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Is the Chase Disney Visa Card a good idea for saving money on Disney World trips?

Is the Chase Disney Visa Card a good idea for saving money on Disney World trips?

One popular way to save money on vacations is to use credit cards (and their reward points) to pay for things like lodging or flights.

But, in a world of unlimited options for credit cards, is the Chase Disney Visa Card your best choice for saving money on your Disney vacations?

Probably not.

The value of the Chase Disney Visa comes more from the perks that it offers rather than the savings.

While it is true that there are times when special room discounts are offered to Chase Disney Visa Cardholders, those discounts aren’t nearly as plentiful as they once were and oftentimes there are very similar discounts offered at nearly the same time to the general public.

But, considering the regular Disney Visa has a $0 annual fee it might be worth it for the perks.

Those include:

  • Special financing for Disney World Vacation Packages
  • 10% discount on select dining and shopping purchases that are $50 or more
  • Exclusive Chase Disney Visa character experiences at both Hollywood Studios and Epcot
  • Super cute card designs (ok, this isn’t really a perk but you have to admit the cards are a huge plus for any Disney fan!)

Disney visa card designs

If, however, your goal is to rack up a bunch of points to use towards flights or rooms, you might be better served going with a different card like one of those mentioned in The Best Credit Cards for Disney Travelers post over on Mousehacking.

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