Tips for eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner at Be Our Guest Restaurant

(Article last checked: April 28, 2017)

The newest most popular restaurant at Disney World is Be Our Guest Restaurant, located in the Fantasyland section of Magic Kingdom.

This restaurant is a Quick Service location for breakfast and lunch and a Table Service for dinner, so it's different than most Disney World restaurants.

Being a popular restaurant means that it's hard to get a reservation, but here are some tips to help you increase your odds.

Getting a dinner reservation at Be Our Guest Restaurant

Since Be Our Guest is a Table Service for dinner, you can get a reservation to eat there just like any Table Service restaurant - by booking 180 days in advance. Dinner reservations can be booked from 4:00 until park closing.

One nice perk of dinner at Be Our Guest: The Beast appears in his own room.

Here are some ways to increase your odds:

  • Stay on-site so that you can make all of your reservations 180 days before your trip begins, not just 180 days before the day you want to eat. Confused? Watch this video for an explanation about how on-site guests have an advantage when making dining reservations.
  • When making dining reservations, book ADRs in the order of difficulty, not chronological order. That means that Be Our Guest would always be the first one you'd book, no matter when it falls during your trip.
  • If you're staying on-site, plan your reservation toward the end of your trip to increase the chances that you'll get it. Since off-site guests won't have access to those dates yet, your odds are better the later your dates are.
  • Watch out for reservations on party nights. In September, October, November and December, there are parties held at Magic Kingdom a few nights a week which means the park closes at 7 p.m. so that the party can begin. If you're not planning to attend the party, you need to make your reservation before the party begins.

Confession: I'm not the biggest fan of Be Our Guest Restaurant for dinner because the food and service are so inconsistent. It seems like it should be a much better experience considering how difficult it is to get a reservation. Be Our Guest is usually great for breakfast and lunch so let's talk about how to do that.

Eating breakfast and lunch at Be Our Guest

In early 2015, breakfast and lunch reservations became available at Be Our Guest. Please note that The Beast does not appear at breakfast or lunch.

Although it's still considered a Quick Service restaurant for these meals, reservations are treated much like a Table Service in that they can be booked ahead of time and require a credit card guarantee. Breakfast is served from 8-10 a.m., and lunch is served from 10:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.

Breakfast and lunch reservations are available 180 days in advance.

Disney also gives you the ability to pre-order your food from the My Reservations page from 5 minutes to 30 days before your reservation.

Be Our Guest Restaurant

It's a great idea to do that because you can save yourself about 10-15 minutes in the restaurant. People who have pre-ordered get to skip part of the line and proceed directly to a cashier who will take your payment.

A couple of tidbits regarding the breakfast:

  • It's the best value of a Quick Service credit, and the portions are huge so you might consider splitting meals
  • Pastries are served with your entree and might be too much to eat. Consider packing a Ziploc and saving those as a snack or breakfast at a later time.
  • Getting a reservation around 8 a.m. is a great way to get into the park before park opening and you can easily be finished up within 30 minutes or so, allowing you to leave and get in line (and often ride it before the park opens if you're there early enough) for a popular attraction like Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. However, Disney sometimes changes park hours to a park opening time of 8 a.m. so you might consider making reservations around 8 and around 10 and then canceling whichever one you don't want later on.


Still have questions or thoughts on Be Our Guest Restaurant? Feel free to leave those in the comments.


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Ann Faile

Considering a breakfast reservation. Please describe the atmosphere in the restaurant for breakfast. Are you allowed to explore the castle with a breakfast reservation?


Since the restaurant is a quick service for breakfast you are allowed to choose your own seat. So explore to find the best seat in the house! 🙂

Disney Dining Agent

Yes at breakfast and lunch you choose your own seat.

Disney Dining Agent

Yes you are allowed to explore the different rooms in the castle and find the best seat for you and your guests.

Justina Chirico Luckey

Can I preorder for a lare party under one dining reservation? If so, will the credits come out of one account? We all have different hotel reservations at the Contemporary with the Disney Dining Plan.

