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Guide to Disability Access Service (DAS) at Disney World

Guide to Disability Access Service (DAS) at Disney World

Disability Access Service (DAS) is a system that is in place to assist Walt Disney World Resort guests, who, according to the official Disney World website “due to a developmental disability like autism are unable to wait in a conventional queue for an extended period of time”.

The DAS is not a “front of the line” pass, but rather a tool to provide accessibility for those who need accommodation.

Here’s how it works…

Updates to the Disability Access System (DAS)

On April 9, 2024, Disney announced updates to the Disability Access System (DAS) policies and processes. These went into effect May 20, 2024, and the details are available on the official Walt Disney World Disability Access Service website.

Clarifying Eligibility

Unlike the previous policy which didn’t specifically list out what qualifies for DAS, Disney has refined the criteria to specifically include “Guests with developmental disabilities, such as autism, who find it challenging to wait in traditional lines.” According to Disney, this change aims to ensure that the service reaches those for whom it’s most intended.

DAS Registration Updates

Starting May 20 at Disney World and June 17 at Disneyland, the registration process changed.

Registration for DAS is now only via live video chat. This chat can be completed in advance or on the day of arrival. No in-person registration is available. If you need to register the day of arrival and do not have your own device, Guest Relations has an iPad available for guests to use to connect to the live video chat.

Other Important Things to Know

In addition to the elimination of in-person enrollment, the eligibility window for DAS has been doubled from 60 to 120 days, giving guests more time to plan and prepare.

A previous piece of DAS, the DAS Advance pre-selection option, is no longer available.

Another significant update is DAS groups are limited to immediate family or a maximum of four people, ensuring that the service remains focused and efficient for those using it.

How will Disney Accommodate Guests Who No Longer Qualify for DAS?

Guests who need to leave the queue due to attending to a need can reenter the queue with the new Attraction Queue Re-entry (AQR).

Some guests may have qualified in the past for DAS due to conditions like Crohn’s disease or Type 1 Diabetes. With Disney reframing the parameters of DAS, these needs are now accommodated with an Attraction Queue Re-entry.

Here’s how it works: Any guest who is in the standby line and needs to leave the line to attend to a need notifies an attraction Cast Member when leaving the line. The rest of the party remains in line. When the guest who needed to leave returns, they are directed to the Lightning Lane and meet their party at the merge point.

If a guest is alone or with small children and needs to utilize the AQR, the attraction Cast Member may give them a “return to queue” time.

Disney outlines accessing attraction queues here.

How to get a Disability Access Service Pass (DAS) at Disney World Via Pre-Arrival video chat

  1. When you have 30 days or less before your park visit, you can request a Live Video Chat to pre-register for DAS. Things to know about the video chat:
    * Live chat is only available between 7:00 am and 8:00 pm Eastern Time.
    * You will need a Disney account to chat, and if you don’t already have one, you’ll be prompted to register for one.
    * The guest requesting DAS OR their parent/guardian must be 18 years old to register.
    * The guest requesting to use DAS must be present during the video call.
    * The chat is screen reader friendly.
    * At this time, live chat is only available in English.
  2. If the DAS is approved, the person receiving the Disability Access Pass will need to have their photo taken during the chat.
  3. After registration is complete, up to 3 additional guests can then be linked to the pass.
  4. When in the parks, you can make your return time selections inside of the My Disney Experience app.

    Important note: If additional assistance is needed, you can obtain return times directly from a Cast Member at any theme park Guest Relations or Guest Experience team location. You do not need to go to the individual attraction for return times.

    How to Access the DAS Return Time Self-Selection:
    Once you are in the park, open up the My Disney Experience app, tap the menu at the bottom of the screen, then select the Disability Access Service (DAS) button. You can also access the self-selection tool from attraction detail screens.
  5. Return times available will be equivalent to roughly the current standby wait minus 10-15 minutes.
  6. While you wait, you can rest, dine, visit other attractions, etc.
  7. When it is your return time, proceed to the Lightning Lane entrance. The person with the DAS must be the first person to scan their MagicBand or ticket, and everyone from the group – including the person with the DAS – must all enter the ride together.
  8. After you have used that DAS pass, you are eligible to request the next one 10 minutes after tapping into the ride. Simply repeat steps 5-8.
Soarin lightning lane DAS

How to get a Disability Access Service Pass (DAS) On-Site at Guest Relations

  1. Visit one of the Guest Relations locations inside the four main theme parks (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom). The person receiving the DAS must be present.
  2. If you do not have your own device, a Guest Relations cast member will have an iPad for you to connect with the video chat as described above. Follow the same steps as the pre-arrival method.

