How to get lunch and dinner reservations at Be Our Guest Restaurant

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(Article last updated: February 25, 2015)

beourguestsquareimageThe newest and most popular restaurant at Disney World is Be Our Guest Restaurant, located in the New Fantasyland section of Magic Kingdom.

This restaurant is a Quick Service location for lunch and a Table Service for dinner so it's different than most Disney World restaurants.

Being a popular restaurant means that it's hard to get a reservation, but I have some tips to help you increase your odds.

Getting a dinner reservation

Since Be Our Guest is a Table Service for dinner, you can get a reservation to eat there just like any Table Service restaurant - by booking 180 days in advance.

Here are some ways to increase your odds:

  • Stay on-site so that you can make all of your reservations 180 days before your trip begins, not just 180 days before the day you want to eat. Confused? Watch this video where I explain how on-site guests have an advantage when making dining reservations.
  • When making dining reservations, book ADRs in the order of difficulty, not chronological order. That means that Be Our Guest would always be the first one you'd book, no matter when it falls during your trip.
  • If you're staying on-site, plan your reservation toward the end of your trip to increase the chances that you'll get it. Since off-site guests won't have access to those dates yet, your odds are better the later your dates are.
  • Avoid looking for reservations on party nights. In September, October, November and December, there are parties held at Magic Kingdom a few nights a week which means the park closes at 7 p.m. so that the party can begin. Table Service restaurants are not open during the party so that means TS restaurants are only open for a short time, making it hard to get a reservation.

Confession: I'm not the biggest fan of Be Our Guest for dinner because the food and service are so inconsistent. I think it should be a much better experience considering how difficult it is to get a reservation. I do love it for lunch so let's talk about how to do that.

Eating lunch at Be Our Guest

As of February 25, 2015, lunch reservations became available at Be Our Guest.

Although it's still considered a Quick Service restaurant, reservations here will be treated much like a Table Service in that they will be available up to 180 days beforehand and require a credit card guarantee.

However, Disney will also give you the ability to pre-order your food from the My Reservations page from 5 minutes to 30 days before your reservation.


I get emails about this every day so I hope this info was helpful.