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Disney Free Dining | Complete Guide for 2023 and 2024

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Disney Free Dining | Complete Guide for 2023 and 2024

The Free Dining Promotion that Disney used to run was one of the most highly coveted Disney World discounts of them all, with thousands of people anxiously awaiting the news of when the next batch of Free Dining dates would “drop”.

Unfortunately, you can’t get the highly coveted Disney Dining Plan for free (at least not right now), but, Disney has extended their Free Dining Promo Card offer to last through the fall all the way into early 2024.

What does that mean for Free Dining moving forward? We have some predictions on that. Plus, just because we are gluttons for punishment, we also have all our historical Free Dining FAQs and tips just in case we do see traditional Free Dining return in the future.

Why a Free Dining Card and not the Free Dining Plan?

For people who have been visiting Disney World for years, seeing Free Dining replaced with what is basically a dining gift card might be a little weird.

But here’s the unfiltered reality, folks: we wouldn’t bet on Free Dining making a return anytime soon. Why? For starters, let’s take a look at the Dining Card promotion that’s in play.

They’re offering fixed-dollar-value cards that are just enough to make you feel like you’re saving, but calculated in such a way that the Mouse still gets his cheese, so to speak. It’s a solid win for them.

And, considering the diminishing number of days the old Free Dining promotion used to be available, it is a win for guests who prefer this type of promotion too because there are more dates that are eligible for the promo (especially in the early weeks of 2024) than what we saw the last few times traditional Free Dining was available.

disney dining gift card

So, while the lack of traditional Free Dining may not be the best news, people have responded well to the Free Dining promo card. And for those who prefer this type of discount, even though you are locked into spending your savings on food, the dining gift card still provides more flexibility than the traditional Free Dining promo.

With the card, you don’t HAVE to lock yourself in to a Dining Plan and all the food that comes with it. Instead, you’ll have the flexibility to spend your food dollars however you choose, including the option to use it on Quick Service, Table Service, Character Meals, or even snacks.

That isn’t the case with the Dining Plan. With the Disney Dining Plan, you get X number of snacks, Y number of quick service meals, and possibly (depending on what plan you’ve purchased) Z number of sit-down meals. Deviate from that formula, and you run the risk of wasting money.

But, with the Dining Card, if you want to splurge on dinner at California Grill on one night and then go low-key with some turkey legs the next, you can. Feel like loading up on Dole Whips and Mickey Bars because you’re an adult, and you make your own decisions? Go for it.

The Dining Card gives you the freedom to customize your meals without having to adhere to some predetermined, cookie-cutter meal plan.

When will the Free Dining Plan return?

With the extension of the Dining Promo Card through Early March 2024, we feel confident that we won’t see a Free Dining Plan promotion for some time. Fall is historically the time of year when Free Dining was most likely to happen, so if we had to guess (and please remember this is only a guess), we would say that if (and that is a BIG “if”) the Free Dining Plan promos are going to return, the earliest we might see that happen would be for Fall 2024, with a booking window likely in late spring or early summer 2024.

But again – that is ONLY a guess.

So, if you’re holding out for Free Dining’s grand return, maybe don’t. Get comfortable with those Dining Cards and learn to embrace them as the new way to satiate your appetite for savings.

And – don’t forget that Disney room discounts are a thing too, and those often offer savings that are equal or even greater than any amount you might have saved with “FREE” anything.

Plus, if you use a room discount, that money you save goes directly into your pocket and not onto a gift card that you can use only for dining.

Our best advice for any discount? Run the numbers. Disney uses words like “FREE” to enhance the perceived savings, so be sure you look at all the promotions that are eligible for your travel dates and then choose whichever one makes the most sense for you.

2024 Disney World Free Dining Details

If you want to take advantage of the Free Dining promo card, you’ll need to plan your trip to begin in one of these booking windows and fulfill the eligibility requirements below:

Free Dining Promo Card dates

This offer is valid for arrivals on:

  • Most nights October 27 to November 1, 2023
  • Most nights November 25 to November 29, 2023
  • Most nights December 9 to December 25, 2023
  • Most Sunday to Tuesday nights January 9 to March 5, 2024

Important: The digital Disney Dining Promo Card is not valid after March 21, 2024.

