2 custom Disney World itinerary templates

by Shannon Albert 43 comments Like the Facebook page

Parents spend a lot of time planning their family's Disney World trips and hopefully eventually arrive at a plan for their vacation. If your kids are like mine, they want to know what to expect during their trip.

I've designed two templates to help you do that in a fun way.

Here's how you use them.

There are two different options available:

GIMP format

GIMP is free software that does almost everything that Photoshop does but without the $700 price tag. You can download it from GIMP.org.

Like Photoshop, GIMP works in layers so every element of the image can be edited or deleted plus you can add new layers to customize the graphic for your trip.

Here's how this template looks:

Fonts used in this file:

Download GIMP file (22 MB)

Microsoft Word format

I also created a Microsoft Word itinerary that should be easy to use.

Here's how this template looks:

Some tips:

  • When pasting your own image into this file, right-click it, choose Format Picture, go to the Layout tab and pick "In front of text" as your option. This will allow you to move images around as needed.
  • There are many shapes used and each can be changed to a new shape, filled with a new color and have the border customized.
  • If you print this file and want the background color to show up, you'll need to go into the printer options and check the box that says "print background colors and images."
  • Fonts used in this file: Gill Sans Ultra Bold, Gill Sans MT, Walt Disney Script v4.1, Calibri and Tw Cen MT Condensed Extra Bold.


Questions or comments on how the templates works? Talk about it in the comments.