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2023 Epcot Holiday Cookie Stroll (Festival of the Holidays)

2023 Epcot Holiday Cookie Stroll (Festival of the Holidays)

As big admirers of all things Epcot, we can hardly contain our excitement when it comes to the Epcot Holiday Cookie Stroll. Happening during the International Festival of the Holidays, we appreciate how easy and low-cost (relatively speaking, of course) it is to join in.

Here’s how it works, including Cookie Stroll locations and the prize for completing in 2023.

What is the Cookie Stroll?

Simply put, the cookie stroll is like a culinary quest for people who love sampling all sorts of different cookies!

It is basically just a little add-on you can choose to do if you plan to spend some time sampling the food at the Festival of the Holidays booths. It isn’t free (you have to pay for the cookies), but if you complete it, you do receive a prize. It is sort of like a “buy 5 cookies, get one free” kind of deal.

Maybe it is because we are fans of anything that involves a checklist, but the Cookie Stroll gives us the perfect itinerary for exploring the festival kitchens. It’s this blend of structured adventure, festive charm, and delicious indulgence that makes the Cookie Stroll a must-do for us whenever we get the chance to visit Epcot over the holidays.

How does the Cookie Stroll work?

If you want to participate in the Epcot Cookie Stroll, you’ll need to grab a Festival of the Holidays Passport first. They are free and available all around the park, including at both park entrances (the front and the International Gateway) and at most booth locations, too. You can also often find them at the checkouts of merchandise locations as well.

festival of the holidays passport

Once you have your Passport, turn to the page with the Cookie Stroll info. In 2023, that’s page 32.

cookie stroll festival of the holidays

There you’ll see the list of qualifying menu items and their locations. The little icon next to the cookie is representative of the stamp you’ll receive after you purchase it.

Then, all you need to do is head out and purchase 5 of the Holiday Cookie Stroll cookies. Don’t forget to get a stamp when you do because to officially finish this quest, you’ll need to show your completed passport at the Holiday Sweets and Treats Festival Kitchen to receive your prize.

sweets and treats festival of the holidays booth

2023 Epcot Holiday Cookie Stroll Locations

Here’s where you can find each of the 8 cookies eligible for the Holiday Cookie Stroll. Remember, you only need 5 to finish (but, we won’t judge you if you decide to go ahead and get all 8!):

Bavaria Holiday Kitchen

  • Location: Germany pavilion
  • Cookie: Linzer Cookie
  • Price: $3.00

American Holiday Kitchen

  • Location: American Adventure pavilion
  • Cookie: Gingerbread Cookie
  • Price: $3.00

L’Chaim! Holiday Kitchen

  • Location: between Morocco and France pavilions
  • Cookie: Black and White Cookie
  • Price: $3.00

Yukon Holiday Kitchen

  • Location: Canada pavilion
  • Cookie: Snickerdoodle Cookie made with SNICKERS bar pieces
  • Price: $3.00

Nochebuena Cocina

  • Location: near Test Track
  • Cookie: Spiced Chocolate Cookie
  • Price: $3.00

Holiday Hearth Desserts

  • Location: in the Odyssey pavilion
  • Cookie: Peppermint Pinwheel Cookie
  • Price: $3.00
cookie stroll pinwheel cookie festival of the holidays

Connections Café

  • Location: World Celebration
  • Cookie: Holiday Sugar Cookie
  • Price: $3.99

Sunshine Seasons

  • Location: In the Land Pavilion (World Nature)
  • Cookie: Jingle Sugar Cookie made with M&M’S chocolate candies
  • Price: $3.99

What is the total cost for the cookie stroll?

Considering just how expensive some things at Walt Disney World can be, the cost to play along is honestly very reasonable.

6 of the cookies will run you $3.00 plus tax each. The other 2 are a bit more expensive, clocking in at $3.99 plus tax each, but still not *too* bad considering this is Walt Disney World pricing we are talking about.

That means that buying all 8 cookies would cost about $26.00 plus tax. However, you only need to buy 5 to “complete” the stroll, which brings the maximum expense to between $15.00 and $17.00 plus tax for the necessary number of cookies.

What is the prize for completing the cookie stroll?

Once you have collected all your stamps, take your Passport to ‘Holiday Sweets and Treats’. You’ll find this spot near the ‘Port of Entry’ shop, conveniently located at the entrance of the World Showcase on the Canada side.

There, you’ll receive your final stamp and a special completer prize, which this year actually includes two items.

You’ll get a cute cookie inspired by the movie ‘Wish’ and a delicious Chocolate Peppermint Sundae served in a souvenir cup.

cookie stroll completer gift festival of the holidays

Can you use the Disney Dining Plan for the Cookie Stroll?

From the looks of the menus, you could, *if* the Disney Dining Plan (DDP) was available right now – but it isn’t.

Confusingly, even though it isn’t available, Disney has been publishing the Disney Dining Plan logo on the Epcot festival menus ever since the parks reopened in 2020.

The good news is that the Dining Plan *will* be around for the 2024 Cookie Stroll, and we do expect that you’ll be able to use your snack credits on it then. BUT – don’t be too quick about doing that, and here’s why:

The total cost of a cookie is simply not a good use of a Snack Credit. At around $3.00 each, unless you just have a bunch of snack credits you are trying to get rid of, you’d be better off if you used your credits on other Festival of the Holiday offerings.

Do you have to participate in the Cookie Stroll to buy a cookie?

Nope! If you just want a cookie and couldn’t care less about the Cookie Stroll, you do NOT have to participate in it. The Cookie Stroll is not a requirement to enjoy a cookie at the Festival of Holidays!