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Is Page to Stage Signature Experience Worth It? (Review & FAQs)

Is Page to Stage Signature Experience Worth It? (Review & FAQs)

Are you a theater lover? Or someone who likes a plussed-up experience?

We recently attended the Page to Stage Signature Experience at Disney Springs. It’s basically a VIP tour for Drawn to Life, the Disney-specific Cirque du Soleil show.

Spoiler alert: We truly enjoyed it. But we don’t think it will be a fit for everyone. Read on for the details and to see if you should add this to your next trip to Disney Springs.

What is Page to Stage Signature Experience?

The Page to Stage Signature Experience is a new offering to plus your visit to Drawn to Life.

With this package, you’ll get:

  • a ticket to the show with premium seating
  • a guided backstage tour for an up close and personal look at show props, stagecraft, costumes, and more
  • a chance to meet a Drawn to Life performer
  • lanyard and souvenir keepsake not available in the store
  • snack and beverage of your choice from the concession stand
VIP tour lanyard for Page to Stage experience

When is Page to Stage Signature Experience available?

Page to Stage is offered for the late showings of Drawn to Life on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

The Friday and Saturday Drawn to Life late shows start at 8 p.m. and the Sunday late shows start at 4 p.m.

The Page to Stage Signature Experience is scheduled to be offered until mid-December 2024.

How much does Page to Stage Signature experience cost?

Tickets are pricey and vary slightly by date. Pricing for children ages 3 to 9 is about $200 per ticket, and for anyone 10 and older about $250. That’s about a $30 up-charge from the highest price adult ticket, and a difference of about $170 compared to the lowest-priced regular Drawn to Life admission.

Page to Stage Discounts

While Annual Passholders, DVC (Disney Vacation Club) members, and D23 members can often save money via discounts for Drawn to Life, no discounts are available for the exclusive Page to Stage Experience.

How to buy tickets

Tickets can be purchased in person via the Box Office at the Cirque du Soleil theater at Disney Springs, or online at the Cirque du Soleil website.

Box office at Cirque du Soleil theater

What can I expect during the Page to Stage Experience?

This is a VIP tour experience and while run by Cirque du Soleil and not Disney, it does have several things in common with a Disney backstage tour.

Small group

The Page to Stage Experience is very limited in capacity with fewer than 10 people for each showtime.

Therefore, the intimate size of the group means that everyone has a chance to ask questions during the tour.

VIP greeting and great seats

Prior to entering the theater, Page to Stage Experience guests have their own check-in line with no wait.

Guest Check In sign for the Page to Stage experience 2024

The seats reserved for the Page to Stage Experience guests are some of the best in the theater. They are in the back row of section 104 and have easy access to the aisles and a wonderful view of the stage.

Stage as seen prior to Drawn to Life show beginning


Included in the price of the experience are one food item and one beverage from the concession stand. Here are the choices:


  • Mickey pretzel
  • Theatre candy
  • Collectible popcorn bucket
  • Cotton candy


  • smartwater
  • Fountain drink
  • Frozen Coca-Cola
Page to Stage Concessions Voucher

And, bonus, no need to wait in the concession line since the tour participants have their own dedicated counter.

The Drawn to Life show

Of course, a major part of the Page to Stage Signature Experience is the Drawn to Life show. Admission is included with the ticket. Check out our full review of Drawn to Life for more info on the show.

Drawn to Life background in theater lobby

The exact show does change over time due to guest feedback and what specific acts from the Cirque team are available.

Touring backstage

The final element of the Page to Stage Signature Experience is the most exclusive – and we think the most interesting and worthwhile – part.

After the show, the tour guide will come to your seats and then lead you and the tour group backstage. From there, you will have the opportunity to meet a performer or two, ask questions, and visit multiple backstage areas.

The heavy duty lift and monitor of stage as seen from backstage Drawn to Life 2024

Read below for what we experienced on our tour.

Page to Stage Signature Experience FAQs

What is the show schedule?

Drawn to Life shows are typically presented 10 times a week – twice daily, Wednesday through Sunday. However, the Page to Stage Signature Experience is offered only during the last shows Friday through Sunday.

So, if you want the VIP experience, you’ll need to look for the 8 p.m. shows on Friday or Saturday or the 4 p.m. show on Sunday.

Page to Stage Signature Experience is slated to last until mid-December 2024.

Check out the full schedule here.

What are the age restrictions?

You can technically buy a Page to Stage Signature Experience ticket for a child as young as 3 years old. However, we wouldn’t recommend that.

Our tour group of eight included seven adults and one child. She was about 7 years old, and she was interested and engaged the whole show and tour.

How long is the experience?

Plan on a total of three hours at the Cirque du Soleil theater.

That includes arriving a half-hour before the scheduled show time, the show itself which is about an hour and 20 minutes, a brief break before the tour, and the backstage tour that lasts about 50 minutes.

Are there special accommodations for disabled guests?

Yes. Guests who are not able to navigate stairs can be accommodated. The staff will need to adjust parts of the tour and, if wheelchair accessible seating is required, will have those reserved.

If you or someone in your party needs those accommodations, first book the Page to Stage Experience and then call 1-877-773-6470.

