16 Magic Kingdom fonts (and they’re all free)

(Article last checked: April 11, 2016)

I'm appealing to your creative side today and have gathered 16 different free fonts for you to use.

A lot of people use the basic Walt Disney font (you can get the Waltograph font here) but for a little extra credit, you can get even more specific and use some of the fonts from each park, the lands within each park and/or from the rides themselves.

These are great for scrapbookers as well as anybody wanting to do a Magic Kingdom-inspired DIY project because they saw it on Pinterest. (I'm super jealous of all of the people doing awesome Disney projects with die cut machines - need to get one of those ASAP.)

There are fonts from each of the lands in Magic Kingdom as well as many of the well-known attractions.

I've created an image to show you what each font looks like and you can download them in a zip file at the download link.

(Download file and instructions at the bottom of the page)

How to install fonts

  1. Save the zip file to your computer
  2. Unzip the file
  3. On a PC, highlight all of the fonts and right-click and choose "Install." On a Mac, drag each of the files to your font folder or double-click and follow the prompts to install.

 Download all 16 fonts (zip file)

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36 Comments on "16 Magic Kingdom fonts (and they’re all free)"

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when i click the link it doesnt go anywhere 🙁

These fonts can be downloaded to my Mac wout fear of malware or viruses?

Is there a list to match the font name to the part of the park? I’m a nerd and I have a spreadsheet for the others I’ve downloaded – especially all the princess-y ones that are somewhat similar and the ones where the name simply does not make it easy to guess.

it says page not available?

Hi! Thanks for the free font downloads! I am having though, one issue: The BubbaLove-Bold that is the font for Tomorrowland is giving me some problems. When I go to type a word, it chooses its own letters and I end up getting giberish. Can you help?

Thanks so much!

Those are great Walt Disney World fonts, wish there was more free Disney Park fonts like the Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, Crystal Palace poster one, Buena Vista Street poster one, Tokyo Disneyland, Seven Dwarf Mine Train, New California Adventure poster one, Fantasmic and Festival of Fantasy Parade poster one.

Thank you!!!!! You are a magical wish maker lol

P.S. I never knew about the right-click and install feature! :O
I always just installed them the long way by going to C:/Windows/Fonts lol Thank you for that too!!!

Thanks. Just what I was looking for 🙂

Do you have the font that is used on the back of ear hats called “Basic”? It is a font that looks like handwriting, but kind of sloppy. Thanks!

Amazing!!! Thanks!

I have found that when I download the fonts, my computer (I have a Macbook air) it won’t let me use them in google docs, any suggestions?

Thanks for the step by step instructions!

Thank you!

If you have an Adobe product or an equivalent software, you should add the fonts to that software’s Fonts folder. Too many installed fonts will slow down your computer.

For Adobe on Windows the path is:

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Fonts
(If the ‘Fonts’ folder isn’t there, you can create a new one.)

Thanks so much! Awesome!

Working on a scrapbook page for a tinkerbell birthday party (with one of those fancy cutting machines – lol). This is exactly what I needed! Thanks so much!

I’m looking for the font used on the Silly Symphony Swings. Can anyone help with this?

How cool is this! The perfect treat for a lazy Sunday morning.


I know this is a long shot- but did you ever find the silly symphonies font?

P.S. I was able to figure out how to get the little Mickey Mouse head symbol from the Waltograph font. You type in the ` key which is the key right before the number 1. My computer defaulted to Times New Roman to show the symbol ` . After you type that symbol, you can highlight it and change the font back to Waltograph UI to get the Mickey head.

On the Disney font, Waltograph, there is the little Mickey Mouse head symbol; I can’t figure out what to type to get that. (I did get all the above fonts loaded; THANK YOU! I just can’t figure the symbol part of the Waltograph font out.)

I am painting a quilt square to put on our barn. Is it “legal” to put an upper case Disney “D” in the center of it? I don’t want to do anything wrong. If I need permission to do this, where do I obtain that permission?
Thank you!

I cannot get it to open up for use after it is downloaded.

Ok, now I understand.

Love these fonts!! What are your rules for commercial use?



Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Tinkerbell is working on some “Extra Magic” notes and these fonts are very helpful…She thanks you too!!

Downloaded! Thank you for sharing! :o)

how do you download? im having lots of trouble 🙁

I am having a ton of issues too 🙁 help!

Very fun, thanks!

Love this! Thanks so much! Do you know if there are fonts available for EPCOT, Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios or the resorts?

Ahhhhh!!! I would LOVE to have these fonts!!!-Sadly, I have an “IPad” 🙁 Do you know if there is a way to download them for use on an IPad?

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