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Recapping D23 Expo announcements with Allyson and Shannon – PREP 323

Recapping D23 Expo announcements with Allyson and Shannon – PREP 323

Allyson is a member of the WDW Prep School team and had the opportunity to go to D23 Expo. She and Shannon discussed news, announcements, and what it was like.


Shannon has an interview with Allyson, a writer for WDW Prep School. She’s been on the team for about 3.5 years. Allyson covers news for the website.

She just got back from D23 Expo. This is an event held every two years right by Disneyland. Allyson wasn’t sure what to expect and was nervous about getting in line. 

Day 1

Allyson was up at 5 a.m. on the first day. She asked a lot of questions – that was advice she was given and it was a good idea.

Everything is very competitive. Allyson had preferred tickets for all 3 days. This gave her guaranteed entry to Hall D23 which is the main event space. 

There were lots of celebrities and it was incredible. Having strategies was important. She was there to prioritize the news and announcements. 

Allyson started at the Disney Legends panel. Celebrities started walking in, which was incredible. Allyson was sitting just behind the families, which was really special.

When Bob Chapek came out there was some booing and moderate cheering. When Bob Iger was mentioned, there was lots of cheering. Bob Chapek announced an expansion of the Avengers Campus. 

In the Legends panel, there were celebrities and Imagineers. It was very cool. The panel ended with the Encanto cast singing. It was incredible.

There was a Pixar Animation and Movies panel. They had previews for Hocus Pocus 2 and Inside Out 2. The Disenchanted Cast came out as well, and it was wonderful. The trailer was great.

Their two girls participated in the wedding which made it so incredibly special. It was a difficult year and they decided to write their own vows, which was incredibly meaningful.

Allison and her mom were both diagnosed with breast cancer just a few months apart. They both needed something to look forward to. Allison’s mom started radiation the day after the trip to Florida for the wedding.

Allison’s takeaway was that even in the midst of trials, you can still smile and have hope. 

“People deserve happiness even when they are living in the worst moments of their life.”

Day 2

Lucasfilm and Marvel panel was the most competitive. They checked badges and it was very popular. Allyson loves Marvel so much and this was really wonderful.

Everyone was excited for the Loki cast. It was so amazing. 

They ended with the Marvels and the strong female characters. 

The second panel was Disney Channel shows. Allyson didn’t go to this because she went to Oogie Boogie Bash at Disneyland. 

Allyson loved this so much! She loved seeing so many of the characters, especially on the treat trail. She liked the parade but missed the entertainment that they have at Mickey’s Not-so-Scary Halloween Party. 

Day 3

Allyson got up early and got in the second row for the Parks Panel. This was very important! 

Disneyland Announcements

A lot of the announcements were about Disneyland. It was underwhelming with regard to Disney World announcements. 

The Mandalorian and Grogu came out and announced a meet and greet at Disneyland. The Hulk also came out and will be meeting at Avengers Campus. 

The Avenger Campus is expanding into the Multiverse and there will be a new attraction. This will make this area more attractive because it will have more things. 

There was also an announcement that Pacific Wharf will be turned into San Fransokyo from Big Hero 6. This is very exciting. 

Paradise Pier Hotel will be turning into Pixar Place Hotel. There will be some exclusive food options and theming. 

Downtown Disney is also getting some updates! Porto’s Bakery and Cafe is opening and everyone is very excited. Allyson received baked goods when she left the panel and they were good. 

In 2024 RunDisney will be coming back to Disneyland, which is wonderful as they have been missing for a few years.

They also showed some new concept art for the Tiana’s retheming of Splash Mountain. They didn’t announce when it would begin or reopen.

It was also announced that Disneyland is also getting a Princess and the Frog themed store called Eudora’s Chic Boutique. 

Magic Happens Parade was announced coming back to Disneyland in the spring of 2023. 

For the 100th anniversary there were some announcements including the new World of Color and new fireworks show at Disneyland called Wondrous Journey. Allyson was also able to preview the new song for Wondrous Journey. 

Disney World Announcements

The parks panel began with Jordan Fisher singing Happily Ever After and the announcement that this nighttime show was coming back. Harmonious was also announced that it will be replaced. 

World Celebration will be complete in 2023. This is the center section of the area that used to be Future World. This will also be the space for festivals. 

Figment is coming back for a character meet. This will come back at the end of 2023. 

The announcements about Animal Kingdom seemed more like brainstorming. The Dinoland section of the park might be transformed into Moana or Zootopia. 

Beyond Thunder Mountain was announced for Magic Kingdom, but it is unclear what this is going to be. They teased the potential of a Villians park. 

It has been 25 years since a new park opened. The villains, Encanto, and Coco also were included in this mysterious announcement.

The Hatbox Ghost is going to be included in the Magic Kingdom Haunted Mansion attraction. 

Tron is scheduled to open in Spring of 2023. They know they could open it now but because resorts are full and parks are crowded, they are waiting. 

Disney Cruise Line

There was an announcement of a new ship – the Disney Treasure! This is an adventure theme and includes Aladdin and Jasmine. This is scheduled for 2024.

The Disney Wonder also has a new itinerary in the South Pacific, Australia, and New Zealand. Those bookings will open in October. 

International Parks

World of Frozen is opening in several international parks in the coming years. Hong Kong is also getting a statue of Walt and Mickey. 

Disneyland Paris is getting a new show and attraction. The hotel is also getting rethemed. 

Tokyo Disney Sea is getting a transformation of Space Mountain. It won’t begin until 2024 and won’t be complete until 2027. 

Other things to do and see

Allyson was able to see Disneyland all decorated for Halloween and wander around the shops at the expo. 

Quick Tip

Dining reservations can be made 60 days in advance if you are staying onsite. However, if you are unavailable that day you can adjust your trip start date one day earlier to make your reservations. Once your reservations are made, you can adjust your trip dates back. 

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