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Onward Movie Night

Onward Movie Night

When it comes to heartfelt storytelling, Disney always knows just what to say to make the tears flow and they have definitely done that with this lovely story about 2 brothers who head out on a quest to bring their father back for just 1 day.

Onward is a whimsical tale full of magic and fantasy, making it the perfect option for a Disney family movie night.

Here’s some ideas to help you plan:

First things first

New to planning a Disney Movie Night? 

We have lots of tips and suggestions to get you started but the main thing is have fun!

Below you’ll see that we have tried to provide a variety of ideas to fit a wide range of ages.

And, don’t feel like you have to do exactly what we say; think of this more as a jumping off point or a place for inspiration.

You can go big or keep it simple – the choice is yours!


Invitations are one of the easiest ways to make a Disney movie night feel extra special.

In Onward, the characters use a map to help guide them on a quest for a Phoenix Stone that they can then use to cast a spell.

You can easily bring that theme to your invitations, if you want.

Or, if you prefer something already made, here’s an easy-to-use printable invite:

Download PDF

Menu inspirations

In the movie, there are a few fun food references that can provide inspiration for your meals.

At the beginning of the movie, Ian stops for breakfast at Burger Shire, making burgers a fun choice if you’re looking for something easy to make.

Another fun place to draw inspiration is from the kids menu the brothers pick up at The Manticore’s Tavern.

We’ve put together a list of possible ideas to get you started. Remember, don’t feel like you have to use these as is; you can adapt them to fit your family’s tastes and preferences.

Note: Unless linked to a recipe, all of the ideas below are just fun ways to re-name things you might already be planning to serve.

Entree ideas

  • Burger Shire Burgers
  • Griffin Nuggets (from the menu at The Manticore’s Tavern)
  • Roast Beast (from the menu at The Manticore’s Tavern)
  • Manticore Tavern Drumsticks


  • Cheetos (especially the puff variety)
  • Ian’s Iceberg Salad 
  • Mystical Mashed Potatoes
  • Corey’s Corn on the Cob

Drinks (aka “potions”)

  • Mt. Doom punch (from the menu at The Manticore’s Tavern)
  • Mt. Mist soda (from the menu at The Manticore’s Tavern)
  • Cloak (from the menu at The Manticore’s Tavern)



Once you decide on what to serve, you can print off the blank menu below and write in your selections:

Onward menu template Download PDF

Suggested activities

Go on a Quest

Who doesn’t love a treasure hunt? And when you get down to it, quests are kind of like the fantasy version of looking for treasure.

We also love that this is something you could either indoors or out.

If your family is like ours, you probably don’t have a large Phoenix Stone to hide – so you might need to get creative. Plastic Easter Eggs or rocks painted gold or wrapped or Modge Podged in gold paper would be great alternatives to the mystical stone.

When it comes to the map itself, paper bags cut open work great (and they are easy to “age” if you want that authentic look). If you want something larger than a regular sheet of paper, construction paper or even the back of wrapping paper can work, too.

When constructing your map, you should only include the first clue on the map. Subsequent clues are hidden at each location.

If your kids are old enough to do their own, after they complete their quest, ask them to design one for you!

Need more inspiration? Check out these tips for creating an awesome treasure hunt.

Role Playing Games

If your family is big into RPGs (role playing games) you may already have a fun ready-made activity ready to go.

Depending on the game, you may need to set aside a couple hours but role playing games are the perfect activity to pair with this movie.

Onward Coloring and Activity Pages (for older kids)

Disney has put together some fun Onward coloring and activity pages.

There are 2 different sets, with one geared towards slightly older kids.

Both are free – you just have to print them off!

Onward activity page

Download Onward coloring pages

Onward Memory Game and coloring pages (for younger kids)

This set of coloring pages also includes a fun Memory Game that you can print off and play!

Onward memory game

Download Onward Memory game and coloring pages

Want more?

If you’re looking to add a bit more to your family movie night, here are a few ideas.

(Links below pay a commission on purchases made.)

Dungeon Mayhem


Storytime dice


Candy Land

(One of the most basic “quest” games you can play!)

Onward Little Golden book

Onward activity book