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Dishing with Bethany Vinton – PREP 375

Dishing with Bethany Vinton – PREP 375

Shannon chats with Bethany Vinton, a Disney content creator in the food and beverage realm. Bethany is on a mission to dine at every restaurant at Disney World and share those experiences with others to help people plan the food and beverage part of their Disney World vacation. Her day-job is a marketing consultant in the Pacific Northwest. Listen to hear how her Disney content outlet originated and what is next in her journey.

A Little About Bethany

Bethany is a food and beverage Disney content creator. She loves food and has a goal of trying every restaurant at Disney. She started her account in December of 2019.

She wants to help travelers plan their food and drinks around Disney. She will try the good and bad so others can learn from her experience.

Bethany and podcast hosts on balcony

Shannon first found Bethany on TikTok. Shannon posted something on Tiktok but the vibe was wrong and Bethany messaged her privately to let her know. She didn’t want Shannon to be chewed out in the comments section.

Her Disney content creation is a hobby and she has a marketing job. She does create a lot of content and works a lot! She likes having the balance between working full time and Disney content creation.

Bethany lives outside of Portland, making it a long trip to get to Disney World.


Bethany goes to Disneyland once or twice a year and knows it fairly well. She will be doing some content for Disneyland as well. Her focus is more on Disney World because there’s just more food to enjoy!

There isn’t a much of a need for content creation for Disneyland because you can go with the flow. There is a lot less planning involved.

Food is the Focus

Food as always been Bethany’s main focus. She started creating content during the pandemic by recreating Disney recipes. When the parks began reopening, she shifted her focus to reviewing food and restaurants in the parks.

Bethany is focused on giving real and authentic reviews. Her face will always tell the truth if she doesn’t like it. She wants to give a real review because people pay a lot fo money for the Disney experience.

Bethany is really open when she tries a new location because she’s enjoyed restaurants she didn’t think she would. She’s enjoyed going to every restaurant because she’s pleasantly surprised with the experiences.

Bethany is a creature of habit and would have the same things over and over, but trying everything has encouraged her to try lots of new things. It also keeps things interesting because there is always something new to try.

Bethany with a drink at Weinkeller

Questions for Bethany

What is your favorite character meal?

Topolino’s Terrace for breakfast or Tusker House for lunch or dinner, but breakfast is good too. She also liked Storybook Dining at Artist Pointe, but the menu is a little more adventurous.

What is your favorite table service restaurant?

Narcussi or Citrico’s – both are completely outstanding and the refurbishments are great. Bethany has had multiple good experiences there.

Bethany used to be a huge fan of California Grill but she does not like the pre-fix menu.

What are your favorites from Food and Wine Festival?

Coastal Eats and Flavors of Fire were both consistently good this year. The booths in Mexico and Ireland is also really good. Brew Wing (minus the pickle milkshake) is also delicious.

What are your favorite places to get a drink?

La Cava and Nomad Lounge. Bethany’s favorite thing to do is stroll into a park and go to a lounge for a drink. She is not a rope-drop traveler. La Cava also has delicious chips and queso.

Bethany with a drink

What else outside of food?

Bethany uses her marketing tools for other things besides food! She’s been working with Standby Skipper for over a year. She really likes the people and enjoys helping smaller businesses in the Disney niche succeed.

Bethany loves anything that can assist in helping make your vacation smoother. She genuinely loves Standby Skipper and will share it because it makes things easier.

Disney is complicated in so many ways, Bethany loves things that makes it easier. Standby Skipper is especially helpful when you have children as well. (Traveling with children is a whole different experience!)

Bethany with a spring roll.

Bethany has worked with some great companies and is always open to working with great people.


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