Build your own Disney theme park-style buttons

When you go to a Disney theme park, you can get a few buttons for free from the resorts and guest services.

There are options for people on their 1st visit, celebrating a birthday, just married, etc.

But what if you're celebrating something else?

I've got templates in Microsoft Word, Photoshop and Gimp to help you build your own.

Let's take a look...

Available at the theme parks:


And now you can use the ones that I've designed to build your own.

Here are the components of each design. You'll use each piece to build your own button. I've provided some images of each of these elements and you can also make your own.

Piece #1 - the background circle

The background of the button is a texture or pattern that shows behind the "window" at the top of each button. Here are the ones I've included:

bluecircle castlecircle confetticircle movementlinescircle

pinstripescircle redwhitestripecircle sunrayscircle turquoisecircle watercircle

Piece #2 - the outer ring

Now let's layer a ring on top of our circle to form the outer boundary of the button.

blackring darkredring greenring multicoloredring

orangering purplering royalbluering starsring

turquoisering yellowring

Piece #3 - the character, symbol or sign

This is the layer that appears at the top of the button. Most of my examples are characters but it could be whatever you want. Insert this layer and have it overlap the outer ring a bit to give a bit of a 3D effect.

arielflounder graduatemickey graduationcap groupofcharacters

mickeyrunner mickeysalute relaxedmickey starofdavid

thumbsup wdwsign

Piece #4 - the bottom button section

Now it's time to lay the bottom button on top of the other layers (it'll often overlap the character or symbol as well).

blackbuttonbottom greenbuttonbottom greybuttonbottom lightbluebuttonbottom

orangebuttonbottom purplebuttonbottom redbuttonbottom royalbluebuttonbottom

turquoisebuttonbottom yellowbuttonbottom

Piece #5 - add some text

The last piece is the text layer which says what you're celebrating.

The final product


Programs to use

Now that you know the pieces that go into each button, I've provided files in 3 formats - Microsoft Word, Gimp and Photoshop.

Microsoft Word
This version has the Word document with all of the buttons already created for a 2 1/2 inch button. You may have to adjust according to whatever button size you're using.

Included in this zip file: Word document, Mouser font (install before opening the Word document), folder of circle images, folder of outer rings and a folder of the bottom button sections.

Download the Word version

This version has the Photoshop file which contains all of the elements in layers, plus the Mouser font which you should install.

Download the Photoshop version

This has the Gimp file and Mouser font. Be sure to install the font before using the file. (Note: the text doesn't work along a path in this document because I couldn't get it to work for some reason. If you can figure it out, let me know and I'll update this file with the text working along a path.)

Download the Gimp version

The buttons

You can pick up button kits at craft stores like Michael's and online on I've seen them in 2.25 inch, 2.5 inch and 2.75 inch sizes.


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I love these and have an upcoming trip and would love to make some!! But I am wondering how people get the mickey head icons in the outer ring?? Can anybody help me?


My daughter is competing in a soccer tournament at WDW over Thanksgiving. Any chance you could add a soccer Mickey?


I don’t understand how to do it. I’m sorry I’m not very tech-savy but we are going to Disney in Sept and I’d love to be able to make these for our trip! Can you possibly help me?

You’re a life saver! Love this post! What font for the buttons!!!


is it possible that you add another button sheet for download?? Or some more characters?? We all love the designs


How do I get the font in the bottom??? I downloaded the word version


Thank you SO much for these amazing templates! I wanted to make buttons for my little sister’s graduation and your generosity saved me so much time (and it looks SO much better!).

These are great templates that took a lot of work. Thanks for sharing them.

I have already thought of a bunch of new button ideas based on your templates.

Thanks again.

Maria Santos

These are awesome! Thanks for putting this together. By chance, have you added new characters that we can use?


The font doesn’t include apostrophes. Also, the [ ] brackets come out as the { } brackets, and when you type the { } brackets, there’s nothing. Also, no ^ or ”
BASICALLY there are important symbols missing. No apostrophes or quotation marks.


I found a different font that’s nearly identical that has what’s missing from mouser. It’s called Kabel. Just wanted to share incase anyone else wanted to know.

Amber Wilson

How do you make the shape for the bottom of the button I have downloaded the template but I want to change the colors and can’t figure out how to do it!

Erick S

Thank you so much for these templates! Became a first time Annual Passholder back in August and wanted to make “Passholder” buttons to wear whenever I go to the park and these were amazing. By chance, where did you get the character images from? I’ve searched the internet for disney characters that don’t have a background and couldn’t find anything that would fit into the buttons. Again, thank you so much!!

James Lowe

Do you have any “Thank You For Your Service” Disneyland Button designs?
A group of us want to design a button saying “We Support the Disneyland Flag Retreat Ceremony”?

Faith H

What Photoshop are you using? I can’t get these designs to come up in my Word program, so I tried my PrintArtist but can’t get it there either. Finally downloaded a trial of Photoshop and it won’t open in that either :(.

Faith H

I think I figured it out….still can’t get it to open in Photoshop Elements, not sure what it’s doing. But I’m able to work them in to my current photo editing software so looks like it’ll work. Thank you so much for posting these 🙂


Hi Shannon, Love, love, love the designs. Am trying to make one. I downloaded the Word version but can’t put the pieces together. I am trying to do copy and paste. What am I doing wrong? Please help. Would love to make buttons for my daughters. Thanks. Pam


I’ve used the word version too. Can you explain the layering???


I’m also having trouble with the word version… I’m using copy and paste but it’s not layering, and when I paste the button size is huge!! Help!!


Hey Shannon! Could you recommend how I’d print these buttons? I have quite a few designs already but I don’t know on what type of paper to print it on or what size to make it :/ Any help would be appreciated!

Melissa B

Hey I love the buttons! My husband just came home from overseas and we are going in December. The only question I have is with the Word Document. I downloaded everything but the bottom part of the button doesn’t seem to be in the downloads. Is there another file I am supposed to download?

These are great. Thanks so much. I’d love to see some cruise themed ones. I don’t think they give them out anymore, but they did at one time. Going on cruises in December and March and these would make great treats for my family and friends going with us.

Ana Hernandez - Mexico!

Love your website! My brother and I are going next Christmas to DW so i’m trying to get the most from your saving tips!! About the buttons, how do i get the ‘My magical triumph’ one? I’m making some of our own with your suggestions above but we are also celebrating two big achievements! So how or where can i get those too? Thanx!! 🙂


I received my My Magical Triumph button for overcoming cancer!

These are more rare than the others, and a lot of cast members are unaware of their existence.


These are awesome…..Thank you for the extra magic!! And all the great information on your site/podcasts. You are making my planning for my 1st trip easy/fun. 🙂

Maria P.

This is a great idea! Those a quite coveted buttons.
I live in California, and when we visited the new Carsland at Disney’s California Adventure, they were giving cool Cars buttons, too…

Ashley K

What a wonderful idea Shannon! Thanks so much for this.


got any for Autism?? I usually put my son in a shirt with Stitch on it that says “What is my Autism showing?” that way adults read it then go about their fun & don’t worry about us – I did laugh at one boy who read it and asked his mom how come he has it too

Callie S

They actually don’t give out the “Just Engaged” buttons anymore. I think they stopped around early 2013. 🙁 you can order them places online though if people have stocked up on them!

Misty Ehret


I would love to have one with Stitch on it that says Stroke Survivor for my daughter when we go to Disney in November.

my email is [email protected]

Thanks a million


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