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The Painted Panda Menu, Prices, & Review (2024 Festival of the Arts)

The Painted Panda Menu, Prices, & Review (2024 Festival of the Arts)

The Painted Panda in the China pavilion is a popular food studio – but we never really understand why. The lines here are always so darn long, but the prices are high and the food and drinks aren’t the best.

This year, we found the drinks to be slightly less off-putting than previous years, so I guess that is a positive.

The Painted Panda booth items

As for the food, it just is…not great. “A” for presentation, but for flavor or even temperature (some things that were supposed to be hot were served to us barely thawed), we have to give it a “D”.

Read on for more details:


  • Location: In the China pavilion
  • Nearby booths: El Artista Hambriento, Refreshment Outpost
  • Nearby seating areas: A few high top tables nearby
  • Not to miss in 2024: Black and White Bubble Tea and Silk River Hard Lemonade
  • Total booth cost: $68.25

The Painted Panda Booth Menu

The Painted Panda booth menu


GF = gluten friendly, PB = plant-based, KF = kid friendly


When it comes to our reviews and ratings, we thought it would be helpful if you had a better understanding of our personal preferences (what we like and don’t like), along with if there are any dietary restrictions.

Here’s a breakdown of not only who is doing the reviews, but a little more information about what each of us likes and doesn’t like food and drink-wise.

Shannon (Founder)

  • Likes: Almost everything
  • Dislikes: Beers that taste “stinky,” anything too salty
  • Dietary Restrictions: None

Heather (Editor)

  • Likes: Strong flavors, anything made out of potatoes, white wines, all beers (especially stouts and wheat beers), doesn’t mind sweet (plain fruit is NOT a dessert. Ever.)
  • Dislikes: Things that are too spicy, anything with a bone still in it, cocktails with too much whiskey or tequila (thanks to having too much fun in college), some red wines, most IPAs
  • Dietary Restrictions: Shellfish allergy

Felicia (Content Manager)

  • Likes: Mezcal, savory drinks, stouts/lagers/wheats/sour beers, vinegar, tart/sour items, chocolate, fresh vegetables and fruits, red meat
  • Dislikes: Ciders, sweet drinks, anything milky or creamy, chili powder, cumin, weirded out by textures, mayonnaise, saucy/wet food, cream-filled pastries, artificial fruit flavors, cooked fruits, frozen items (drinks or ice cream)
  • Dietary Restrictions: None

Photos & Reviews

General Tso’s Chicken Shumai

General Tso’s Chicken Shumai.

General Tso's Chicken Shumai photo
  • Price: $10.75
  • Special Diets: N/A
  • Rating: 2.0/5

Our Thoughts

Shannon: Not bad. Good portion. Slight kick to the flavor.
Heather: Holy crap this is cold. Is it supposed to be? Idk. But the cold is off putting and makes the dough so chewy.
Felicia: Don’t taste General Tso in this, but has a very slight spice to it. Kind of just taste meaty. Decent size I guess?

Char Siu Pork Bun

Steamed barbecue pork bun.

Char Siu Pork Bun photo
  • Price: $8.50
  • Special Diets: N/A
  • Rating: 2.3/5

Our Thoughts

Shannon: Good portion, but hard to cut, sauce is way too sweet, and filling lacks flavor.
Heather: It is extra sweet and has that greasy flavor pork sometimes can have.
Felicia: Super dry bun and the pork tastes like BBQ pork (with an extra sugary BBQ sauce). It’s not terrible but not great.

Sesame Balls

Sesame Balls with Red Bean Paste.

Sesame Balls photo
  • Price: $7.25
  • Special Diets: N/A
  • Rating: 2.0/5

Our Thoughts

Shannon: Ratio of sesame outer vs filling felt a little too heavy on the outside, but the flavors aren’t too bad.
Heather: Difficult to eat, the paste is bland, and the ball is super chewy.
Felicia: Tastes like chewy dough with sesame seeds and odd shots of sugar.

Black and White Bubble Tea

Black and White Bubble Tea with Black Tea, Milk, Chocolate and Black & White Boba Pearls.
This is non-alcoholic.

Black and White Bubble Tea photo
  • Price: $8.75
  • Made with alcohol? No
  • Rating: 3.7/5

Our Thoughts

Shannon: Didn’t mind this at all. Great portion and loved the Oreos on top. Good non-alcoholic option for chocolate lovers.
Heather: Tasty bubble tea in a cute presentation! I love the Oreos on top.
Felicia: Nothing about this is for me – I don’t like milky things, I don’t like sweet drinks, and I don’t like boba exploding in my mouth. But, even with all of those elements, I recognize this is a perfectly fine drink for people who like that. Tasted like chocolate milk to me but has adorable Oreo Mickey ears. Didn’t taste the tea. Good value on the DDP.

Lucky Foo Pale Ale

This is an Asian-style lager brewed in Florida.

Lucky Foo Pale Ale photo
  • Price: $5.50 (6 oz.) / $9.75 (12 oz.)
  • Made with alcohol? Yes
  • Rating: 3.0/5

Our Thoughts

Shannon: Not a great ale. Lots better options available in Epcot.
Heather: Citrusy hop flavor, not too heavy and a decent ale choice if that is what you are looking for.
Felicia: It’s a fine pale ale. Slightly hoppy and not too bitter. It’s meh.

Silk Road Hard Lemonade

Cocktail made with with Vodka, Lavender-Coconut Syrup and Lemonade.

Silk Road Hard Lemonade photo
  • Price: $13.75
  • Made with alcohol? Yes
  • Rating: 3.7/5

Our Thoughts

Shannon: Pink sugar rim and pink drink are cute. Didn’t hate the flavor, but it’s artificially sweet.
Heather: Super refreshing, sweet without feeling like you’re being assaulted by alcohol. I enjoy the lavender coconut notes!
Felicia: Hints of pineapple, nice crunch and sweetness from the sugar rim, and it’s absolutely adorable and sparkly. These sort of drinks aren’t my thing, but I think this is overall a good mix of being tasty and interesting while also being pretty and sparkly.

Butterfly Blue

Butterfly Pea Flower-Infused Cocktail with Vodka, Light Rum, Lychee Syrup and Magic Boba Pearls.

Butterfly Blue photo
  • Price: $13.75
  • Made with alcohol? Yes
  • Rating: 3.0/5

Our Thoughts

Shannon: Beautiful drink and good size, but really awful combos of flavors. Like gasoline or something?
Heather: Honestly if you love a sweet cocktail you will likely love this. It isn’t my favorite, but I’m giving it a 4 because I recognize it will appeal to a lot of people
Felicia: Giving it this rating for cuteness and for not being offensive in the mouth. But it’s rather sweet. Not a bad deal overall, though.

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