All four theme parks have Guest Relations locations both inside and directly outside their entrances.

DAS Overview

Eligibility for a DAS pass is based upon a guest’s need, not their diagnosis

Cast Members will not ask for proof of a disability, but will inquire about the types of accommodations you are requesting because of your disability or condition.

The person with the disability must be present to obtain the pass and will have their picture taken.

Guest relations Disability Access Service

The DAS will be added to your My Disney Experience account, and you will be able to access it through the same app you use for Mobile Order and dinner reservations.

You will only need to do this process once as it’s good across parks for the length of your stay, up to 120 days. 120 days of eligibility is also the length for Annual Passholders.

It’s important to note that you can have family members and others traveling with you on the pass as well (up to 4 people total with the exception of immediate family). As long as your party does not exceed the limit, and you are linked together as “Friends and Family” in My Disney Experience, not everyone must be present in person when the pass is obtained.

What happens if you lie?

Disney doesn’t mess around with people that try to game the system by lying about their need for a DAS.

According to Disney:

If Disney determines that any of the statements a Guest made in the process of obtaining DAS are not true, the Guest will be permanently barred from entering Walt Disney World Resort and the Disneyland Resort, and any previously purchased annual passes, Magic Key passes, tickets and other park products and services will be forfeited and not refunded.

DAS Return Times

In most instances, you’ll be able to request your return times inside the My Disney Expeience app. No need to go to the attraction until your return time has been called.

In some instances, like at the parties at Magic Kingdom, you may have to request your return time in person at your attraction. If this happens, you can send a family member to the entrance of the ride you’d like to visit and let the Cast Member know you need a return time using your DAS pass. The person issuing return times will typically be holding an iPad.

Any member of your party can obtain the ride pass; the person with a disability does not have to be present.

Slinky Dog Disability Access

The person with the disability must be with you; you may not use the DAS pass to ride without them.

Your MagicBand or ticket will be scanned when you enter the line.

You will need to wait with other riders in the shortened Lightning Lane line.

Once you are done riding, you may go to other attractions as many times as you wish throughout the day and repeat the procedure.


Can I get my Disability Access Service Pass ahead of time?

Yes you can! All DAS registrations are now done through video chat.

Can I use both Genie+ and DAS?

Yes, you can!

Families that wish to pay for Genie+ and Individual Lightning Lanes are allowed to pair that with DAS.

If you know you are in a situation where you are trying to get as much done as possible in the shortest amount of time, it may help to combine DAS with Genie+ and/or with an additional 1-2 paid attractions so that you can visit more attractions in less time.

This would be especially useful for those families that might tire more easily and need a shortened day at the parks. Or for families where the DAS user will not be riding some of the rides that others in the party will.

What about attractions with a Virtual Queue?

If you are interested in riding an attraction like Guardians of the Galaxy or TRON, you must join the virtual queue. Once your boarding group is called, you will need to see a Cast Member at the attraction for DAS assistance.

What happens if I miss my DAS return time?

Although you can’t be early, your DAS return time does not expire. It will remain active until you use it or until the park closes. However, keep in mind that as long as you have an unused DAS pass on your account, you won’t be able to get a new one.

If you decide that you no longer wish to ride, you will need to ask a Cast Member at an attraction to cancel your return time for you.

Will I be able to use the DAS pass for character meet & greets or for reserved seating for fireworks?

You can definitely use the pass for character meet & greets if they offer a Lightning Lane option. However, the DAS pass can not be used for attractions, entertainment and character meet and greets that do not offer both a standby line AND a Lightning Lane.

