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Complete Guide to Walt Disney World Bus Transportation

Complete Guide to Walt Disney World Bus Transportation

There are a lot of things about Walt Disney World that set it apart from other theme parks, but one of the most convenient perks of visiting has to be the Disney bus system.

Offered free of charge, the buses will take you to and from the theme parks and your Disney resort, as well as from park to park when hopping during your stay.

Ready to get going? Read on for our guide to the Walt Disney World bus system.

How the Disney World Bus System Works

Caribbean beach frozen bus at bus stop

Disney’s bus service is the main mode of transportation for anyone trying to get around the entire Walt Disney World Resort area. Buses go just about everywhere on property, including the hotels, theme parks, Disney Springs, and the water parks (though the water parks often do require a transfer).

All guests can use the bus system, not just guests staying onsite. Per Disney policy, anyone visiting the theme parks can leave their cars parked and use a bus to hop to another park, visit a resort, or go to Disney Springs.

And the best part? Using the buses is completely free — all you have to do is hop on.

Looking for more info on getting around Walt Disney World? Make sure to visit our Complete Guide to Disney World Transportation for help!

Disney World Bus Schedule

Theme Parks

In the mornings, Disney buses begin operating approximately 45 to 60 minutes before each theme park opens. They continue running until about one hour after the parks close.

Disney Springs

The WDW bus routes between the resorts and Disney Springs typically start around 45–60 minutes before it opens, and buses will continue to operate until around 12:30 a.m.

How frequently do the Disney buses run?

While frequency can certainly vary no matter what type of Disney park transportation you’re using, you can typically expect that a bus will show up about every 20 minutes.

How to Use Disney World Buses

Finding Bus Stops

Disney bus stops are typically clearly marked and easy to find — after all, they do require a good bit of space!

If you need a little help, the map in your My Disney Experience app can be of service, too. Finding the bus at the park is easy if that’s how you got there, since all you have to do is return to the place where you were dropped off, but at certain resorts, it can be a bit trickier – especially if there are multiple stops.

Here’s what you need to know to find your bus stop anywhere at Disney World:

Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom’s bus stops can be found outside the entrance to the park, near the ferry boat launch.

magic kingdom dropoff and pickup locations


At Epcot, if you’re facing the park entrance, the bus stops will be to the right.

epcot transportation pickup and dropoff locations

Hollywood Studios

The bus stops at Hollywood Studios are found outside of the entrance to the park past the Disney Skyliner station.

hollywood studios parking lot

Animal Kingdom

The bus stops at Animal Kingdom are directly outside of the entrance to the park.

animal kingdom dropoff and pickup locations

Disney Springs

The bus stops at Disney Springs can be found near the Town Center area.

Disney springs transportation map rideshare bus parking lots

Typhoon Lagoon

The bus stop at Typhoon Lagoon is right outside of the entrance to the water park.

Download the PDF

Typhoon Lagoon Map

Blizzard Beach

The bus stop at Blizzard Beach is right outside of the entrance to the water park.

Download the PDF

Blizzard Beach map


  • All-Star Movies Resort: The bus stop at All-Star Movies is right in front of the main building of the resort, Cinema Hall.
  • All-Star Sports: The bus stop at All-Star Sports is right in front of the main building of the resort, Stadium Hall.
  • All-Star Music: The bus stop at All-Star Music is right in front of the main building of the resort, Cinema Hall.
  • Animal Kingdom Lodge: Both Jambo House and Kidani Village offer their own bus stops outside of each building’s main entrance.
  • Art of Animation Resort: The bus stop at Art of Animation is found outside of the main building, Animation Hall.
  • Beach Club and Beach Club Villas Resort: The bus stop at Beach Club and Beach Club Villas is located to the left when you exit the main lobby.
  • BoardWalk Inn & Boardwalk Villas: The bus stop at the BoardWalk Inn and Boardwalk Villas is located right outside of the main entrance.
  • Caribbean Beach Resort: There are eight bus stops at Caribbean Beach:
    • Martinique
    • Old Port Royal
    • Barbados
    • Trinidad North
    • Trinidad South
    • Jamaica
    • Aruba
    • Caribbean Beach Skyliner Station
  • Contemporary Resort & Bay Lake Tower: The bus stop for the Contemporary Resort and Bay Lake Tower is located at the main entrance of the Contemporary.
  • Coronado Springs: There are four bus stops at Coronado Springs, one in each section:
    • Casitas
    • Ranchos
    • Cabanas
    • Grand Destino Tower/El Centro
  • Fort Wilderness Cabins & Campgrounds: The buses at Fort Wilderness run on an internal loop, and it can take longer than other resorts to get to where you’re going. There are three bus lines within the resort: Purple, Orange, and Yellow. All three lines stop at Outpost Depot, where you can take a bus to the theme parks.
  • Grand Floridian Resort and the Villas at the Grand Floridian: The bus stop at the Grand Floridian is right outside of the main entrance to the lobby.
  • Old Key West Resort: There are five bus stops at Old Key West:
    • Peninsular Road
    • Old Turtle Pond Road
    • South Point
    • Miller’s Road
    • Hospitality House
  • Polynesian Village and Polynesian Villas & Bungalows Resort: The bus stop at the Polynesian is right outside of the main entrance to the lobby.
  • Pop Century Resort: The bus stop at Pop Century is right outside of the entrance to the main building, Classic Hall.
  • Port Orleans — Riverside: There are four bus stops at Port Orleans — Riverside:
    • North Depot
    • East Depot
    • West Depot
    • South Depot
  • Port Orleans — French Quarter: There is one bus stop at French Quarter, right outside of the main building.
  • Riviera Resort: The Riviera bus stop is outside of the main entrance, down a covered walkway.
  • Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa: There are five bus stops at Saratoga Springs:
    • The Grandstand
    • The Carousel
    • The Paddock
    • Congress Park (closest to Disney Springs)
    • The Springs
  • Wilderness Lodge: The bus stop at Wilderness Lodge is to the right when you exit the main lobby.
  • Yacht Club Resort: The Yacht Club bus stop is right outside of the main entrance to the lobby.

