Pros and cons of FastPass+ – PREP006

(Article last updated: August 4, 2014)

As the new FastPass+ system has rolled out, people have had lots of questions about how it works.

Today, I've got a list of pros and cons of the new FastPass+ system and a quick tip on how to remember your trip.

Overview of FastPass+

The new FastPass system is called FastPass+ which allows on-site visitors to reserve rides up to 60 days ahead of time online (off-site visitors can reserve 30 days ahead of time), through an app or at a kiosk in the theme parks.

Pros of FastPass+

  • It'll be easier to arrive later since you won't need to be there early to get FastPasses when they can be reserved at a later time ahead of time.
  • There are more opportunities to use FastPasses including Fantasmic, parade viewing, more rides and Be Our Guest lunch.
  • You won't have to zig-zag as much since the FastPasses are reserved ahead of time so you won't have to run across the park to grab them.

Cons of FastPass+

  • You can only get FP+ for 1 park per day and 3-4 FP+ per day. (Update: this is no longer true.)
  • You will probably only be able to choose 1 headline attraction per day. (Update: tiers are in place at Hollywood Studios and Epcot, but not the other 2 parks.)
  • Less spontaneous, can't re-ride things.
  • Smartphones are sort of required.
  • Can't give or receive FP+ to other people.
  • Can't get FP+ for the same ride twice. (Update: this is no longer true after you use your first 3 FP+ reservations as your 4th FP+ can be any ride, including one you've already been on.)

Quick tip

Get a scented wall plugin with a smell that you've never used before. Take it on vacation and use it in your hotel room. After your trip, that scent will remind you of your vacation.

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Vida D

While I totally agree with your pros and cons, there’s one pro that I wanted to mention. You won’t be restricted to one FastPass should you choose to use it for a headlining attraction. There have been times where I’ve gotten a FastPass (back in the legacy days) and my return time is so late in the day that I couldn’t get any more! Once, at Disneyland, I got a FastPass for Radiator Springs Racers at 9:15 am, with a return time of 8:00-9:00pm. I couldn’t get another FastPass until after 8pm, and the park closed at 9:00. I’m so… Read more »


I just found out that we were selected to “test” in November. We have a special needs child, so this is excellent news after last weeks news of the GAC. We have never been, so I’m trying to plan as much as I can so things go smoothly! I wanted to know how to make FastPass+ reservations for Be Our Guest. I cant seem to find it. Thanks!

Afton Rio

I have put off doing any research on fast pass+ for as long as possible – I’m having terrible anxiety over the whole thing. I have yet to hear good things about this system. I understand reasonings for the bands and such but the actual fastpass+ changes I do not understand. I dont see how they make anyone’s experience better. Sorry for my rant just trying to get over it so I can actually be excited for our jan trip instead of afraid haha 😉

Betsy Hoffman

I have a question about multiple families going on the same trip using Fastpass + (I was trying to find the email to send in as a podcast question). Anyways, my entire family is planning on heading to Disney next fall and they elected me to call and make the reservations for the hotel and dining and such (which is MORE than fine with me). However, when it comes to the fastpass + will we have the capability for me and my family of 5 to have our fastpasses tailored to suit our little family, but my parents could get… Read more »


Does Disney have a date when they will stop the original fastpass? Or has Disney already stopped them?


Loved this podcast (as well as all the others)’re a natural! I got word that I’d be part of the MB/FP+ testing for my upcoming trip (10/19-10/24). I’ve been able to customize my bands and have made all my prelim FP+ reservations, though I’m sure I wont be able to help myself tinkering with them between now and then! I’m really not someone who makes a detailed touring plan..I like to plan out my park days, show/fireworks schedule and ADRs but besides that I kind of just make my way around the park. It’s only my boyfriend and I going,… Read more »


Dear Shannon, I know we are a long way from it, but it is possible that you consider putting together a touring plan for fastpass+ users. My trip is in February 2014, and for all that I have read its getting more likely that I will be forced to use the new system by then (me a a lot of other people), but without the necessary days to plan for things, maybe just a few weeks or less. For we “planners” its like doomsday, speeding months preparing everything to have the rules of the game changed the moment you get… Read more »


Are they still going to have the fast pass stations that you can get a paper pass? If FP+ limits how many times you can ride an attraction, that won’t sit well with my family.


You are right about the smell thing. We went camping at Fort Wilderness every year and the trams (I think they are used for the parking lots now) that carted us around the campground used diesel fuel. Every time I smell a diesel truck now I think of Disney World with fond memories. I think I am going to have to go to the parking lot and ride tram on my next trip just for nostalgia sake. Maybe we will do something with a better smell for my kids. Good suggestion. Does anyone have a recommended scent to use that… Read more »


The Brickers over at Disney Tourist Blog recommend this as well. They suggest Yankee Candle “Sun & Sand”. You can opt for the scented plug-in, or even toss in a couple of Car Jar Air Fresheners, if not the candle itself. It’s so nice to have the scent bring back the memories! Here is a quote: “Plug-in Yankee Candle Scent – It may sound hokey, but if we have space in our suitcase, we bring a new Yankee Candle plug-in to give a “scent” to the trip. When we return home, we forever associate that scent with our Disney trip.… Read more »


I have to say that if Disney tiers the number of fast passes based on type of resort then I might have to really rethink visiting there. Most people take the room they can afford but we all pay the same for part tickets. That doesn’t seem to me to be in the ideal of what Walt created Disneyland and Disney World for. A place for families to enjoy together. Something about that just does not resonate well with me.

i agree with you on that, i understand if it’s an onsite Vs. offsite kinda thing it’s a perk for staying on disney property. but i don’t like the idea of saying value resort guests get anything less than the deluxe resort guests when it comes to the parks. like you said, we all pay the same for tickets.


Actually they have kiosks for people that don’t have a smartphone.

melissa c

I think three a day is insane. I hope they do a tiered service – deluxe get more and values get more than offsite guests etc. There needs to be a perk in all of this. The one nice thing is we stay at YC or BC and on our days off from the park, I could reserve still even if we went into the park mid evening for a few hours on a day I hadn’t planned on going to a park b/c we wanted to sleep in. etc. We aren’t due back until June 2014 so am hoping… Read more »

Emily S.

I don’t think deluxe resorts should get “more” than the value resorts because you’re still paying the same price to get into the parks. I can see getting more fastpass + if you are staying on-site rather than off-site (as just a general perk) but I really don’t like the idea of the rich families staying at one of the deluxe resorts for their annual (or second or third or fourth) trip getting more out of the parks (when you pay the same entrance fees!) than the family that saved up for a couple of years to just to stay… Read more »

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