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How to get the Disney World bed at home

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How to get the Disney World bed at home

Want the Disney World mattress and pillows at home?

I spend 20% of my life in Disney hotel rooms and love the mattress and pillows so much that I tracked them down to have at home. 

Here’s where to find them…

Disney World hotel mattress

The mattress in many Disney World hotel rooms (and Disney Cruise Line beds) is from the Sealy Sayer collection which was discontinued in March 2021.

The new and improved version is the Dunmore collection. The mattress I have is called Sealy Posturepedic Dunmore Soft from

Disney World mattress Sealy Dunmore

Not sure what current shipping times are but it took a couple of months to get in spring 2021. 

DIsney World mattress Sealy Dunmore price

Disney World hotel pillows

This one was actually trickier and took a lot of trial and error. After seeing the name on the hotel pillows and ordering that style on Amazon, I got lots of pillows that weren’t the right one. 

Disney World pillow Sobela

The winner was the Hotel Sobella Soft Pillow from They only come in queen so I got 2 for each side of my king bed. 

They often show out of stock but are replenished often. I kept the tab open on my phone browser and just refreshed occasionally until it showed in stock. 

Disney World pillow Sobela description

Sobela also has Disney resort-themed bedding coming out so be on the look out for that.

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Shannon Albert


Wednesday 3rd of May 2023

Hi there! Thank you for doing all of this research. I had actually reached out on my own to Disney resorts and found out that the wonderful mattress we had while staying at Coronado Springs in Orlando was most probably the Sealy Sayor Proluxe. When I went to look at the Dunmore, which is the new version, I saw there are a couple of options. Do you have any idea what kind of foundation they use at Disney for the beds? Also, it is available as either a Soft Tight Top or Soft Euro Pillow Top comfort layer option. Which is most probably what they are using at Coronado Springs.? The Disney castmember who was helping me did not have the answer to these questions! Wondering how I could find out? I just want it to be exactly the same because we slept so well there, even after doing multiple days of 21,000 steps!

Best, Jules

Gino Melone

Sunday 13th of November 2022

Just spent 9 days in Orlando at Port Orleans-Riverside hotel. Me, my wife and daughter loved how comfortable the mattresses were. Looking to invest in one.