game of limbo?

You can use a broomstick as the pole and then whomever gets lowest wins!

Coloring pages

Never underestimate the power of coloring.

This is an easy activity to do and it doubles as something you can do while watching the movie.

And, one of our favorite things about coloring is that it is a relaxing activity for both the adults and the kids.

If you don’t have an Incredibles coloring book at home, you can find lots and lots of free Incredibles coloring pages on the internet.

Want more?

We fully believe that you don’t have to spend a dime to make a movie night fun.

But, if you’re short on time or if you want to add a little something extra to make it special, here are some ideas.

(Links below pay a commission on purchases made.)

Limbo game

Plates and napkins

Cape for kids

Incredibles activity book

Disney World connections

Wondering where you can find the Incredibles represented in the parks?

We have a giant list of Disney movies and their connections to the park to help you out.

Jack Jack