There are limited separate areas to view the parades that are available on a first come, first served basis for those using wheelchairs or scooters.

Who can use the DAS pass?

Disney has clarified who can use the DAS and updated their website with the following verbiage:

Disney Parks have an unwavering commitment to providing a welcoming, inclusive environment and accessible experiences for our Guests. DAS is one of the programs offered at Walt Disney World Resort theme parks intended to accommodate only those Guests who, due to a developmental disability like autism or similar, are unable to wait in a conventional queue for an extended period of time.

If your family member needs a scooter or wheelchair or has needs that can be met by using a mobility device, and they do not have any other disability that might hinder them waiting, they are NOT eligible for a DAS pass as the ride lines are accessible.

So if grandma just had knee surgery or Johnny just broke his arm in a baseball game, the DAS pass is not for you.

Tips for using DAS

Try these to get the most of your DAS pass:

  • Make sure you pre-register. Doing that means you won’t spend park time on a video chat.
  • Get a pass as soon as you enter the park for the ride with the longest wait. You can then fill the time with rides with shorter waits or use your a Genie+ selection during that time. Get another one for a ride with a long wait time right before you break for lunch or dinner so meal time will fill up the wait.
  • Remember that there will be at least a short wait even in Lightning Lane line. Be prepared with snacks, or diversions like an iPad. Waits are typically 5-10 minutes, but can be up to 20 minutes.

DAS trip reports


The Disability Access Service isn’t without its critics, but many find that it works well for them.


Monday 18th of September 2023

Hi, I'm new to this I have 1 child with terminal cancer, I have wheelchair ,6 total how does this work. Our plan is to go in Dec.6 2023 for 2 days


Saturday 5th of March 2022

I have been having a difficult time trying to get through live chat to register for DAS. This is my third time trying both previous times I was waiting over 3 hours in the chat for a cast member and eventually had to end conversation. Is the wait time to request a DAS chat with a cast member really that long and is this a typical experience?


Tuesday 15th of March 2022

Yes this is typical. On Friday March 11 and signed on for a chat at 4 pm. I never got through and I closed my browser at 10:30 pm because we were going to bed. I logged back on at 8 am March 12. I signed in on an iPad so I could carry it around the house all day. Someone came on the chat at 2:30 to let me know that I was next so to get my info ready. I then switched to my lap top since it's easier to type on that. They came on the chat about 15 minutes later and we were done with the whole process of video and ride selection in 30 minutes.

nancy alex

Friday 18th of February 2022

can I reserve scooters before the day and do I get them everyday ( we are there 3 days in park kingdom,epcot and hollywood ) we are both seniors and my husband had back surgery 3 months ago could not walk thru the parks. I would appreciate some help in what I should do

Clare W

Sunday 13th of February 2022

My son and I are travelling to WDW next month. He has ADHD and really struggles with waiting in line. We're based in the UK, and when I called to pre-register for DAS I was told that it can only be used for US citizens?! Surely that can't be right? Given that the whole purpose of DAS is to ensure inclusive treatment of guests with additional needs, it seems crazy to exclude non-US residents!


Tuesday 1st of March 2022

I've been told this too by 2 different Disney online castmembers. Surely this amounts to discrimination for out of country guests! I certainly don't want to be standing in line on my 1st day registering in person (when the whole problem is not being able to stand in long lines!) and not being able to take advantage of the 2 per day pre-bookings when I could easily take part in an online pre-registration call and then enjoy the parks from the minute I arrive at my 1st park. Very bad service!!!


Friday 4th of February 2022

My husband and I both have bathroom frequency/incontinence… His due to a back tumor and nerve damage and me to a fourth-degree tear from giving birth. If a long line does not have a bathroom right by, could cause some major issues/embarrassment as I have had bad accidents in stores, at the beach etc. My question is, our family has five of us. We will likely not be splitting up, so do we only need one DAS pass? Or is there some benefit to having two DAS passes? Like would we be able to put each other on our DAS pass to be able to have two different return times? We are going on a very busy weekend unfortunately so I’m afraid our DAS return times are going to be very spaced out

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