Tips for Boarding and Seating

  • The bus typically has two sets of doors you can use — one in the front, near the driver, and one towards the middle that’s used for wheelchair boarding. You can also use that rear door for exiting the bus, too.
  • The seats closest to the doors will be the first off the bus. This is good to know if you’re trying to make a mad dash to rope drop, when every second counts.
  • Only a certain number of wheelchairs and/or ECVs will make it onto each bus. Most can accommodate 2 at the same time, so be aware that you may face longer wait times for a bus if you’re using one, especially during busy times.
  • If you’re using a stroller, you will need to fold it before you board the bus.

Finding Bus Times on the My Disney Experience App

One of the perks of using Disney buses is that in recent years, it’s become easier than ever to know when to expect a bus – but only if you’re leaving from your resort.

Resort Bus Wait Times

If you’re leaving from your resort, you can check the video monitors at the Disney bus stops to see what time the next bus to each park should be arriving.

My Disney Experience bus wait times

You can also check My Disney Experience to see bus times from your resort by navigating to your resort on the app, and then click “see bus times.”

Unfortunately, at this time, there’s no way to see bus times from the parks, only to the parks.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Disney Buses

Disney bus


  • If you flew to Florida and you’re staying onsite, you don’t have to worry about the extra expense of renting a car, which is especially helpful if you’re traveling with a child who would need a car seat if you rented a car or used a service like Uber or Lyft.
  • Another Disney bus advantage: If you’re drinking, you don’t have to worry about driving or finding a way back to your resort; the bus will be ready and waiting for you.
  • The buses are so convenient after a long day at the parks when you’re tired and don’t want to drive, and may of them also have charging ports and wifi.


  • The major downside is that there can be long lines and no available seats during busy travel times like just before park open and after fireworks/around park closing.
  • Some resorts have multiple bus stops, which can extend travel time.

Tips and Tricks for Disney Buses

  • If you’re hoping to avoid bus crowds at Disney, you’ll want to make sure you’re traveling outside of peak times. If you’re heading out to the parks, mornings are typically the busiest, and you may end up waiting for more than one bus to come before you’re able to board. To combat that, you’ll want to head out extra early (at least an hour before park open, if not sooner) or late — by 10 or 11 a.m., those lines should be looking a lot shorter.
  • Conversely, leaving the parks, the buses are always going to be crowded around the time that fireworks end (if you’re at Magic Kingdom) and around park closing. Your best bet is to head for the bus about an hour before closing to avoid the masses.
  • If you’re planning to watch fireworks at Magic Kingdom, you may have luck making a late dinner reservation after fireworks or grabbing a snack and hanging out as the crowds leave, and then heading to the bus.
  • Planning to travel during the busiest times of the year, like around the holiday season? You’ll want to give yourself extra time, because getting from point A to point B — and scanning into the park — is bound to take longer than usual (especially if you’re visiting the week of Thanksgiving or the weeks of Christmas and New Year’s).
  • If you’re planning to return to your resort after park closing, be aware that buses typically run until one hour after park close, and even later on nights where holiday parties or After Hours events are being held at the parks.
  • The absolute best Disney bus hack is planning ahead. A trip to Disney World can be chaotic in the absolute best way, but that means it’s easy to get off track or leave the hotel room later than you intended. Give yourself plenty of extra time to get where you need to go!

