What is “rope drop” and should I do it?

Ahhh Rope Drop.

Sweet, sweet, Rope Drop.

Rope Drop happens every morning at all of the parks at Walt Disney World.

Simply put, "Rope Drop" is when the park officially starts letting guests onto the attractions - not when they let people into the park.

All the parks start letting guests into the park BEFORE Rope Drop so if you want to be at the "front of the pack" as guests head towards their first attraction you're going to want to get to the parks at a minimum of 30 minutes BEFORE the park opens.

And, honestly, 30 minutes makes me nervous. I'm more of a "get in line at least 45 minutes before the park opens" kind of gal.

It isn't an exaggeration that a few minutes can make all the difference.

Even showing up a few minutes later can mean longer lines to park, longer lines at security, longer lines at the turnstiles - and all those longer lines outside the park mean you'll be standing in longer lines INSIDE the park.

Check out an overview of how the Magic Kingdom opening procedure works.

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