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Pros and cons of FastPass+ – PREP006

Pros and cons of FastPass+ – PREP006

(Article last updated: August 4, 2014)

pros and cons of fastpass+As the new FastPass+ system has rolled out, people have had lots of questions about how it works.

Today, I’ve got a list of pros and cons of the new FastPass+ system and a quick tip on how to remember your trip.


Overview of FastPass+

The new FastPass system is called FastPass+ which allows on-site visitors to reserve rides up to 60 days ahead of time online (off-site visitors can reserve 30 days ahead of time), through an app or at a kiosk in the theme parks.

Pros of FastPass+

  • It’ll be easier to arrive later since you won’t need to be there early to get FastPasses when they can be reserved at a later time ahead of time.
  • There are more opportunities to use FastPasses including Fantasmic, parade viewing, more rides and Be Our Guest lunch.
  • You won’t have to zig-zag as much since the FastPasses are reserved ahead of time so you won’t have to run across the park to grab them.

Cons of FastPass+

  • You can only get FP+ for 1 park per day and 3-4 FP+ per day. (Update: this is no longer true.)
  • You will probably only be able to choose 1 headline attraction per day. (Update: tiers are in place at Hollywood Studios and Epcot, but not the other 2 parks.)
  • Less spontaneous, can’t re-ride things.
  • Smartphones are sort of required.
  • Can’t give or receive FP+ to other people.
  • Can’t get FP+ for the same ride twice. (Update: this is no longer true after you use your first 3 FP+ reservations as your 4th FP+ can be any ride, including one you’ve already been on.)

Quick tip

Get a scented wall plugin with a smell that you’ve never used before. Take it on vacation and use it in your hotel room. After your trip, that scent will remind you of your vacation.

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Vida D

Friday 7th of November 2014

While I totally agree with your pros and cons, there's one pro that I wanted to mention. You won't be restricted to one FastPass should you choose to use it for a headlining attraction. There have been times where I've gotten a FastPass (back in the legacy days) and my return time is so late in the day that I couldn't get any more! Once, at Disneyland, I got a FastPass for Radiator Springs Racers at 9:15 am, with a return time of 8:00-9:00pm. I couldn't get another FastPass until after 8pm, and the park closed at 9:00. I'm so used to using 2-3 hard FastPasses per day that this was a bummer, but I did it to avoid the 3 hour standby line.

What I LOVE about FastPass+ is that I can select my times and know that I get 3! I can also get more (when available) after I've used them. That's a pro to me, and I just remind myself that FastPass is meant to enhance my vacation, it's not a right! Overall, I'll take the bad to get the good. :-) Great post and very fair look at the pros and cons.


Friday 27th of September 2013

I just found out that we were selected to "test" in November. We have a special needs child, so this is excellent news after last weeks news of the GAC. We have never been, so I'm trying to plan as much as I can so things go smoothly! I wanted to know how to make FastPass+ reservations for Be Our Guest. I cant seem to find it. Thanks!

Shannon Albert

Friday 27th of September 2013

Newest post is about FP+ and has a bit of info about Be Our Guest. Check it out on the front page of the site.

Afton Rio

Thursday 19th of September 2013

I have put off doing any research on fast pass+ for as long as possible - I'm having terrible anxiety over the whole thing. I have yet to hear good things about this system. I understand reasonings for the bands and such but the actual fastpass+ changes I do not understand. I dont see how they make anyone's experience better. Sorry for my rant just trying to get over it so I can actually be excited for our jan trip instead of afraid haha ;)

Betsy Hoffman

Wednesday 11th of September 2013

I have a question about multiple families going on the same trip using Fastpass + (I was trying to find the email to send in as a podcast question). Anyways, my entire family is planning on heading to Disney next fall and they elected me to call and make the reservations for the hotel and dining and such (which is MORE than fine with me). However, when it comes to the fastpass + will we have the capability for me and my family of 5 to have our fastpasses tailored to suit our little family, but my parents could get theirs set up for the 'bigger' rides that my kids can't ride?

Does that make sense? If we did that, does this mean that we would have to call and make seperate reservations but try to get rooms next to each other?

ps. I don't like the idea of tiered fastpass+ either, but maybe Disney would have a 'bonus' or something for those that were annual passholders? That is failry common most places (getting discounts when you have an annual pass).

Thanks, Betsy

Shannon Albert

Wednesday 11th of September 2013

Yes, you can login to your account on the website and customize the FP+ reservations. Everybody needs to be listed and then you can request whichever FP+ you want by person. If the other families have their own login, they can request their own through their account.


Thursday 5th of September 2013

Does Disney have a date when they will stop the original fastpass? Or has Disney already stopped them?

Shannon Albert

Friday 6th of September 2013

We don't know what the date will be yet. Old FastPasses are still available.