Guide to Disney World discounts

Discounts and promotions are things people always want to know more about.

Today I thought I'd go through how Disney World discounts work, what discounts have been offered in the last few years and how to increase your chances of getting one.

Let's take a look...

Some basics

Some general things to know about Disney World discounts:

  • You can only use 1 discount at a time. For example, if you get Free Dining, you can't also get a discount on your hotel room.
  • You can book your trip before discounts come out. If a discount is released after your trip is booked, the discount can be applied to your existing reservation. However, Disney only allows so many rooms to use a promotion so you will want to call ASAP to make sure you're 1 of them.
  • There are blackout dates. For instance, if a fall promotion is announced, Thanksgiving week will often be blacked out. This is true for all major U.S. holidays.
  • Where to find current discounts. Current Disney World offers can be found at and I also list them on the monthly dashboards.
  • Deluxe Resorts receive the biggest discounts. When a promotion is announced such as 20-35% off rooms, the lower percentage (20%) usually applies to Value Resorts while the larger percentage (35%) usually applies to Deluxe Resorts.
  • What's included with Free Dining. The Free Dining promotion includes the Quick Service Dining Plan for free if you're staying at a Value Resort and the Basic Dining Plan if you're staying at a Moderate or Deluxe Resort. You can pay to upgrade the Disney Dining Plan if you'd like. I suggest staying at a Moderate Resort when using Free Dining to get a lower hotel room cost with the better Disney Dining Plan.

When discounts have been offered

Below, I've used the information from the chart of past discounts to show you what discounts have been available each month for the past 3 years. The dates in parentheses in the charts show when the discount was announced.

This is only a reference and there's no guarantee that these will be offered in the future.

Click the calendar to view a larger version.

January Disney World discounts

February Disney World discounts

March Disney World discounts

April Disney World discounts

May Disney World discounts

June Disney World discounts

July Disney World discounts

August Disney World discounts

September Disney World discounts

October Disney World discounts

November Disney World discounts

December Disney World discounts

Increasing your chances of getting a discount

Some tips to better your odds of having a discount during your trip:

  • Use a good Disney travel agent. A good Disney agent is always on top of what and when discounts are available and will work hard to make sure you get it. If you'd like a quote for your trip, fill out the Request a Quote form and it'll be submitted to Cheryl Koren, the agent I recommend.
  • Get a Disney Visa. People with Disney Visa cards will be able to book the promotions a few days before everybody else.
  • Sign up for alerts. On each of the monthly dashboards, there's a sign-up form to receive alerts. When discounts are announced, I email people on those lists to let them know.
  • Book dates when discounts are available. Using the charts above, you should be able to see when discounts are available. People often ask me things like "when will Free Dining be announced for this summer?" and that's just not likely to happen. If you want Free Dining, book in the fall when it's usually offered.
  • Avoid staying at excluded resorts. Art of Animation Little Mermaid rooms, Ft. Wilderness campsites, 3 bedroom Villas and new resorts are often excluded from promotions so you would want to stay elsewhere to qualify for a discount. If you already have a reservation booked at a resort and a promotion is released that excludes that resort, you can change resorts to get the discount.


Questions or comments about how discounts work or which ones are available?

Please discuss in the comments.


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Any idea what month 2018 promotions and online booking will become available?


2018 rack rates were released yesterday. June 20th


I will be visiting Disney November 30, 2017 through December 4 2017. I was really hoping to take advantage of free Disney dining if it comes available however I do realize that this is usually a black out period . Can anybody tell me why when the rest of December traditionally is included ?


Lori, I am visiting the same time and wonder why they are blacked out as well.


I just changed my existing reservation to take advantage of the 2017 Fun and Sun package deals. So happy! I already paid for my prior reservation in full, and therefore would be due a credit/refund. How does Disney handle this? Will they send me a check/credit card refund, or can I just use that credit for incidentals to my room? Thanks!!

Stephen Drebo

I’m staying October 27th through November 5th at Pop Century. We are doing the dining plan, memory maker, and everything! We are paying almost 4 grand. Any thoughts? I’m concerned we are gonna be stuck paying that much. Do you think I’ll see a deal?

george mertle

when will the deals for 2017 august be announced?

Alyssa Schirm

When will we know about discounts and offers for March 2017? I heard sometime in June? Any updates on this?

Alyssa Schirm

oops, meant 2018!!!

Robert woodhouse

I live in Canada and they have good prices on park tickets right now.
I want to buy them direct from Disney and later book a hotel and dining plan again direct from Disney.
If free dining is then offered would I be able to take advantage of this promotion as well? Assuming I can get the booking and such and they don’t run out.

Michelle Mahovlich

Wondering the exact same thing! Did you ever find an answer?


Does anyone know what time Disney posts the Disney World winter room only discounts?
I heard it was Monday October 3,2016. However they aren’t posted yet?

Elizabeth Kanzig

What time of the morning do the promotions pop up on the Disney website? Can I wake up really early and apply a discount myself or do I need to call first thing in the morning?


We missed the room discounts that were just announced today. I waited 1.5 hours on the phone after trying for 3 hours to not get a busy signal.

We already had a booked reservation at the Caribbean Beach resort but were told on the phone that they didn’t have any more room discounts for the dates we are travelling.

Does anybody know if Disney might release more blocks of rooms available for discount or do you think that we are totally out of luck this time?

We are doing 2 weeks late Oct – early Nov and were hopeful of getting the Free Dining promo which is now rumored not to include our dates. So I am reading up on the Room only discounts to see what our chances are for this. We have a Package booked at Port Orleans Riverside with dining and 10 days of Park tickets. We booked this all some time ago and since then prices have gone up for park tickets, rooms and dining. So my question is: If we obtain a room discount and remain at POR will it simply be a % off what our previously booked room price was or will we need to rebook the whole package with all the new prices for room, tickets and dining and then apply the room discount?


Just curious if you plan to update with 2014 and 2015 info. I’m planning a trip in fall 2016. Thanks in advance.

erica wilkerson

Hi, I’m planning a trip for the week after Thanksgiving.Do the typical room only discount blackout dates end the Friday after Thanksgiving? I’m wandering if I will be safe to book the Saturday after Thanksgiving and still get a discount.


Does Disney offer discounts to Florida foster parents? I would love to take my 4 foster children but its just too expensive, even for a resident.

cherie bennett

just wondering if you might consider updating this. I am looking for a time to go with Free Dining, but perhaps those days are long gone…

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