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Disney Dining Plan tips – PREP152

Disney Dining Plan tips – PREP152

Deciding whether or not to get the Disney Dining Plan isn’t as easy to figure out as it used to be, but today I have some Disney Dining Plan tips to help you decide and help you to maximize your dining plan credits during your trip.

I also have a quick tip just in case somebody gets sick during your Disney World trip.


These are notes from this episode. There’s much more info included in the audio so be sure to listen to the episode for a better explanation.

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Disney Dining Plan tips

What is the Disney Dining Plan?

  • Prepaid credits for food
  • Disney Dining Plan is part of a package that includes tickets
  • Can also be part of a DVC reservation that doesn’t require tickets
  • Three basic types of dining plans – Quick Service, Regular, and Deluxe
  • Credits are based on how many nights you are staying
  • Everybody on the reservation must have the same plan for the whole trip
  • Can use credits whenever you want until midnight of your checkout day

What does a credit include?

  • Quick Service – entree (or combo meal, where available) and a beverage
  • Table Service – entree and beverage. Lunch and dinner also include dessert.
  • Snack – noted on menus with a little DDP icon
  • 2017 beverages: soft drinks, tea, coffee, lemonade
  • 2018 beverages: all of the above + beer, wine, shakes

Disney Dining Plan tips for maximizing credits

My Disney Experience app/website Disney Dining Plan tips

  • When searching for DDP restaurants, don’t filter for the next year. Instead, filter for restaurants for the current year since many restaurants are slow to be added.
  • The My Disney Experience app will now allow you to track credits during your trip.

DDP credit tips

  • Quick Service credits are not split between adult and child
  • Can use DDP credits anytime during your trip (until midnight on your checkout day) and for anybody
  • Epcot festival booths have great snack credits

Refillable mug tips

  • Mix and match lids to create unique color combos for groups of 5+
  • Pour refillable drinks into disposable cups when heading to a park
  • At your resort, get a bottled drink with a QS credit and use refillable mug for your drink

Who should get a Disney Dining Plan?

  • People who want an all-inclusive feel
  • People planning to eat at the most expensive restaurants
  • People who get it for free (but verify it’s your best deal)

Quick tip of the day

Listener Emily emailed in this tip:
“We just returned from a Disney World trip. I, unfortunately, came down with a super bad stomach bug halfway through. After 2.5 really unpleasant days, we finally called our trip insurance for help. They connected us with DOCS – Doctors On Call Service. The doctor came to our resort room, brought his entire exam room with him in a rolling office suitcase, and dispended medication I needed to feel better all right there on the spot.

He also had a pharmacy on standby that delivered additional medication to the front desk of our hotel and charged it to our room. If we’d known about this service sooner, we wouldn’t have missed some park touring days. I’m still really glad we called. You pay cash for the service, but they give you all the paperwork you need to file with your insurance afterward. And we had trips insurance that will be primary on the medical, so it will be 100% covered.

We also spoke to the front desk concierge staff at our All-Star Sports Resort about missing some park days, and they gave us additional park tickets in our My Disney Experience account to come back and use anytime in the next 5 years.”

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Kit Hannigan

Friday 24th of August 2018

I really like your tip about choosing snacks that cost $5 or more to maximize credit. My daughter's preschool is planning a trip to Disneyland, and she's really stoked about it! This tip will definitely help us enjoy our time in the theme park.