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How to get to an early morning breakfast at Disney World

How to get to an early morning breakfast at Disney World

Early morning and pre-park opening breakfasts are a popular option for many families visiting Disney World.

But, if you don’t have a car you may be wondering how you’ll get there.

No worries – Disney has you covered. 

Here’s all your transportation options for getting at an early morning breakfast at Disney World

Free options for getting there

Although Disney will often tell you that transportation begins 1 hour before the parks open, there are  options for people with early dining reservations.

Here’s what’s available for early morning dining at Disney World:

  • Buses for the Magic Kingdom and Magic Kingdom resort area start running at 6:30 a.m. daily
  • Buses for Animal Kingdom and Animal Kingdom Lodge start running at 7-7:15 a.m. daily
  • Buses for the Hollywood Studios and the Epcot-area resorts will start running at 7-7:15 a.m. daily
  • Buses for Epcot start running at 7-7:15 a.m. daily
  • The ferry from the Ticket and Transportation Center (TTC) to Magic Kingdom begins running 1 hour before Magic Kingdom opens
  • The express monorail (that goes from the TTC to MK) begins 30 minutes before MK opens
  • The resort monorail (which will go from TTC to The Polynesian to The Grand Floridian and then to MK) begins at 7 a.m.
  • The Epcot monorail usually begins operating at 8 a.m.
  • The boats that service the Epcot-area resorts and go to Epcot and Hollywood Studios start running at 8:30 a.m. daily

Want more transportation information? Be sure to read our guide on how to navigate with Disney World transportation.

1900 Park Fare Early Morning Breakfast at Disney World

Want to get to an early morning breakfast at Disney World even faster?

For guests looking to make it to breakfast with a little bit less stress and a far shorter commute time, you have a few options:

Lyft or Uber (least expensive)

Ride Sharing services like Lyft and Uber are a fantastic way to travel around Disney World – especially if you are going between resorts. 

Taxi (moderately priced)

You also have the option for traditional taxi services, although they do tend to run slightly more than the ride sharing options.

Minnie Vans (most expensive)

This will be your most expensive option, however, Minnie Vans are driven by Cast Members and all of them come with child seats/booster seats which can make getting around with little ones a lot easier.

Minnie Van Magic Kingdom dropoff

Why is an early morning breakfast at Disney World so popular?

Early morning breakfasts have a lot of appeal for people visiting Walt Disney World, but why?

First of all – there are a couple more character meals during breakfast than other times of the day.

Character meals are wildly popular with Disney World guests and breakfast character meals tend to be the least expensive, so it just makes sense that you’ll find a lot of families booking them.

Second of all, pre-park opening Advanced Dining Reservations inside the parks are a great way to get a head start at park touring, and people “in the know” snag those reservations in order to put themselves in a good position to get to the most popular attractions in the parks. 

Whatever the reason, though, you can rest assured that there will be several different options of ways to get there.

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