Prepping for a Disney trip at The Dollar Tree

by Shannon Albert 89 comments Like the Facebook page

headerdollartreeI once had a friend who said she had never been inside a dollar store. I'm not even sure how we stayed friends.

OK, some of the dollar stores are a little dirty. A little trashy.

But have you been to The Dollar Tree? It's like the Neiman Marcus of the dollar stores. They're usually clean, organized and they have lots of great stuff to pick up before your Disney World trip.

I recently visited and here's what I found...

One of their newest items is these Disney sandwich bags.

Super cute to put some snacks into or maybe some crayons to throw into a backpack for the plane. There's a space to write on the bag ("personalize your bag" the box says) and they come in 3 different varieties.


This is what the bags look like...


Then we have glow stick palooza over here.

I buy a LOT of these and give some out along the Magic Kingdom parade route in the evening. They don't cost much but kids love them. Buying glow toys at Disney World costs about a bajillion times as much (rough estimate).


When you're looking for some things to put into the kids' backpacks to keep them busy, here are some fun ideas for things you might include...

Disney-themed yo-yos, tops, paddle balls, stamps...


I bet you can't guess what these are...


2 headed crayons...


Chalkboards and paddle balls. People on the plane would LOVE it if you were paddle balling in your seat I bet...


Even more glow sticks. Is this where people shop before going to a rave?

Are raves still a thing?


Pop up hampers. They fold flat in your suitcase but then they, uhhh, pop up. Great way to collect dirty clothes in your room and stay organized.


When I created the gigantic packing list, I had some people suggest that these should be on it for hanging up wet things to dry....


And, of course, rain ponchos for the daily rains and riding Kali River Rapids...


Brightly colored bandanas to tie onto your rental stroller to make it stand out in the sea of strollers...


Liquid soap for your hotel room since only bar soap is provided.

Many people asked why I put this on the packing list. Bar soap doesn't work well when you wear contacts, plus you can use liquid soap for washing dishes, swimsuits in the sink, etc.


A Disney-themed nightlight for little ones (and me) who like having a light on....


Movie theater-sized boxes of candy. Fun to put in a backpack to enjoy on the trip to Disney World...


And then there's the magic towels which expand into small washcloth-ish towels. Available in lots of characters...


And pick up some classy ocean-themed home decor while you're at it.


Or not.

Dollar Tree also sells even more Disney stuff online. You can have it shipped for cheap plus you can have stuff sent to the store closest to you for free.