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Where to Watch Disney Dreams That Soar

Where to Watch Disney Dreams That Soar

This summer, a brand new limited-run nighttime drone show called Disney Dreams That Soar is lighting up the night sky over the waters of Lake Buena Vista.

Here’s what you need to know:

NEW! Reserved Viewing Now Available

If you want to watch Disney Dreams that Soar, but you don’t want to fight the crowds, you now have a few options for reserved viewing at select restaurants along the water.

All of the options are in prime spots for great views of the show, but some experiences offer more than the others. Make sure when you’re in Open Table that you look for the “Experiences” and then select the ones for the drone show:

Summerhouse on the Lake

  • Cost: $25 per person (and there doesn’t appear to be options for parties of 1)
  • What’s included: Your $25 only covers a spot on the patio with an unobstructed view. It does NOT include any food or drinks (or gratuity/tip).
  • How to book it: Open Table (make sure you book the correct thing)

Jaleo by Chef José Andrés – Cocktail Hour

  • Cost: $35 per person
  • What’s included: A spot on the patio and 1 “Welcome Beverage” per person (but you can purchase additional drinks at the bar) plus access to the Jaleo bathrooms
  • How to book it: Open Table (make sure you book the correct thing)

Jaleo by Chef José Andrés – Tasting Experience

  • Cost: $79 per person
  • What’s included: A spot on the patio and a 5-course Tasting Menu (since this is a tasting menu, the portions are small, but you still get a lot of food)
  • How to book it: Open Table (make sure you book the correct thing)

What is Disney Dreams that Soar?

Disney Dreams that Soar is a brand new limited-time nighttime show that is being held at Disney Springs.

The theme of the show is all about Disney characters who have had the dream of flying, which is super fun and appropriate for a show that takes place in the sky!

Here’s just some of what you can expect to see:

  • Baymax inflating to nearly twice the height of Spaceship Earth
  • Grogu
  • The UP! house
  • Peter Pan
  • Dumbo
  • The Rocketeer
  • Orange Bird
  • The Death Star
  • Peter Pan
  • Wall-E and Eve

Not only does it have impressive visuals, but Disney Dreams That Soar also includes some of your favorite classic Disney music, plus “an original song that will inspire you to follow your heart, take a leap of faith, and reach for the stars.”

This isn’t the first drone show Disney Springs has shown. They had one a few years back over the holiday season, but this one is longer, incorporates Disney IP, and uses even more drones, which makes for an impressive upgrade on all fronts!

Disney Dreams that Soar Schedule

You’ll be able to catch this new show twice nightly from May 24–September 2.

The total show lasts just under 10 minutes. Here’s the current performance schedule, but make sure you check the My Disney Experience App for any changes in show times:

  • 9:00 PM
  • 10:45 PM

Where is the best place to watch it?

The show takes place over Lake Buena Vista in Disney Springs, but the BEST place to see it is along the water in the West Side area between the theater for Cirque du Soleil’s Drawn to Life and where Characters in Flight launches:

dreams that soar map

You can also see it from the Saratoga Springs side, too. Just know that elements from that vantage point will be reversed.

Basically, anywhere you can see that portion of the sky above the lake on the West Side, you’ll be able to see the show.

How to access the viewing area

The viewing area only has 1 entrance, which is all the way down by the House of Blues – in fact, you’ll take a sidewalk (follow the signs) right next to the House of Blues back to the pathway along the water.

Just look for the signs and if you get lost, there are lots of Cast Members out who can help you.

Also, just an FYI, but they are very strict about where you exit and enter. All the access points except for the entry and exit areas will be roped off and there are Cast Members standing by to make sure you don’t try to sneak in without going all the way down.

dreams that soar

When it is time to exit, you’ll be directed to head towards the Characters in Flight balloon (down by the Starbucks).

How do drone shows work?

A drone show is a type of entertainment where multiple drones, equipped with LED lights, perform synchronized movements in the sky. These drones can create intricate patterns, animations, and even spell out words, all choreographed to form a cohesive display.

Unlike traditional fireworks, drone shows offer precise control and can produce a variety of dynamic visuals, making the sky literally come to life above you.

It’s hard to describe the scale of what you see – because everything is larger than life. But it is incredibly impressive and definitely worthy of checking out.

In our experience, since drones are nearly silent when in flight, drone shows are great for anyone who loves nighttime entertainment, but would prefer to avoid the loud noises from fireworks.


Excited to see the new show? Got questions? Let us know in the comments below!


Saturday 1st of June 2024

Are you able to hear the show from Saratoga also? I know you can see it but can the music and voice overs be heard? Thank you.

Shannon Albert

Monday 3rd of June 2024

The sound is very faint on that side and the text at the end appears backwards, but it's a great spot for lower crowds.