Let’s talk Tinker Bell gifts

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Lets talk Tinker Bell gifts from @WDWPrepSchool

Lets talk Tinker Bell gifts from @WDWPrepSchoolIn the 6 step Disney World planning process, the last step is Step 6: Extra Magic. On that page, I have a section on Tinker Bell gifts.

I wanted to go into more detail on that topic to give you some ideas on how to do it and also to clarify a thing or two.

Here are my ideas on providing surprise Tinker Bell gifts during your Disney World trip…

What are Tinker Bell gifts?

Tinker Bell gifts are like presents from Santa Claus during your Disney World trip. They are provided by you (not Disney World!) and can be a fun way to pre-purchase souvenir type of items and/or can be a way to encourage good behavior.

Tinker Bell rules

My kids were very difficult when they were young so I was constantly having to find ways to encourage good behavior.

On 1 Disney trip, I made this short list of rules at home and snuck it into a suitcase.

Lets talk Tinker Bell gifts from @WDWPrepSchool

The rules were set out on the first day, along with the gift bags that the kids had spent time decorating while we were traveling to Disney World (worked really well during an airport delay).

Daily routine

The gift bags were set out each night and then each morning, a new gift for the day would be in the bag. This is a great way to get kids out of bed each morning (because we always arrive to the parks early) and it’s a fun way to start the day.

Other people choose to have Tinker Bell gifts in the room for when they return to the room later.

Gift ideas

There are lots of different gift ideas you could use for your gifts. I often try to get gifts that the kids can use that day.

On water park/swimming days, I would get something they can use in the water.

On days where we plan to be out at night, I’d get something that works well in the dark.

On the last day, I like to leave it open and buy something at Disney World that the kids have had their eye on. I usually bring gifts for all of the other days.

Some ideas…

Headed to Animal Kingdom and riding Kali River Rapids? Have Tink leave a kid’s character poncho that day…

Lets talk Tinker Bell gifts from @WDWPrepSchool

Those glow sticks from Dollar Tree are great, especially for days that you’ll be out at night…

Lets talk Tinker Bell gifts from @WDWPrepSchool

Vintage (or vintage-looking) t-shirts from eBay are fun because they’re more unique (and cheaper) than the shirts sold in the parks…

Lets talk Tinker Bell gifts from @WDWPrepSchool

Disney sunglasses (we always seem to get them at Walgreens) for helping kids tolerate long days out in the sun…

Lets talk Tinker Bell gifts from @WDWPrepSchool

A new pair of Disney PJs (lots of cute ones at Target) are a great way to kick off the trip…

Lets talk Tinker Bell gifts from @WDWPrepSchool

Lets talk Tinker Bell gifts from @WDWPrepSchool

Disney Dollars (available to buy at WDW) are good to give out early in the trip so kids can keep their eye out for something they want to buy…

Lets talk Tinker Bell gifts from @WDWPrepSchool

Pressed coin books (available at WDW or this website) are a great way to organize all of the pressed coins you might have floating around in your bag…

Lets talk Tinker Bell gifts from @WDWPrepSchool

How about some beach toys for a water park/beach day….

Lets talk Tinker Bell gifts from @WDWPrepSchool

For slightly older girls, items from the PixiGlow collection (sold at Target) are super cute…

Lets talk Tinker Bell gifts from @WDWPrepSchool

Bring your own costume (especially fun at character meals)…

Lets talk Tinker Bell gifts from @WDWPrepSchool

Extra credit

Sprinkle your gifts with glow-in-the-dark glitter for that extra pixie dust effect. (And tip Mousekeeping really well!)

Martha Stewart makes some

Lets talk Tinker Bell gifts from @WDWPrepSchool

What else?

What other ideas do you have? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

Lets talk Tinker Bell gifts from @WDWPrepSchoolLets talk Tinker Bell gifts from @WDWPrepSchoolLets talk Tinker Bell gifts from @WDWPrepSchoolLets talk Tinker Bell gifts from @WDWPrepSchool
Lets talk Tinker Bell gifts from @WDWPrepSchool
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Lara March 31, 2013 at 6:13 pm

Could you give more details on the disney dollars? Thanks so much! :)


Andreia June 14, 2013 at 10:39 am

Excelente tips! Love them!
Can´t wait to our trip!!


Jessica January 9, 2014 at 9:24 pm

I have been picking up Disney items for the past 9months or so as I catch them on clearance! I have only spent about $20 so far and have snagged t-shirts, water bottles, sun glasses, stuffed animals, and pj’s. I usually find the best deals at Meijer, Target, and the Disney Store!!! I love the idea of using them as incentive for good behavior each day!


Kym January 26, 2014 at 10:59 pm

So, if the children are good for the day they are told that tink will leave them a surprise in the morning? I like the idea of a little token gift to get them pumped up for the day. Good idea :)


Maria B March 12, 2014 at 9:18 am

The glitter is a great idea! The Martha Stewart one is discontinued on this link, but you can find it on Amazon.com. Also, Walmart has something similar!


Jennifer L April 4, 2014 at 9:37 am

I love this idea! I’m going to modify slightly and mail my daughter a letter from Tink (with the gift bag and the rules.) I bought her some Cinderella earphones for our plane ride so I am going to fill her bag the night before we leave with those. I found great Disney trinkets at TJMaxx. Items include: Doc McStuffin bubble set, Sophia jewelry/hair set, Minnie Lipgloss with mini lunchbox carrier, Minnie socks & a huge princess sticker set w/album. Most items were 3.99 or under. I also found a really cute Minnie Snorkel set at Tuesday Morning. Other items I plan to include are an autograph book and a lanyard with a Tink pin on it. I found glow in the dark glitter at Michaels as well.


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