vintagemkmap - Step 5: Plan park touringPeople who plan their park touring wait in fewer lines and get to ride many more rides than those who don't.

Here are some strategies for getting the most out of your time in the parks.

  • Arrive before the parks open. Most people sleep in because they are on vacation, but you can get more done in the first hour than the rest of the day. During the hot times of year, getting out early is also fantastic for taking advantage of milder temps.
  • Plan the first part of the day fairly strictly (see touring plans below) and then be more flexible the rest of the day.
  • Use FastPass+.
  • Consider taking a mid-day break after lunch and then returning to the parks in the evening. This helps keep people from getting warn out and cranky. It also helps avoid the busiest, hottest time of the day in the parks.

headermkfastpassplus - Step 5: Plan park touringMagic Kingdom touring plans
There are 2 dozen FastPass+ opportunities here and I have suggestions on which ones to use, how to tour if you've got just 1 day, touring plans for little ones + lots more info

headerepcotfastpassplus - Step 5: Plan park touringEpcot touring plans
Epcot uses tiers for the FastPass+ system which restricts you to only choosing 1 of the headliners. Outside of those 2 headline attractions, Epcot is pretty easy to tour.

headerhswithfastpassplus - Step 5: Plan park touringHollywood Studios touring plans
Like Epcot, Hollywood Studios is using tiering which requires you to choose which headliner attraction you want to get a FastPass+ for but with a good touring plan, it's pretty easy to navigate and avoid long lines.

headerakwithfpplus - Step 5: Plan park touringAnimal Kingdom touring plans
There are only a few attractions at Animal Kingdom that really require a FastPass+ reservation and they're usually pretty easy to get so touring Animal Kingdom with FastPass+ usually works pretty well

The 6 step planning process