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Disney World and Enneagram types – PREP 372

Disney World and Enneagram types – PREP 372

We combine two of our favorite topics: Disney World planning and Enneagram types! Listen as Shannon highlights how different personality types approach Disney World planning. Use this knowledge as the planner to incorporate the things important to both you and the rest of your travel party.

Enneagram Basics

I love personality types and have for a long time. Initially I was obsessed with the Myers Briggs tests. I did an early podcast episode about Disney Planning and the Myers Briggs test. That’s what inspired this episode.

Personality tests can be helpful in understanding yourself and others around you. With planning Disney vacations, I used to plan our trips around my wants. When I learned more about my kids personality types, I planned trips around their wants and personality.

The Enneagram is a personality type based on 1-9. You have one number plus a wing, which is either the number one more or one less than your Enneagram number.

The best way to find out your Enneagram type is to read about the different personalities and see which resonates with you. It is important to see which one sounds like you when you are doing well.

In times of stress, you often go to a different number, which is why when determining yoru number, think about how you feel when you are at your best.

Enneagram 1

This enneagram type is a perfectionist and responsible. They are likely to pitch in with every aspect of planning and can have fun when they are relaxed.

Trips are important to help take them away from daily responsibilities, but they might struggle to let go of bad experiences during a trip. They tend to like new experiences

For WDW: Make good planners, but will need to switch into their relaxed mode once the trip begins. Plans should be a combo of planned and relaxed and include new things to look forward to.

“Spreadsheets galore and everything planned out ahead of time, including lots of experiences that will be special to each family member, but once I am there I have to let go and build in relaxation that I will enjoy because the stress of “hitting the mark” for everyone gets to me.”

– 1w2

Enneagram 2

The 2 is a helper, caretaker, and consider everyone else’s needs… often forgetting their own.They love to be with loved ones so travel is ideal but have to be careful not to make others feel smothered.

For WDW: 2s make good planners but can easily be overwhelmed when starting to plan, focus is on the people and making memories. They will plan special things focused on each person but also need to remember not to forget their own interests. 2s love the memories so anything that helps with that would be fantastic like taking lots of pictures. They need to be thanked or validated so they don’t become resentful.

“So for my 2w3 my downfall is being disappointed when things go in a way where it disappoints the people I am with or if they don’t appreciate things I went overboard to plan. Especially if I feel like I “lost” (my wing 3) or “let people down”

Enneagram 3

This number is the achiever, efficient, confident, and tends to focus on public perception. They love this like matching shirts and getting the right photo, like things that feel special.

For WDW: 3s make good planners who LOVE the planning process, and tend to have lots of plans. They will definitely be interested in special things like dessert parties or VIP tours or the best restaurants. Efficiency is always top of mind so things like touring plans and minimizing waits will factor in heavily. The 3 needs to remember to factor in other personalities

“If I don’t accomplish everything on the wishlist and maximize my time, I feel like I’ve failed at vacationing”


Enneagram 4

The 4 on the enneagram is a romantic. They are creative and focused on aesthetics. They have deep feelings and can be intuitive.

For WDW: 4s make good planners because they intuitively understand the needs of those around them. However, they may feel bogged down by all of the details of planning. They are sensory seekers who are likely to make a plan that is a combination of adventure and relaxation. They are likely to book things based on things they’ve seen in pictures or videos. They want special experiences or to do the very best things

My daughter is a 4 and brings special outfits on trips. She plans photos, wants to do salon visits, plans photo shoots, and wants to know the plan but also to stop and smell the roses.

“I often plan my Disney trips around the vibes. It’s definitely a consideration when choosing a resort!”

Enneagram 5

The 5 is an investigator. They are analytical, detached, and spreadsheet lovers, but have limited energy for socialization. This is why having a plan is important so they know how to budget their energy. They make great solo travelers or traveling with 1 person who they can relax around.

For WDW: 5s make good planners due to their love of research and analytical nature. They need to remember to focus on the other people as well. They will likely need to build in downtime to their plans, living in the present often difficult so having lots of pictures to look at after can even be more important to enjoy the trip after it happens.

“Spreadsheets and itineraries are my love language. Constantly overanalyzing but also prepped with all the info for a quick pivot when there. I also love waiting on a bench and people watching to recoup some energy while my family enjoys the thrill rides.”

– 5w6

Enneagram 6

The 6 on the Enneagram a prepared, anxious, fearful, over packer. They have thought through every scenario.

For WDW: Their plans will often be complete because they are prepared for anything and everything, like to have a plan so they know what to expect and can be less anxious. They tend to like returning to the same location and same routine. They value memories through things like souvenirs and pictures.

“As a frequent goer, WDW is like a safe way to try new things because there’s a safety net if something new doesn’t pan out as planned or if I don’t like something. I know there’s still plenty that will be great!”

Enneagram 7

7s are the enthusiast. They will want to maximize fun as they are high energy and joyful. They love an adventure and are most likely to enjoy every aspect of a trip before, during, and after.

For WDW: The 7 can make a good planner because they like researching things that bring joy. They will want to experience as many things as possible and will often want to include adventurous things like Wild Africa Trek tour or surf lessons at Typhoon Lagoon or any kind of tour really to their trip. They will find it easy to plan TOO much in a WDW trip.

“I want to do all the out of the normal things.. I do know I can’t do it all, and I try to cram it all in. Park hopping helps me with that!”

– 7w8

Enneagram 8

8s are the most assertive of the enneagram types. They are leaders and protectors. They are fearless, love confrontation, and desire an intense life.

For WDW: 8s make good planners because there is almost no other option (if they aren’t the planners, they can’t feel like they are being controlled). They must have a plan that includes a variety of elements.

“As an 8, I do like the idea of planning…but it’s not a priority to be the planner. I like to outsource the plan, exactly as I requested it be done, then force everyone to adhere to the outsourced plan while trying to remember to be flexible.”

Enneagram 9

The Enneagram 9 is a peacemaker. They are agreeable. Of all of the types, the 9 is the easiest for most other types to get along with.

For WDW: 9s need lots of downtime. They struggle with decision paralysis and are likely to want to allow others to plan or base their plans on what everybody else has said they want. They are likely to want to repeat trips and redo things they liked previously. They are not likely to want strict plans but loose ones.

“I want to pre plan A LOT so that I don’t have to make decisions in the middle of the fun because that diminishes the fun for me, especially if I need to consult with other people about the decision.”


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