Free Dining eligibility requirements

The digital Disney Dining Promo Card will be sent to you via email after you check in at your Disney Resort hotel.

Disney Dining Promo Card ValueEligible Disney Resort Hotels
Receive $200 per room, per night applied to a digital Disney Dining Promo Card– Bay Lake Tower
– Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas – Jambo House
– Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas – Kidani Village
– Disney’s Beach Club Villas
– Disney’s BoardWalk Villas
– Disney’s Old Key West Resort
– Disney’s Riviera Resort
– Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa
– Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge
– Disney’s Beach Club Resort
– Disney’s BoardWalk Inn
– Disney’s Contemporary Resort
– Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa
– Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort
– Disney’s Wilderness Lodge
– Disney’s Yacht Club Resort
Receive $120 per room, per night applied to a digital Disney Dining Promo Card– The Cabins at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort
– Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort
– Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort
– Disney’s Port Orleans Resort – French Quarter
– Disney’s Port Orleans Resort – Riverside
Receive $60 per room, per night applied to a digital Disney Dining Promo Card– Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort
– Disney’s All-Star Music Resort
– Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort
– Disney’s Art of Animation Resort
– Disney’s Pop Century Resort

Important Details About This Offer

  • Minimum 4-day theme park ticket required.
  • Minimum 4-night length of stay required.
  • Tickets are valid beginning on date of check-in and must be used within a limited number of days, depending on length of ticket. Visit for details.
  • $1,000 Disney Dining Promo Card for stays at select Disney Deluxe and Deluxe Villa Resorts. The value of the Disney Dining Promo Card is determined by Disney Resort hotel and length of stay.
  • One Disney Dining Promo Card per room—valid for room-and-ticket packages that include up to $1,000 on a Disney Dining Promo Card. If a package includes more than $1,000 on a Disney Dining Promo Card, the value will be distributed across more than one Disney Dining Promo Card.
  • Cannot be combined with any other discount or promotion.
  • Offer excludes the following room types: campsites, 3-bedroom villas, and Club Level Rooms & Suites at Disney Deluxe Resort hotels.
  • Gratuities are not included.
  • Theme park reservations are required. Through January 8, 2024, to enter a theme park, both a theme park reservation and valid admission for the same park on the same date are required for Guests ages 3 and up.

Important Details About the Disney Dining Promo Card

  • The digital Disney Dining Promo Card is redeemable at select participating food and beverage locations at the Walt Disney World Resort. Locations that are unable to accept the Disney Dining Promo Card include, but are not limited to:
    • Merchandise locations and candy kitchens
    • Dining locations at Walt Disney World Swan Hotel, Walt Disney World Dolphin Hotel and Walt Disney World Swan Reserve Hotel
    • Dining locations at Four Seasons Resort Orlando at Walt Disney World Resort
    • Dining locations at Disney Springs Resort Area Hotels
    • Dining locations at Walt Disney World Official Hotels at Bonnet Creek
    • Dining locations at Walt Disney World Gateway Hotels

What is the Disney Dining Plan (and why would Disney give it away for free?)

If you are totally new to the Disney Dining Plan, you may find it helpful to jump over to our Complete Disney Dining Plan Guide where we go over everything you need to know about what it is and how it works.

Simply put, the Disney Dining Plan is an optional add-on that only guests staying onsite at a Disney-owned resort can purchase as part of their vacation packages.

It is basically a way to prepay for your meals – and depending on which version of the Dining Plan you purchase, it can be quite expensive if paying out of pocket:

NameQS creditsTS creditsSnack credits2024 price for ages 10+2024 price for ages 3-9
Quick-Service Dining Plan201$57.01$23.83
Regular Dining Plan111$94.28$26.69
Note: You get the credits listed above for each night of your trip.

All of the credits are loaded to your account at once and can be used however you’d like during your trip (you could use 6 credits 1 day, 2 the following day, etc.).

disney desserts free dining

How did the Free Dining Plan work?

