First timer – before and after her princess-themed trip – PREP040

Today, I have a 2-part conversation that I had with a first-time visitor to Disney World who spent a year planning a princess-themed trip for her 4-year-old daughter.

I also have a quick tip about where to find good seats for most Disney World shows.

These are notes from this episode. There's much more info included in the audio so be sure to listen to the episode for a better explanation.

Things mentioned in this episode

Quick tip of the day

Most Disney World shows have better views from the back of the room so you don't necessarily want to be the first in to sit down. There are some exceptions, such as the Festival of the Lion King show at Animal Kingdom where sitting up front is the best.

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Did you learn anything from Chonte's trip? Any questions? Feel free to leave them in the comments.

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This interview was awesome! It was longer than the other ones but with such valueable information you dont notie the time. I set the podcasts to play and plug in earphones (because the trip is a surprise to my 5 year old) and I go about my day.
Ive made several notes from it because still deciding if we are going to spend 1 or 2 full days at MK or 1 at MK abd 1 at HS (decisions decisions).

Suggestion Shannon – a suggested tour guide for non thrill seekers.

Thanks so much for yall you do! Our trip is going to amazing and its in part thanks to you and your team!

Jen L

Chonte was just fantastic to listen to! Thanks for sharing your trip!


Thanks Chonte for sharing your trip report with us. It sounds like you had a fabulous trip, and it was exciting to hear your excitement, both before and after. Your daughter is a lucky girl! My daughter was super into Minnie Mouse when we went last time, and so our trip was mostly centered on her. It was so much fun, and seeing how excited she was on that trip was super fun. She’s also very shy, but she really came out of her shell on that trip. One side effect of our trip, she wasn’t really into princesses before, but she IS NOW! lol
My favorite thing she said to me on our trip was “You do realize that we are coming back, right?” 🙂 She was right, we are planning another trip right now!


Loved this podcast as a mom taking my 3 year old in august. Did you by chance happen to ask her what time her Frozen (Anna and Elsa) meet and greet fastpass+ was for? Just curious if she went early in the day. Seems like “people” were saying that even the fastpass+ lines were really long so I have been considering skipping it, but my daughter would LOVE to meet them.


Don’t skip it! My daughter and I visited on Mother’s Day. Our Anna and Elsa FP+ time was 1240p. When we arrived, we were 1st in line and were immediately allowed to enter. We waited a total of 12 mins before we were face to face with these supercool ladies! It’s just “luck of the draw”.

Maria B

Got some great tips today! Thank you for posting this. I actually started working on a rough daily plan and my FP selections today (we get to select ours in 22 days!) and this podcast helped me remember that you can’t plan for everything. I am going to try to give us plenty of “just in case” time.

This is the first year for planning our attractions so far ahead. Before FP+, we’d just work around whatever was available and decide what to do on the spot. I am curious to see how this new system affects our trip.


I really enjoy this podcast and website. It’s as if it’s custom made for my family! I do wonder if BBB godmothers-in-training had and difficulty styling Chonte’s daughter’s hair? My daughter has an appointment at the castle BBB during our upcoming trip. She has very thick African-American hair. Will they be able to style it?


Chante’ I was worried about the same thing! just make sure her hair is detangled before you go! Bailee’s had been blow dryed the night before but they are equipped to handle ethnic hair! they even had hair products for her hair type 🙂


I enjoyed hearing about Chonte’s trip and the before and after angle was so interesting. Her little girl is super lucky! It sounds like the dream experience for 4 year old princess fan. What a great mom!
Also loved your Puerto Rico/Disney trip post and appreciated all the details and pictures. You and your daughter certainly have a lot of energy….and you look like sisters!

Amy Morse

Hi Shannon, As usual listening to your podcast with my coffee is the highlight of my Sunday morning. I so truly enjoyed this one. It has gotten me even more excited for our trip (if that is possible). I can see why Chonte is your favorite fb friend. Her trip sounded like a blast. I teared up when she was talking about her daughter’s princess makeover. What a great idea to do a podcast that is specifically for princesses. Our trip will be “non-princess” so it was nice to hear about the experience through the eyes of a princess lover! Love that they handed out glowsticks too. Keep them coming!

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