Should I get Park Hopper tickets?

Park Hopper tickets are a popular upgrade to the base tickets you can purchase for Walt Disney World but are they always necessary?

We are firm believers that you don't have to buy anything "extra" to have a magical vacation at Disney World. Sometimes it may feel like the only way to have a good time is if you dine at every character meal, go to every dessert party, and purchase every other extra or premium event that Disney offers.

But the truth is that you don't HAVE to do any of those things and even if you choose not to, you'll still have a magical time. Do we like everything we just listed? Yep. They are all fun "extras" but they are just that - extras - and they aren't mandatory.

In addition to all the parties and desserts and princess makeovers, Park Hopper tickets are another extra that you might be considering. For most trips that span 4 or more days they really aren't absolutely necessary. But, depending on your situation they *might* be one splurge that makes sense.

Here are some of the top reasons when we think you should consider buying Park Hopper tickets:

  • If your trip is short and you want to still visit all 4 parks
  • If you are traveling during the holidays (or other super busy time of the year) when you might need to escape to a less busy park
  • If you know you'll want to stay out later so you'll be leaving a park that closes early and heading over to one that is closing later
  • If you are staying at an Epcot area resort (since it is so easy to "hop" over there for dinner or drinks in the evening)

I'm sure there are other reasons that somebody might consider buying Park Hopper tickets but in most instances they definitely aren't a necessity. They are a nice "perk" but not something that should make or break your trip! If you are in doubt, skip them and save the money for something else!

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