What is a bounceback offer?

QOTD Pattern option 3 SQUARE 4 - What is a bounceback offer?Lots of guests find out that as soon as they arrive to Walt Disney World they are ready to begin planning their next trip.

Even if you think you might want to return you should strongly consider booking a Bounceback Offer.

But, what exactly is a Bounceback offer and how can it save you money?
Bounceback offers are nothing more than promotions that guests are only eligible to book while they are currently vacationing at Walt Disney World resort. But, in order to entice you to book that next trip Disney often makes their Bounceback offers very good deals.

The offers change several times during the year but you'll often find either deep room discounts or promotions for "free dining" that includes dates outside of the traditional Free Dining promotion.

How do you book a bounceback offer?

Disney used to leave Bounceback offer flyers in all the rooms but now those seem to be few and far between. However, you don't need to have the flyer to book. Just dial X8844 from your resort room phone to be connected with somebody that can tell you the current offer and then book it for you (if you're ready).

Decide you want to book and not in your room? You can call 407-939-1923.

Can I book a Bounceback offer after I checkout?

You can - but you can only book up until 10:00 pm the night you checkout.

What does it cost to book?

You'll only be required to put down a $200 deposit if you want to book. That deposit is refundable as long as you cancel at least 45 days in advance. Want more information on the cancellation policies? Read our post on How and When to Make all Disney World Reservations.

My friend and I are traveling together, can we book separate Bounceback trips?

Yes. Each adult on a reservation is allowed to book a Bounceback offer.

What if I need to change my trip dates?

If availability allows, you are often able to move trip dates around as long as the dates you want to switch to are also eligible for the Bounceback offer.

What if I booked my trip with a travel agent?

Travel agents can book your bounceback trips for you, too! Just let them know before you leave that you're interested and they'll be able to call in on your behalf while you are traveling.

Want more information on how to save money? Check out our Complete Guide to Disney World Discounts.

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