When does Disney take down the Christmas decorations?

I absolutely love all things Christmas, including the decorations.

But, come the day after Christmas I'm usually ready to get my house back in order so it isn't unusual to find me boxing stuff up on December 26th.

Disney isn't quite as fast at taking their decorations down, but they aren't too far behind.

So, just when do they take the decorations down at Disney World?

Just like when the decorations go up, the removal is a process that spans days if not weeks and results in not everything being removed at once.

The general rule of thumb is that you can expect decorations across the parks and resorts to start coming down the first Monday after New Year's.

Not every resort (or park) will start on that day (and you might even see some things slowly start to come down before then) but that is typically the day when the removal process for the entire Walt Disney World resort begins in earnest.

And, just like when the decorations go up, what order they come down can vary from year-to-year so don't use a previous year's visit as a gauge when XYZ resort or park's decorations are still up.

Schedules can (and do) change!

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