Painted medicine bottles = cute coin containers

There are lots of opportunities to use coins at Disney World which has resulted in many people using mini-M&M containers to store quarters and pennies on their trip, including me.

Here are ones I made for a trip we took that included some of our nephews and nieces...

Sorry about the bad image quality
PressedPennyPic3 600x450 - Painted medicine bottles = cute coin containers

The problem with these containers is that they are huge. Each one would require $30-40 in quarters to fill up. That might work for some, but it was more than I ever needed, resulting in stuffing each container with tissue paper to keep the coins from rolling around inside of the containers.

Today, I have a new idea for something smaller that's easy to personalize for your trip...

Using a tutorial I found for organizing cake decorating supplies, I made these bottles for storing coins on our next trip.

paintedbottles - Painted medicine bottles = cute coin containers

Here's the simple process to creating these.

1. Gather medicine bottles

I happen to have a lot of these laying around (don't judge me), but I've read that sometimes pharmacies will give you a couple if you ask.

medicine bottles 600x576 - Painted medicine bottles = cute coin containers

2. Soak them in rubbing alcohol

If you have bottles with labels on them, pour rubbing alcohol in a bowl and submerge your bottle(s) in it for a few hours. The label will peel right off after being soaked for awhile.

Rinse and dry.

3. Spray paint

krylonpaint - Painted medicine bottles = cute coin containersUsing spray paint that works on plastic, spray the bottle(s) and lid(s) in whatever color you like. I used Krylon which is sold at Walmart and home improvement stores.

Use several light layers, allowing for a bit of drying time between each. It took me about 3 coats, especially since the lids had words on them that took some work to get covered.

4. Add stickers

Allow the bottles a day to get really dry and ready to be handled. Add a sticker or several stickers to personalize. Voila!

paintedbottles - Painted medicine bottles = cute coin containers

bottlelids - Painted medicine bottles = cute coin containers

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So where do you carry the coins once they are pressed while you are in the park?

Katharine Moore

Wish I had seen this before I bought and ate 3 containers of mini mms last week. Ok – no I don’t – I enjoyed eating those mms! But I am glad I saw this before decorating the containers! Totally doing these instead!


I LOVE the idea – much better than stuffing the old coin rolls just to carry quarters for toll or whatnot. I almost hate to ask – but why are you carrying coins around WDW? What do you use them for?


Great idea. We had starting saving the M&M
containers but then I started thinking that they would be heavy to
lug around all day. I’ll probably keep them to save the coins in
(kind of like a piggy bank) and then use the medicine bottles while
we’re at Disney. I can’t wait to do this and let my daughters
choose the spray paint color and stickers. Thanks for


LOVE this idea, Shannon! I too have toted those M&M’s containers and they are heavy when filled up ~ this is sure to “lighten the load”. I will definitely try this on our upcoming trip. Thanks for your awesome website 🙂

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