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Souvenir shopping on Disney World trips – PREP056

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Souvenir shopping on Disney World trips – PREP056

souvenirshoppingsquareOne big part of many people’s trip budgets is for souvenirs so today I’ve got info on where to shop, what to buy and some tips.

I also have a quick tip of the day for people who are nervous about knowing how to use the My Disney Experience site or app when it’s time to make dining or FastPass+ reservations.


These are notes from this episode. There’s much more info included in the audio so be sure to listen to the episode for a better explanation.

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Links mentioned in this episode

Quick tip of the day

People who are nervous about using the My Disney Experience site or app to make dining or FastPass+ reservations should consider practicing ahead of time. Anybody can practice making dining reservations; people who have purchased their park tickets separately (not as part of a Disney World package) can practice making FastPass+ reservations. Just be sure to cancel them afterward.

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Shannon Albert


Wednesday 3rd of February 2016

Hey Shannon, I've heard you mention the Mr. Potato Head box at Once Upon a Toy on several podcasts. I LOVED building my box. One tip - you have mentioned buying a Mr. Potato Head base at a regular retailer. At OUaT you can buy items ala cart - I think it was $2.50 per item. This isn't a great price for one item, but Mr. Potato Head is ONE item! I got my box (Crammed full) and then just got my base head separately, which is much less expensive than buying another set at a retailer, and allowed a lot more room in my box.

Having so much fun listening to your Podcast as I plan our first trip with kiddos! ~ Kristina


Monday 29th of June 2015

Hey Shannon,

Do you know if I link my Disney Visa to my magic band, do I still have to bring it with me to get the discounts on dining and merchandise?

Shannon Albert

Monday 29th of June 2015

Yes, you'd still need it with you because linking it to your MagicBand means the resort has the card info, not the restaurants and stores where you're shopping.


Monday 15th of September 2014

Hi Shannon - love your podcast and site. I just got back from Disney and used your toddler touring plans - everything went great! I tried to get the silhouette with Mickey done of my daughter and they would not add a character. I showed them the picture from your blog and was really excited to have this done. They said they were not Disney employees and were not licensed to do character silhouettes. I thought you might want to know. Thanks!

Shannon Albert

Monday 15th of September 2014

Wow. That's interesting. Thanks for letting me know.