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Is MagicBand+ worth it?

Is MagicBand+ worth it?

People were definitely very excited when MagicBand+ came out, but the reality hasn’t been quite as fun as anticipated.

Here are some things to consider when deciding whether to get MagicBand+.

MagicBand+ vs the old MagicBand 2.0 bands

MagicBand+ has more features over the previous MagicBand 2.0 bands, including being rechargeable and interacting with various features in the parks like nighttime shows, statues, and several elements in Galaxy’s Edge at Hollywood Studios.

However, it also comes with a much higher price tag and is physically much bigger and watch-like than MagicBand 2.0.

Given the cost and features, we don’t really think it’s worth it for most people. However, it might be for some groups.

Who should buy MagicBand+

There are some people who might consider buying MagicBand+:

  • people traveling to both Walt Disney World and Disneyland – MB+ can be used on both coasts, while the old MagicBands can only be used at Walt Disney World
  • guests who just want to try something new – you might consider getting 1 MB+ band for your group to see the features
  • Star Wars fans who will get a lot of use out of the interactive Galaxy’s Edge functionality

Where to buy MagicBands?

Having said that, Disney works really hard to get you to buy MagicBand+ so most of the bands available on shopDisney and in the parks/resorts are MagicBand+. If you decide to get the previous MagicBand 2.0 style, there are limited options available online and they can be found at most resort gift shops at Walt Disney World.

Need more info? Check out our complete guide to MagicBand+.


Monday 7th of August 2023

Good points all around. MagicBand+ also has the firework-synched lights during some shows. I'd rather watch the real fireworks but for a 6 year old on my lap he loved the lights and vibrations in front of him during the fireworks. We also REALLY loved the gold statue hunt during the 50th. The Disney Play app would track which states I "waved" to with my MagicBand+ and we had a blast checking them all off during our last trip (in 2023). The regular old MagicBand is only sold as a pre-sale with a Disney hotel reservation or at the Disney Gift shops. I do not think it's worth the price tag especially for kids but there were some fun perks... and the designs are better.