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How to do WDW on any holiday – PREP 390

How to do WDW on any holiday – PREP 390

If you are planning to travel to Disney World during Easter, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving or Christmas, tune in for important tips that are particular to these major holidays.

How to Plan

If you are traveling during a major US holiday, here are some tips to help you plan. The first thing you should be aware of is that most travelers do not plan. This is especially true for holiday travelers.

There will be higher crowds over holidays but because the majority of them did not plan, you will have an advantage. You will want to plan ahead especially for airfare and hotels. Planning ahead can ensure that you have a flight and hotel room.

We recommend watching KAYAK to see the best times to purchase travel to get the best deal. We also recommend booking your dining reservations 60 days out. Most non-planners will not do this or know to do this.

Be careful about staying off-site during the holidays. The on-site benefits are key when traveling during peak travel times.

We highly recommend park hopper tickets when traveling during holidays. This will give you the flexibility to park-hop if one park is too busy. Having the park hopper tickets will give you the option to change plans.

Check for special things during your trip because during holidays Disney offers special things for the holidays. There is a special Easter parade at the Magic Kingdom, special fireworks for the 4th of July, special Thanksgiving meals, and a special Christmas parade during the week of Christmas.

What to do when you arrive

It will be crowded while you are there over the holidays. The good news is that if you have planned your trip, this is especially helpful during the holidays.

Be prepared for negative guest behavior. The worst behavior we have seen is during the holidays. This includes fights breaking out, whole family groups cutting in lines, and poor behavior.

It is also possible to have parks reach capacity. This doesn’t happen often but when it does happen, it is typically over the holidays.

Be sure to check the park hours each night of your trip. The park hours can often change anytime, but they are most likely to change during the holidays.

Take advantage of early hours or late evening hours because people do not often want to get up early or stay out late. Many travelers do not want to wake up early on their vacation.

During the busy times of travel, Genie+ can be especially helpful. However, it can be much more expensive than less busy times. While expensive, it can prevent waiting in long lines. Standby Skipper can also be helpful in preventing long waits.

It is important to stay flexible. Things can change and while it is important to plan, it’s also helpful to remain flexible. You may need to pivot from your plan.


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