Jen O

We are headed to WDW in 2 weeks, and this morning I was able to snag Be Our Guest Breakfast reservations. All of Easter week has 7:30-8:00 reservations that just opened today. Yesterday Cinderella’s Royal Table had early morning openings as well. We booked the trip last week, so I wasn’t expecting to get any of our fav places, but was hoping and stalking, and I have been able to book all of our favs!


We are going next week and I snagged an 8 am reservation just yesterday! Magic 🙂

Riley B.

I booked a Be Our Guest reservation for 10:10. So will I be served breakfast or lunch?

Rayna Vanderbosch

Thanks to all your tips we managed to snag a breakfast AND a dinner at BOG this upcoming November. This will be our first time at BOG. I booked at 6 am 180 days out and got everything I wanted. I didn’t want to to eat at the same place twice, but I just couldn’t give up trying breakfast and dinner, we have the dining plan so the breakfast is a QS no-brainer!!


Curious what day you got, my agent tried to book at 6 am to no avail for our stay in Nov/Dec.


Hi! In looking at the menu, I’m most interested in the kids lunch of mahi mahi for myself 🙂 I’ve had no issues ordering from kids menu at other quick service restaurants… Can anyone say if more attention is paid here, as they deliver it to you?


Can you preorder if you are using the dining plan? For benour guest and also for other restaurants that are newly offering preorder capabilities?


Thank you!! Love the podcast! Can’t wait for our trip next month!

Kelley Barker

My Husband and I will be eating breakfast @ ‘Be Our Guest’ in November. I have heard that IF there is a set price (which it is @ BOG) that you can’t split an entree?? I really don’t want to spend $50 for both of us & would prefer to just order one entree. Do you know if this is allowable? Thanks!!

Josh Moore

Can a reservation be made for breakfast at BOG? When I try to make one through the disney site, the breakfast hours are grayed out.


Hello I have a dining reservation for breakfast at BOG at 10am, I know that breakfast is served until 10:30 and lunch starts at 11am. Will they kick us out if we are still finishing up our breakfast? Or does the restaurant just transition into lunch food? Also do you think that have a 10am reservation will affect the quality of the food seeing as it is the end of breakfast time? Thanks 🙂

Lindsey S

Great article! Since this is my first Disney trip, your tips for Eating at BOG was very helpful. I do have a few questions.
1) I was able to snag a reservation for 1 at lunch however there will actually be 2 of us eating. Do you think they’ll allow this if I call ahead of time? Supposedly all of the reservations for 2 are booked but I have never been to any restaurant where a table only sits one person.
2) Overall is Dinner really worth it? Neither one of us care to see the Beast or getting any of the upscale food options and really just want the best dinning experience as possible. It would also be great to have larger portions so we can share. Do you think lunch would be our best option or would you recommend doing dinner?
3) Can you eat in any of the rooms during lunch?

Thanks for all your help!


Link the other person’s trip on your My Disney Experience app and then call reservations to have the other person added to your existing reservation. Dinner was not worth it to me and we like the upscale food options, so if you’re not into that, just go for lunch. For lunch, you can sit in any of the 3 dining rooms.

Lindsey Steel

Thank you so much for your help. I will do that.

Felicia Britt

Did you call? Were they able to add the rest of your party? I am in the same boat.

Lindsey Steel

I did but they said that when you reserve a meal you are reserving so many seats and not a table. They said I would have to keep waiting to see if there are any cancellations since people can cancel up to 24 hours before. I managed to grab another one on a different day but hopefully there will be a cancellation on the day I want it.
Hope that helps!


I was able to get into BOG at 8:05am. The park opens at 9:00. What time will they let us into the park and what time will the rope drop be? I am hoping to rush my family through breakfast so we can get on a popular ride before the crowd. Also, what ride do you suggest us rush to?


Hi, I booked an 8:30 am ADR for BOG. How early should I arrive at the park to be at my reservation on time? Thanks!!


Hello … we are going to WDW in 3 weeks. Where can I call for dining with the characters reservations?


If you have not made reservation’s yet you can call (407) 939-3463 or go to it is a lot easier to me online that way you can see what is open at each place you would like to dine. Also keep checking back if you don’t get a reservation right off people cancel all the time.

Joan D

Can we order ahead if my husband has a food allergy?

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