Free Dining was originally introduced as an incentive to fill rooms during low attendance periods. During the promotional periods, Disney would offer their Dining Plans for free when you purchased a non-discounted room and ticket package.

And truthfully, it worked really, really well because it is natural to want something for “free”.

What Dining Plan you got for free depended on where you booked:

  • Value Resort – Quick Service Dining Plan for free
  • Moderate Resort – Quick Service Dining Plan for free
  • Deluxe Resort – Regular Dining Plan for free
  • Deluxe Villa Resort – Regular Dining Plan for free

Historically, if you booked at a Value or Moderate resort, you could pay the difference between the Quick Service and Regular Dining plan to upgrade.

What made the Free Dining Plan promotion difficult

While a lot of people love(d) the old Free Dining Plan promotion, there were some complexities that made it difficult.

First – whenever the Free Dining promo was running, dining reservations were extremely difficult to snag. It wasn’t just because more people were opting to dine at Table Service restaurants, people who had the Free Dining Promotion would go overboard grabbing up more reservations than they needed with the plan to cancel reservations closer to their trip.

Now, that approach to hoarding dining reservations isn’t new, BUT it certainly did feel like the lack of reservations was a lot bigger problem during Free Dining dates when compared to other times of the year.

And that meant that if you booked Free Dining but you didn’t secure your Dining Reservations early, you could find yourself struggling to even use all your Table Service credits. As you can imagine, that often led to very upset customers who found themselves with a bunch of less-than-ideal reservations or unused credits.

And let’s not forget the operational complexities. Free Dining was like a logistical Rubik’s Cube, straining the food service operations to their limits, from chefs down to custodial staff. Of course, Disney wants all of their restaurants full – but they don’t want disappointed or upset guests who find themselves with longer than average waits or stressed out staff.

A lot of what made the Free Dining Plan promo difficult is eliminated with the Dining Promo Card, though.

With the Dining Promo Card, no promises are made. Disney isn’t saying you’ll get X number of Table Service credits, only to find out that the only place you can get a reservation for meal time is at a resort far away from where you’ll be.

And while some people will use the cards to splurge on Table Service meals, at least an equal amount will try to maximize their value by selecting Quick Service locations to keep their overall dining costs down. Even at the highest levels for the Dining Promo Card, $200 per night is roughly equivalent to the cost of the Quick Service Dining Plan for a family of 4 with 2 adults, and 2 kids (one over 10 and one under).

There isn’t really data that can back this up, but it leads us to hypothesize that fewer people will be hoarding dining reservations simply because they’ll be planning fewer table service meals.

So, while the Free Dining Promo Card isn’t perfect, neither was the Free Dining Plan. Both are discounts engineered to produce maximum profits for Disney and while you may save some money, simply because they use the word “free” does not mean that you’ll save more than other available discounts.

Historical Free Dining Plan information

The rest of this post includes all of our best tips and advice for securing and using the Free Dining Plan promotion. Although that promotion is not currently available, we are keeping this info around in case it does return.

Free Dining Tips

If the Free Dining plan is ever offered again, here are some tips to help you out:

Tip #1: Travel when Free Dining is typically offered

Free food is awesome. But to get it for free at Disney World, you have to book a trip when Free Dining is usually offered.

Notice any patterns in the chart of historical dates for Free Dining below?

Free Dining is *usually* a fall promotion, so if you want Free Dining, make sure your travel dates include the fall.

