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April day 2 – Universal Studios

Amber Leonard

Wednesday 14th of April 2021

We had 2 Disney trips planned for Spring/early Summer 2020 that were cancelled. We rescheduled our 2nd trip for the first week of July hoping that WDW would reopen in time for our trip dates. It did not, and we could not push the trip out later, so we opted to go ahead and travel to Orlando and visit Universal instead. We also went back on a Universal/Disney combo trip in February 2021 and these are 2 tips I’ve learned from these 2 trips. 1. Take a collapsible backpack so it will fit in the smaller, free lockers. The thinness of the backpack allows you to shift the contents to fit in the locker. They are very long, just not wide or tall, so the collapsible backpack will fit with a little jostling. 2. I traveled with a friend and my 2 children. Both of us adults were able to grab Hagrid’s virtual line passes for time frames that followed each other, so we would both book them and ride back to back. It’s not like Rise where you are selecting the boarding group for specific people. Hagrid’s is for a specific number. This allowed us to ride on this amazing ride twice each time and we would not retrieve our backpacks from the lockers until after the 2nd ride. We rode Hagrid’s 7 times in 4 days. The first night we rode right at closing which is the only reason we did not get 2 passes.