Confessions: 6 mistakes I’ve made planning WDW trips – PREP011

Over the years, I've made some mistakes when planning Disney World trips.

Today, I'm sharing 6 of those with you, including 1 that I made earlier this year.

I'm hoping you'll learn from things I've done wrong and avoid doing the same on your trip.

I've also got a tip for you on where to order Disney gifts that can be shipped to your house.

These are notes from this episode. There's much more info included in the audio so be sure to listen to the episode for a better explanation.

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6 mistakes I've made

Over the years, I've made several mistakes when planning Disney World trips. Here are 6 of them.

Mistake #1: Not allowing enough time for transportation
Allow for at least 1 hour to get anywhere. Having your own car or taking a taxi can reduce that but you should still allow 30-45 minutes each way.

Check out my guide on how to navigate with Disney transportation for more info.

Mistake #2: Choosing dining that's not close to where you are
In the 6 step planning process, I advise you to make a daily plan and then choose your dining. The reason I suggest that is so you are making dining choices based on where you'll be and not running around to your dining reservation.

Mistake #3: Planning too much
Be realistic about what's possible, pare down your plans and allow for some unplanned time.

Mistake #4: Not including all family members in pics
Use PhotoPass photographers to take your pics and/or hand your camera to the photographers to take your pics.

Get more info on how PhotoPass works.

Mistake #5: Booking flights based solely on cost
Consider flight schedules and reduce the number of connections if at all possible. Use to research the reliability of flights before you book.

Read my tips on finding the best flights for your trip.

Mistake #6: Not using resort check-in
You don't have to be taking Magical Express to use resort check-in when flying home from your Disney World trip. Anybody flying home on a participating airline can use resort check-in which will allow you to bypass bag check at the airport.

For more detailed info on Magical Express and Resort Airline Check-in (including which airlines participate), read my guide that covers all of the info.

Quick tip of the day

Disney Florist isn't just available when staying on-site at Disney World; you can also use Disney Florist to ship things to you at home. Get ideas from their Celebrate at Home section.

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