Page to Stage Signature Experience Review

We enjoyed watching Drawn to Life in the past, so when Disney and Cirque du Soleil announced the new Page to Stage Signature Experience, we added that to our May 2024 Walt Disney World trip.

We purchased tickets online for the 4 p.m. Sunday, May 26, show. The instructions given were to meet the guide at the entrance.

We arrived at the West Side entrance to Disney Springs just before 3:30 p.m. and that proved to be perfect timing. The Signature Experience guide was stationed near the box office, with a purple sign near him.

Shannon meeting our tour guide before Page to Stage Experience

He gave us our VIP lanyards, concession stand voucher, specialty tour pin, and limited edition bag and explained how the afternoon was structured. Bonus, we also were told we could use our lanyards to get 20% off of merchandise in the theater gift shop.

Drawn to Life Page to Stage Signature Experience pin

Just a few minutes later, the doors to the theater opened for all guests. We walked up the stairs to the theater entrance, another staff member scanned our tickets, and we were directed to enter the B door and look for section 104.

Sign announcing theater opening time 2024

We left our bags at our seats and headed to the concession stand to redeem our voucher at the VIP counter.

VIP tour sign at concession checkout area

That meant we had no wait for our peanut M&Ms, Mickey pretzel with cheese, frozen Coca-Cola, and Diet Coke.

Mickey pretzel with cheese, Diet Coke, peanut M&Ms, and frozen Coke

About 3:50 p.m. – 10 minutes prior to the scheduled showtime – the pre-show began. Children in the audience were invited on stage and several performers entertained while the kids were drawing.

I won’t spoil the ending, but the pre-show is not to be missed. (And it’s ok and encouraged to take pictures during the pre-show!)

Pre-show at Drawn to Life Cirque show

The show began promptly at 4 p.m. and lasted about an hour and 20 minutes. Audience members are not allowed to take photos nor videos during the performance. To watch excellence is always awe-inducing, and these performers were excellent.

Our tour group of 8 stayed in our seats after the show and our tour guide, Sam, came to us. We began the tour by walking through the house (seating area of the theater) and walking downstairs backstage to meet two performers.

Shannon and Jennie backstage with two performers from the Drawn to Life show

We were given ample time to ask questions and take pictures and we learned there are 75 artists (performers) from 12 different countries and more than 75 backstage crew that work together to present Drawn to Life 10 shows a week.

Our tour guide led us through hallways and stairways while introducing us to wardrobe (there’s a lot of laundry to do to prepare for each show!) and pointing out the significance of the art and working bulletin boards we passed.

Call board backstage at Drawn to Life 2024

Our group had the opportunity to view props as they are tucked in most every nook and cranny of the relatively small backstage area, including overhead!

Julie's animation satchel prop on backstage desk Drawn to Life 2024

We were encouraged to take as many pictures as we’d like and ask any questions we had.

View of stage and house from backstage Drawn to Life 2024

Our guide stressed the safety aspect of all of the Cirque du Soleil shows, and we were able to see safety items like the harnesses the artists wear and the many markings and nets surrounding the high-powered lifts.

The harnesses of the artists seen backstage Drawn to Life 2024

The tour itself was about 50 minutes. Our guide led us back to the main entrance area and answered any more questions we had.

One of the principles of animation at Drawn to Life 2024

Was it worth it?

For us, yes, it was worth it. We love stage shows. I’m a former theater kid, and getting to spend time speaking with our tour guide and artists while also having so much access to backstage was a thrill.

Is it worth it for every party? Probably not. It’s a 3-hour commitment and pricey. If your main objective is to see Drawn to Life and you aren’t very interested in the backstage elements, we would recommend buying the middle-level priced seats.

Should you try it? If you were planning to buy the best seats anyway for Drawn to Life, want a special experience, or are looking to for a way to add a celebration or gift to your time in Central Florida, then the Page to Stage Experience fits the bill.

Let us know in the comments, have you done the Page to Stage Experience? Is it something you want to add to your next trip to Disney Springs?


Thursday 13th of June 2024

Thanks for sharing - I hadn't even heard of this! I'm doing a Disney trip in September for my anniversary and we're doing mostly non-park time. He loves cirque so I'll have to look at my trip budget and see if I can fit this in!

Sammy J.

Sunday 9th of June 2024

Loved hearing about the Page to Stage experience - it sounds like a dream come true for theater fans like me. Got to wonder though, with everything included, seems like a pretty good deal. Does anyone know if they manage special requests, like anniversaries? Would love to surprise my partner with something like this.

Nikki H.

Sunday 9th of June 2024

I saw the price tag on this Page to Stage experience and almost choked. Looks super cool and all, but geez, do they expect regular folks to afford this? I mean, it’s great that they have discounts, but still seems pricey. Anyone else think it's worth forking over that much dough?

Rob G.

Sunday 9th of June 2024

Totally get where you're coming from, Nikki. I felt the same but decided to splurge for my partner's birthday. Honestly, it was worth every penny for us—truly a unique experience.

Nikki H.

Sunday 9th of June 2024

Thanks, Rob! Good to know it felt worth it. Might have to save up and give it a shot.