All about my June trip (including the new attractions) – PREP128

June was a busy month for Disney World, with several new attractions making their debut. After experiencing them all multiple times, I have some info and tips on each to share with you.

I also have a quick tip regarding having multiple tickets linked in your My Disney Experience account.

These are notes from this episode. There's much more info included in the audio so be sure to listen to the episode for a better explanation.

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From my June trip

General thoughts

  • June wasn’t busy, but much more hot than usual
  • Stayed offsite for the first time. Annual Pass came in handy with parking fees, and driving was convenient, except to Magic Kingdom (add an extra 30 minutes to travel time). Can stay for much cheaper and have more space when offsite. Check this chart to see if getting 1 Annual Pass for your travel group makes sense.
  • Lots of sad events took place during our stay. Security at Disney World is still the same with metal detectors being used (sometimes randomly, sometimes everybody goes through).

About the new attractions

  • Animal Kingdom
    • Jungle Book Alive with Magic - good show, but not quite up to Disney's standards. Dining package not necessary, standby too limited, highly recommend getting a FastPass+ and sitting on wooden seats to reduce the heat.
    • Tiffins - delicious but pricey restaurant, rarely busy, attached lounge has great drinks
    • Nighttime Kilimanjaro Safaris - quality seems to depend on the driver, opportunity to see animals that aren't as active during the day (like the lions), usually no line after Jungle Book show
    • Tree of Life Awakenings - animations that play on the front of Tree of Life every 10 minutes or so, my favorite way to end an Animal Kingdom night
  • Hollywood Studios
    • Star Wars Galactic Spectacular - fantastic show, but you have to stand up close to the Chinese theater to see it well. Hard to combine with Fantasmic unless there's a Fantasmic show scheduled afterward.
  • Epcot
    • Soarin’ Around the World - fantastic new version of Soarin' attraction, wait times much less now due to opening of the third theater
    • Anna and Elsa’s Royal Sommerhus - Anna and Elsa left Magic Kingdom to come here to their new summer home. There isn't a FastPass+ option but wait times are usually relatively low, especially if visiting in the morning or at night.
    • Frozen Ever After - charming Frozen-themed ride that breaks down a lot. Best case is to get a FastPass+ for it or arrive at Epcot at least 45 minutes before park opening to be at the front of the lines.

Quick tip of the day

If you have multiple tickets linked to you (for instance, tickets that are part of a package and an Annual Pass), be sure to give Disney World a call to have them set the ticket priority for each. That way the correct tickets will scan when you enter the parks.

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