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Epcot maps

There are 2 main sections of Epcot, each with its own park entrance. You’ll need to learn how the park is arranged to maximize your time there.

Get some Epcot maps to help you during your trip.

Disney’s official Epcot park map

When you enter Epcot, you can pick up a park map on your way in, or…

…you can download one before your trip to study how it’s all laid out before you get there.

Download the PDF

Epcot Guide Map
Epcot Guide Map

Shortcut Epcot maps

Navigating between the 2 main sections of Epcot is a necessity to cover the whole park (and a reason you will usually rack up so many steps here!), but thankfully there are a couple of shortcuts to make it a little easier.

Shortcut from The Land to World Showcase

There’s a main pathway that connects Future World and World Showcase, but if you’re on the side near The Land, it’s easier to take the side path to get there.

Shortcut from Test Track to the Mexico pavilion

Over on the other side of the park, there’s a side path that connects the areas near Test Track and the Mexico pavilion.

This path follows the front of Odyssey Center building which happens to have both indoor and outdoor restrooms as as well as the Epcot Experience if you want to visit those along the way.

Epcot Transportation Map

There are a few ways to get to Epcot, including the Skyliner and Monorail.

Here’s a handy transportation map that will show you where those are located:

epcot transportation pickup and dropoff locations

Get more info on Epcot

To learn more about Epcot, be sure to check out our Complete Guide to Epcot which includes info on parking, rides, when to visit, touring plans, dining, navigation, and special events.