Historical Free Dining Dates

In 2020, Free Dining opened up in 1 batch:

  • January 2 for dates in June, July, September, and October

In 2019 Free Dining opened up for booking in 2 different batches:

  • January 2, 2019 for dates July 5 – September 30, 2019.
  • July 17, 2019 for September-September 18, November 17-November 27, and December 8-December 23.
6/27/2020-6/28/2020, 7/5/2020-7/7/2020, and 9/29/2020-10/8/20201/2/2020 – 1/16/2020
9/1/2019 – 9/1/18/2019, 11/17/2019 – 11/27/219, and 12/8/2019 – 12/23/201907/16/2019 – 09/29/2019
7/5/2019-9/30/20191/2/2019 – 2/10/2019
8/20-9/29, 11/14-11/20, 11/24-11/27, and 12/7-12/23/184/24/2018 – 7/7/2018
8/21-9/30, 11/14-11/20, 11/25-11/27, and 12/8-12/23/174/24/2017 – 7/7/2017
8/23-10/1/16, 11/15-11/21/16, 11/26-11/28/16, and 12/10-12/21/164/25/2016 – 7/8/2016
8/28/2015-12/21/2015*4/27/2015 – 7/10/2015
8/31/2014 – 12/23/20145/7/2014 – 8/8/2014
9/29/2013 – 12/22/20138/1/2013 – 9/15/2013
9/2/2013 – 9/25/20135/9/2013 – 7/31/2013
9/30/2012 – 12/13/20127/12/2012 – 9/29/2012
8/25/2012 – 9/29/20123/5/2012 – 5/18/2012
1/8/2012 – 3/31/20128/3/2011 – 10/29/11 and 10/27/2011 – 12/17/2011
10/2/2011 – 12/17/20118/3/2011 – 10/29/2011
8/28/2011 – 9/24/20115/2/2011 – 8/27/2011
8/19/2011 – 9/29/20118/16/2010 – 12/20/2010
5/27/2011 – 6/2/20118/16/2010 – 12/20/2010
1/1/2011 – 3/3/20118/16/2010 – 12/20/2010
10/1/2010-12/21/20108/16/2010 – 12/20/2010
8/15/2010 -12/21/20107/6/2010 – 8/14/2010
8/15/2010 – 10/2/20105/3/2010 – 8/14/2010
9/27/2009 – 12/17/20097/27/2009 – 9/26/2009
8/16/2009 – 10/3/20093/30/2009 – 6/21/2009 and 6/10/09 – 7/26/09

Tip #2: Get online EARLY

As it turns out:

Almost as important as knowing when you’ll need to travel is knowing when the promotion opens.

That’s because there is generally a limited number of rooms available to book with the discount at each resort, so the best resorts and dates for Free Dining usually sell out quickly.

Every year, the moment the promotion is released, people frantically start booking it. It is a near frenzy as people race to snag reservations.

Sounds crazy, right?

Cat typing to book disney free dining

But it’s true.

And that means the available rooms get snagged fast – with the lower cost rooms going first.

That chart above also has the historical release dates when the promotion has traditionally opened.

Study them. Follow on social media to get predicted release dates. And then, be ready.

What time will the Disney Free promotion be released?

Discounts and promotions generally go live really, really, REALLY early in the morning. Before the sun comes up early. 2 am, 3 am, 4 am early.

The exact time isn’t always the same, but it definitely is always – say it with me – early.

Booking by computer is almost always faster than by phone

Here’s the deal:

The promotions often come out overnight or really early in the morning.

The phone lines don’t open until 7 am ET.

If you wait until you can call at 7 am, you’ll be behind the hundreds – if not thousands – of people that have been up and on their computers since it opened, snagging up all the best rooms.

You want to maximize your chance of getting what you want? Be prepared to wake up early and book by computer.

But, if all else fails – try the phone

If problems arise and you must use the phone, try calling as soon as the lines open and be prepared to be on hold.

Wait times on days when promotions and discounts go live are often very long.

Tip #3: Get notified when Free Dining promotions drop

This tip is easy to follow:

Want to be one of the first people to learn about Free Dining? Sign up for our email list, and follow us on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

When Free Dining opens, those people who are on the email lists and follow us on social media will get notified – day or night – that the promotion is ready to be booked. All you’ll need to do is make sure you have notifications turned on and up so that you’ll hear them!

Tip #4: Use a travel agent

We can’t repeat this tip enough:

If all of this talk about waiting for promotions to open up at 4 am is overwhelming for you, don’t try to do it alone! Instead, use a good, reliable, Disney expert travel agent to book your trip.

