Disney World has a few different dessert parties available, and the newest of those is the Frozen Ever After Dessert Party at Epcot. The parties aren't cheap so here's some info to help you see what's included and learn how it compares to the other dessert parties.

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Quick Review

  • Desserts
  • Drinks
  • Seating
  • Advantageous View
  • Bonus Perks


While this party doesn’t offer a better viewing location than you could find on your own, it does have adorable Frozen theming, a nice variety of delicious desserts and drinks, and a private ride on Frozen Ever After to end the night without worrying about lines or FastPass+. This party is a fantastic choice, particularly for Frozen lovers.

What is the Frozen Ever After Dessert Party?

The Frozen Ever After Dessert Party is an event that takes place a few nights each week at Epcot, starting about an hour before IllumiNations. Attendees get to consume Frozen-themed desserts and drinks, view IllumiNations, and ride Frozen Ever After.

Admission to attend is $79 for people age 10+ and $47 for kids age 3-9. Reservations can be made online or by calling 407-WDW-DINE.

Frozen Ever After Dessert Party location

The party takes place on the Showcase Plaza (the path that separates Future World and the World Showcase), near the Friendship Boat launch closest to Mexico.

Frozen Ever After Dessert Party

How it works

Your Frozen Ever After Dessert Party reservation will suggest that you check in an hour before IllumiNations. You'll get an armband and then be told where to sit at your pre-assigned table.

Once you've been taken to your seat, you can start to eat the delicious desserts and grab a drink or two.

The dessert menu includes:

  • Olaf’s warm double-chocolate s’mores pudding cake
  • Elsa’s warm cottage pudding with salted caramel glaze
  • Hand-dipped vanilla bean ice cream
  • Wandering Oaken’s éclairons
  • Hans’ key lime tarts with red glitter glaze
  • Living Rock crispy bonbons
  • Anna’s blue velvet cupcakes
  • Kristoff’s no-sugar-added lemon curd with blueberry
  • Sven’s fresh fruits and berries
  • Grand Pabbie’s winter-spiced snack mix
  • Duke of Weselton’s cheese fondue served with country bread cubes, broccoli and grilled flatbread

Frozen Ever After Dessert Party

And the drinks available are:

  • “Melted snow” and other non-alcoholic beverages
  • Summertime cocktails, like margaritas and piña coladas
  • Beer and wine

After eating and drinking your weight in desserts, guests are given special snowflake glasses to watch IllumiNations.

Frozen Ever After Dessert Party

Frozen Ever After Dessert Party

Once IllumiNations is over, party attendees are lead to Frozen Ever After (feels like a salmon swimming upstream as the crowds head out of the park in the opposite direction). So nice to not have to worry about lines or snagging a FastPass+!

Frozen Ever After Dessert Party

Some party tips

  • Although the reservation says you can check in an hour before IllumiNations, you can actually check in much earlier than that (we got our armband at 6:30), and then they will allow you to enter about 75 minutes before IllumiNations begins.
  • Tables are pre-assigned based on when you made the party reservation and the number of people in your party. People who book way ahead of time and have a group of 4 or 5 people have a much better chance of getting a table along the water.
  • There's almost always a bit of a line for alcoholic drinks, so be sure to get multiple drinks while you're there to save time. Just always ask for 2 of whatever you want to drink. Bartenders accept tips.

Is it worth it?

There are several dessert parties at Disney World, and while they are all much more worth it than they used to be, some are better than others.

If you're looking for a party with the best views, I'd choose the Plaza Garden option at Magic Kingdom or the Star Wars Dessert Party at Hollywood Studios.

If you're looking for the best bang for the buck for desserts and drinks, I'd choose the Frozen Dessert Party at Epcot or Star Wars Dessert Party at Hollywood Studios (both have delicious desserts and include alcohol).

If you happen to have a Frozen fan and really want that ride on Frozen Ever After ride without having to worry about a FastPass+ or being part of the rush of people at park opening, then the Frozen Dessert Party at Epcot will be perfect for you.


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