Disney Bus FAQs

Got questions about using the Disney World buses? We’ve got answers!

How often do Disney buses run?

Disney buses run about every 20 minutes, though sometimes there may be delays, especially during busier times of the year.

Do Disney buses go to all the parks?

Yes. A bus will take you from your resort or from another park to Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom, along with Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach (with a transfer). However, buses at Disney Springs will only take you to the resorts, not the parks.

Are the buses free?

Buses are free for anyone at Disney World to use, even those who aren’t staying at a resort.

Can I take a bus directly from one park to another?


Can I take a bus from Disney Springs to a park?

Nope! You’ll have to go to a resort first and then transfer to a park bus there.

Do I have to fold my stroller?

Yes. Unlike when you board the monorail or the Skyliner, you do have to fold your stroller in order to ride a Disney bus.

Do Disney buses accommodate wheelchairs?

Yes. Each Disney bus can accommodate two wheelchairs or ECVs.

Is there bus service during Early Theme Park Entry?

Yes. Buses will begin running about 45-60 minutes before Early Theme Park Entry begins.

Is there bus service for events like Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party, and After Hours?

Yes. Buses will be running until about an hour after the event comes to an end.

How late do buses run after the parks close?

Buses run until about an hour after the parks close.

Can I track bus arrival time?

Yes — kind of! If you’re leaving from a Disney resort, you can see your bus’ approximate arrival time on the monitors by the bus stop or using your My Disney Experience app, but you can’t track the bus in real time, and you can’t track wait times if you are at a park waiting for a bus there.

Are there buses to non-Disney hotels?

If you’re staying off property, some non-Disney hotels will offer their own shuttle service, but those are separate from Disney’s buses. Ask your hotel for details about shuttle times and where pick up and drop off will be at each park.

Can I take a Disney bus to the airport?

Not anymore. While Disney once offered the complimentary Magical Express service, it ended in 2022.

What do I do if a bus is full?

If a bus is full, you’ll have to wait for the next one — usually around 20 minutes.

Can I bring food and drinks on a bus?

Food and beverages (like your morning coffee) are allowed on the bus, but you’ll definitely want to use caution here! You may not want to bring any food that’s going to make a mess, and it’s not the ideal place to eat, either — many times, you’ll be in very close quarters.

Are pets allowed?

Pets are not allowed on Disney buses or at the Disney theme parks. Service animals are allowed to accompany their owners.

Alternatives to Disney Buses

Monorail epcot flower and garden festival

Aside from the buses, there are a few Disney transportation alternatives that will help you get around the parks and resorts:


Guests staying at a resort on the monorail can use it to get to both Magic Kingdom and Epcot. Those resorts include the Contemporary, the Grand Floridian, and the Polynesian. If you’re visiting one of the parks or resorts mentioned above, you’re also free to use it to get to anywhere on the WDW monorail service line. The monorail also goes to the Transportation and Ticket Center, where you will use it (or the ferry) to get to and from Magic Kingdom.

Disney Skyliner

The Disney Skyliner is one of the newer additions to the Disney transportation line up. With stations at Caribbean Beach, Pop Century, Riviera, and Art of Animation, guests can use the Skyliner to get to Hollywood Studios and the International Gateway entrance of Epcot (near World Showcase). Some guests prefer the Disney Skyliner vs. the bus because it offers a scenic view and can sometimes be faster than the buses are


Every park except for Animal Kingdom also offers boat transportation that will take you to certain parks and resorts. The Friendship Boats have stops at Epcot, Hollywood Studios, Yacht & Beach Club, the BoardWalk, and Swan & Dolphin. There are also boats that travel along the Bay Lake area, stopping at Magic Kingdom, Fort Wilderness, the Grand Floridian, the Polynesian, and Wilderness Lodge. A separate boat route travels between the Contemporary, Fort Wilderness, and Wilderness Lodge.

If you’re staying in the Disney Springs area, you’ll have access to the Sassagoula River Cruise. This boat has stops at Port Orleans (both Riverside and French Quarter), Old Key West, Saratoga Springs, and Disney Springs.

Walking Paths

Though less common, there are a few walking paths that will get you to different parks and resorts, but some of the walks take longer than others. For example, you can walk from the Contemporary to the Magic Kingdom in a matter of minutes, but if you’re following the path that goes all the way around from the Polynesian (running through the Grand Floridian along the way), it’s going to take a bit longer.

Guests staying at the Yacht & Beach Club, the BoardWalk, and the Swan & Dolphin are able to walk to Hollywood Studios and Epcot. There’s also a walking path between Saratoga Springs and Disney Springs.