Printable, customizable (and cute!) Mousekeeping money envelopes

Housekeeping at Disney World is called Mousekeeping and it's a good idea to tip them daily.

The going rate for tipping is about $1 per day per person. I often just leave $5 for our family of 4.

(It's important to tip daily since different people come throughout your stay - if you leave an amount at the end, it probably won't get to all of the people who cleaned your room during your stay.)

I've done Mousekeeping envelopes in different ways. You can keep it simple and just use regular envelopes. You might get the kids involved and have them decorate or write on them to dress them up a bit.

Or you might want special envelopes that you make on your own.

There are lots of envelopes online but I've never liked them much. They often use clip art and look pretty cheesy.

So....I decided to make my own.

Here are a few facts about the envelopes below:

  • they come in 3 different formats - JPG, PDF and Gimp
  • each uses a different font to match the theme of the picture and the font name is listed and linked under each picture
  • the envelopes fit a bill exactly so no folding of money is necessary
  • if you want to customize it in any way, use the Gimp format (Gimp can be downloaded here)

On to the envelopes!

Font used: Agent Red

Gimp version

Font used: Orange Grove

Gimp version

Font used: Disney Epcot Center Regular

Gimp version

Font used: Amazonica

Gimp version

Font used: Princess Lulu

Gimp version

Font used: Minnie

Gimp version

Font used: Lion King

Gimp version

Font used: PokerHunters

Gimp version

Font used: Tangled

Gimp version

Font used: akaFrivolity

Gimp version

Font used: Kelvenized

Gimp version

Font used: Princess and the Frog

Gimp version

Font used: Tangled

Gimp version


Font used: FF Erikrighthand

Gimp version


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Rebecca Brockway

Hi Shannon, I love these envelopes, and will definitely be using them for our trip. Thank you so much for all of the time spent in making them! I am wondering if you have ever heard of people leaving anything else for Mousekeeping, along with the tip? I have thought about leaving little treats with our envelopes but I don’t know if that is acceptable or allowed. Things like chocolates, or a “Disney treat” that they may not spend the money on themselves, or even an item from my own local area (thinking of pure maple syrup from Vermont). Would very much appreciate your thoughts.

Thank you so much these are great.


love them
thank you

Bill Trivettt

I love these but I didn’t see one for the Animal Kingdom. I created one for there if you would like it I can send it your way. Oh by the way, my wife an I love this website.


These are AWESOME!!! Thank You!! just printed some for our trip in 2 weeks!!!


I absolutely adore these! I’m looking forward to poking around the site and seeing what other goodies you have in store 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing your talent!

Alicia Wall

I LOVE these!!!! So adorable! We are doing Disney this fall and my daughter will just LOVE getting to set these out each day!

I just wanted to say thanks for these – printing some out today for our upcoming honeymoon 🙂

Heather Tkach

Hi! I love these!! I am trying to print them out for our upcoming vacation and for some reason it doesn’t display right and when I print them out, nothing is on the page…any suggestions?? Thanks for your help!!


Did you click on the PDF? That’s what I’m doing now, no problems at all!


Love these. Have printed them out for our upcoming 10 day stay at Disneyworld! We’re also staying at Disneyland beforehand for 4 days (flying from Australia so thought we’d make the most of the trip) and thought I’d print some out for there as well. Might be obvious, but I’m presuming the housekeeping staff in Disneyland are mousekeepers too??


lovely. Thanks =)


Thanks for making these very nicely designed envelopes free to the public. We are taking our first Disney trip next month and I had planned on tipping anyway, but being able to print out these envelopes just makes it that much more “Spirit of Disney.”

Roxanne Ward

I am a teacher, however, during the summer I occasionally work in housekeeping. Being a housekeeper- I cannot tell you how excited I would be to get such a wonderful thank you note and tip!!


Thank you so much for the idea. I just printed some out for are stay.


I love these envelopes!!! I used them last month and our Mousekeeper got such a kick out of them. I know this because each day she did something or left something so cute in place of them. By the end of our stay, she had a nice collection of envelopes and we had cute photos.

The only suggestion I would make is to make it obvious they are for the Mousekeeper (leaving a peek of the money sticking out and a handwritten thank you on each of them worked for us).

Britney Moran

We need a Frozen one of these! I’ve been trying for an hour to get one to look right and no luck. I am absolutely in love with these! I plan on printing them all for my trip in November!

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