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Tips for attending D23 Expo

Tips for attending D23 Expo

2022 D23 Expo tickets are on sale! We’ve been several times and learned a lot.

Here are a few tips for those planning to attend:

The event is held at the Anaheim Convention Center, just a few blocks from Disneyland. Be sure to get park tickets to enjoy park time during your trip (many attendees walk from the convention to the parks every afternoon/evening).

Disneyland walk to Anaheim Convention Center

There are lots of hotels to choose from, but definitely recommend booking ASAP. Candy Cane Inn is 1 of our faves (currently under renovations and reopening in spring) but there are many nearby, affordable choices.

Disneyland Hotel Map

The Expo is attended by 10s of thousands of people each day. In true Disney style, there are lines for most everything. Be prepared.

Hall D23 is the main stage where most of the celebrities and big moments will take place. There’s usually 1 morning session and 1 afternoon session here. Due to lines and wait times, you’ll likely need to pick 1 per day that you want to attend.

D23 Expo Hall D23 Anaheim Convention Center

Don’t sleep on the Legends event that’s usually held on the first day – it’s a fantastic way to kick off the Expo.

D23 Expo Legends Awards

Waiting for Hall D23 events is in a cold basement. You’ll be able to sit, but it’s cold and waits are long. Bring cushions, blankets, external phone batteries, and snacks. There’s a CVS and Walgreens near the convention center to pick things up before you head in.

When to line up? That varies depending on the day and the panel/event. Easiest way to track things is to follow on Twitter. People post wait times and line info there.

Aside from the main stage, there’s a million other things going on – smaller panels in other rooms, shopping, and the main show floor with hundreds of booths. Definitely have to pick and choose how to spend your time.

Voices of the Princesses - D23 Expo

Overall, it’s a very exciting event with things happening you can’t see anywhere else, but it’s more fun when you’re prepared and know what to expect going in.

Allyson will be attending and representing us this year. Excited to follow along with her updates.