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Hollywood Studios maps

Hollywood Studios maps

Navigating the streets of Hollywood Studios can be confusing, especially as this park isn’t laid out in an easy way like the others are.

Get some Hollywood Studios maps to help you during your trip.

Disney’s official Hollywood Studios park map

When you enter Hollywood Studios, you can pick up a park map on your way in, or…

…you can download one before your trip to study how it’s all laid out before you get there.

hollywood studios map

Shortcut Hollywood Studios map

It’s very convenient to be able to walk between Hollywood Studios, Epcot, and nearby resorts, but finding the path is a little confusing at first. Check out the map below to help you find it.

Hollywood Studios Transportation Map

This handy transportation map will show you the location of all your different transportation options at Hollywood Studios. Save it to your phone to make navigating easy.

hollywood studios dropoff and pickup locations

Get more info on Hollywood Studios

To learn more about Hollywood Studios, be sure to check out our Complete Guide to Hollywood Studios which includes info on parking, rides, when to visit, touring plans, dining, navigation, and special events.