One of the best perks about using a Disney vacation planning specialist is that they will work to secure you discounts when they come out – including Free Dining.

Mickey waffle free dining

In fact, you could be in bed, sleeping like a baby, and they’ll be up working their magic trying to get you the best deal possible for your trip.

Are you guaranteed to get Free Dining if using a travel agent? Nope.

But, are your chances better if you use an expert who knows the ropes? Absolutely.

The agents at Small World Vacations are Disney experts and completely free to use if booking a trip through them.

They work hard every single day to help families create magical memories on their vacations.

If you want their expert help booking your trip, submit a quote today.

Tip #5: Make Resort and Dining Reservations BEFORE Free Dining is announced

This only works when Disney is consistently releasing Free Dining dates, but when it DOES work, it could make all the difference:

Book a hotel reservation now, and then you can modify your reservation later.

This is especially true if you’re going to be going to Disney World whether or not you get the Free Dining promotion.

Free Dining often means limited availability at the restaurants – but the Free Dining Promotion is often released AFTER the 60-day mark where guests can start making their Advanced Dining Reservations.

If you wait to start booking your dining reservations until the promotion is released, you might be left with 3 pm lunches and 9 pm dinners – not an ideal situation if you have little kids.

Tip #6: Try booking a new reservation instead of modifying an old one

Sometimes, booking a new reservation makes more sense than modifying an old one.

Picture it:

You’re in bed asleep, when your phone starts buzzing from emails sent out from WDW Prep School.


So you jump on your computer, log in to your My Disney Experience account, navigate to your reservation and go to modify it only to find out something is wrong.

It won’t work. You try again. And again. And no matter what, you aren’t able to modify the reservation.

So, think about it:

If you run into problems, instead of waiting until the phone lines open, you should, instead, simply rebook the trip.

Meal at disney world free dining

Waiting could mean losing out on the opportunity to snag one of the coveted rooms for Free Dining, so rebook and cancel your old reservation insteadCancelling an old reservation will not affect any dining reservations you’ve already made.

Having an existing reservation can sometimes make it hard to book a new one, so try clearing your cookies, opening a browser tab in incognito mode, or using a different browser.

Tip #7: You can sometimes use Free Dining after the promotion dates end

As it turns out:

In most cases, as long as you arrive by the last day of the promotion, you can enjoy Free Dining during your whole stay.

This is an easy way to make Free Dining dates work for you. As long as your trip begins while the promotion is valid, you’ll get the promotion for the duration of your trip.

But, the reverse isn’t true:

If your trip begins before a promotion or discount period starts, you won’t get the promotion for any part of your trip unless you book a split stay.

What is a Split Stay?

Basically, a split stay means you’ll have 2 reservations: one for the dates that span the time before the Free Dining promotion begins and one reservation for the dates that include Free Dining. Only the dates of your trip that fall during that promotion window would be eligible for Free Dining.

The 2 reservations could be in the same resort or different ones.

Coordinating a split stay and making sure you meet all the requirements for a promotion can be a little tricky if you’ve never done it before (and split stays are fantastic vacations to book with a travel agent since they have lots of experience with them). But in some instances, the hassle of booking 2 reservations can save you money.

Be careful, though:

Some promotions (like Free Dining) have minimum ticket length requirements, so you’ll want to really look at the numbers before booking.

Split Stays for Free Dining

Tip #8: Some resorts are never eligible for Free Dining

Ideally, every resort would have some rooms available to book with Free Dining, but that isn’t the case.

There are several resorts that never (or very, very, rarely) offer Free Dining:

  • The Little Mermaid rooms at Art of Animation
  • Port Orleans French Quarter and/or Port Orleans Riverside
  • Fort Wilderness Campsites
  • Polynesian Villas and Bungalows

This list could always change, but it is safe to say that there will always be some resorts that will be exempt from the Free Dining discount.

Tip #9: Sometimes Free Dining is a part of a Bounceback Offer

If you are already traveling to Disney World (especially August-October which historically has the best chance) and you know you might want to go back, don’t forget to check out the bounceback offers currently running. Sometimes that promotion will include Free Dining for times of the year other than the general public Free Dining promotion that is offered in the fall.

