There is rain in the forecast for every day of our trip. Help!

As winter starts to creep into spring and then into summer, this question pops up more and more.

If you come from someplace where there isn't a lot of rain or daily rain showers aren't a thing, then you might be panicking a bit if you see a forecast with lots of thunder clouds.

Vacations are expensive and Disney vacations can really add up. If you are spending all that money you may worry that your trip is a washout.

BUT - it doesn't have to be and in all likelihood it WON'T be.

The truth is that Florida can be REALLY rainy, especially in the spring and summer through early fall. That is just a fact.

Daily rain showers and storms are kind of a thing for Florida. Oranges, Disney World, and rain. That's what Florida is known for.

I think. I'm not really sure, but if not that's what they SHOULD be known for.

BUT, even though it likely WILL rain at least one day of your trip that doesn't mean the day (or trip) is ruined.

Most all the queues at Disney World are inside or covered. Most all of the attractions are under a roof or cover. There are LOTS of things to see and do in the rain.

And ponchos are your friend. They aren't just a stylish fashion statement they are practical, too.

If you are going during the rainy season, you will probably want to buy some good non-disposable ponchos for you and your family. I don't recommend the Dollar Store ones for anything other than protecting yourself on water rides - if it is going to be rainy you'll want a good poncho.

Want a cute Disney one? Nearly every store on property sells one and they really aren't that expensive considering you're buying it on property.

And shoes - make sure you bring a couple pairs of shoes in case yours get wet. Wet shoes lead to blisters and blisters lead to pain and pain leads to *&%$ and all the other non-Disney friendly words and that isn't fun for anybody.

But if you have ponchos and a few pairs of shoes and a good attitude, even if it rains every day you will (I PROMISE) still have an amazing time!

We have lots more tips to help you prepare for the rain. If you are going to Florida - I HIGHLY recommend you read it.

Check out our guide on how to handle weather at Disney World for more info.

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