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(Article last updated: August 4, 2014)

As the new FastPass+ system has rolled out, people have had lots of questions about how it works.

Today, I've got a list of pros and cons of the new FastPass+ system and a quick tip on how to remember your trip.

Overview of FastPass+

The new FastPass system is called FastPass+ which allows on-site visitors to reserve rides up to 60 days ahead of time online (off-site visitors can reserve 30 days ahead of time), through an app or at a kiosk in the theme parks.

Pros of FastPass+

  • It'll be easier to arrive later since you won't need to be there early to get FastPasses when they can be reserved at a later time ahead of time.
  • There are more opportunities to use FastPasses including Fantasmic, parade viewing, more rides and Be Our Guest lunch.
  • You won't have to zig-zag as much since the FastPasses are reserved ahead of time so you won't have to run across the park to grab them.

Cons of FastPass+

  • You can only get FP+ for 1 park per day and 3-4 FP+ per day. (Update: this is no longer true.)
  • You will probably only be able to choose 1 headline attraction per day. (Update: tiers are in place at Hollywood Studios and Epcot, but not the other 2 parks.)
  • Less spontaneous, can't re-ride things.
  • Smartphones are sort of required.
  • Can't give or receive FP+ to other people.
  • Can't get FP+ for the same ride twice. (Update: this is no longer true after you use your first 3 FP+ reservations as your 4th FP+ can be any ride, including one you've already been on.)

Quick tip

Get a scented wall plugin with a smell that you've never used before. Take it on vacation and use it in your hotel room. After your trip, that scent will remind you of your vacation.

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