Tip #10: Free Dining often includes ticket and length of stay requirements

You must book tickets as part of your vacation package to qualify for Free Dining. In the past, Disney has required 2 and, most recently, a 4-day minimum ticket and a 4-night minimum stay at a Disney World resort.

Every Free Dining promotion is a little different, so be sure to check the details before you book.

Is Free Dining worth it?

Many people get caught up in thinking that Free Dining is better than any other promotion, but that’s not necessarily true.

Compare Free Dining to other available discounts

For instance, there is often a discount code for 30% off room rates running at the same time as the Free Dining promotion. Depending on the hotel and dining package, 30% could work out to be a much better deal.

Check out this complete list of discounts that have been offered in the past. And then, do the math for your family.

  • Using the menus or our Dining Plan data, create a list of what meals would cost you if you were paying out of pocket.
    • Make sure to include the cost of beverages you think you’d order, especially now since 1 alcoholic beverage is included.
  • Then, see what the same meals cost if you have the Disney Dining Plan.
    • Make sure to include the cost of any meals above and beyond the total number of credits you’ll have.
  • Oftentimes people find out that the room discount saves them more money.

Disney Free Dining FAQs

What happens if you miss out on the promotion?

Keep checking! When Free Dining is released, many travel agents put 72 hour holds for their clients, but not all of these get booked, so they become available again. So keep checking because you’ll often be able to snag something.

Is the Free Dining offer combinable with other discounts?

Generally, the Free Dining promotion cannot be combined with other offers or discounts. Make sure to read the terms and conditions of the latest offer for specifics.

Are gratuities included in the Free Dining plan?

Gratuities are typically not included in the Free Dining offer. You’ll need to budget for tips separately.

Can I upgrade my dining plan?

Yes, you may have the option to upgrade your dining plan for an additional cost. The possibility of an upgrade usually depends on availability and the specific terms of the current promotion.

Do all members of my party need to participate in the Free Dining plan?

Generally, all guests in the same room must be on the same package, including the Free Dining offer.

Is park admission included in the Free Dining offer?

Park admission is generally not part of the Free Dining package itself. However, purchasing a certain type of park ticket might be a requirement for eligibility.

How do I know which dining locations accept the Free Dining plan?

A list of participating dining locations is usually available on Walt Disney World’s official website. The My Disney Experience app is also a handy resource for this information.

Can I get Free Dining if I rent DVC Points?

No, you can’t do that since Free Dining requires booking a package and DVC point rental is not a package booking.

Can Annual Passholders get Free Dining?

In short, yes, but you’ll still need to purchase park tickets to book Free Dining. People with Annual Passes should book the minimum tickets required for Free Dining (since tickets are a requirement for packages) and then keep them in their My Disney Experience account.

With both an Annual Pass and tickets from your package in your account, you should call Disney and ask them to prioritize your tickets, so they are used in the correct order. You can save those tickets to use at a future date (for example, for a future Annual Pass or a different trip after your current Annual Pass has expired).

Final thoughts on the Disney Free Dining Plan Promotion

Remember the 3 Bs for Free Dining:

  • Be realistic – whether you use a travel agent or book it on your own – sometimes there just isn’t availability.  It happens every year and we hear stories from families genuinely distraught over not being able to book because there wasn’t availability.  Don’t set yourself up for heartbreak by thinking you’re guaranteed the discount.
  • Be flexible – the more flexible your dates and resort choices, the better the likelihood you’ll be able to snag the discount. Wait to book flights and be open to trying a resort that’s not first on your list if you want to maximize your chances for Free Dining.
  • Be persistent – If you don’t get what you want right away, don’t give up. Many people (and travel agents!) place holds on rooms when the promotion is released, and, if those holds aren’t deposited, they are cancelled 3 days later. That means, if you really want to snag Free Dining you’ll want to keep checking. And checking. And maybe even checking some more. Persistence pays off and every year we hear from readers that kept trying and were finally able to book what they wanted.

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