Q & A with a Disney travel agent – PREP035

What's it like to work with a travel agent? Who do they think should use the Disney Dining Plan?

I have an interview today with my favorite agent, Cheryl Koren, where she gives her thoughts on that.

I also have a quick tip for on-site guests to make sure they get to make all of their dining reservations 180 days before their trip begins.

These are notes from this episode. There's much more info included in the audio so be sure to listen to the episode for a better explanation.

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Q & A with Cheryl Koren

Some things mentioned in this episode:

People who are looking for an agent can submit use the Request a Quote page on this site to fill out the form and the info is delivered right to Cheryl or one of her trusted associates.

Quick tip of the day

For people staying on-site who want to make dining reservations 180 days ahead of time for their whole trip, I recommend logging completely out of the Disney website and then logging back in to make sure the dates for your whole trip are available to you.

loggedintip - Q & A with a Disney travel agent - PREP035

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Are you using an agent or planning it all yourself? Have questions about it? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments.

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This video is amazing! How did he do this? Was it his phone??

I’ve gotten two conflicting answers to this question, so I’m hoping Shannon can answer it- If I book through a Disney certified Travel Agent, can I book my own ADRs? I have been speaking to an agent who booked my friend’s vacation and they loved it! But I do like a bit of control over things and want to make sure that I get the ADRs I want- not sure an agent is willing to get up early enough and log in at the exact 180 days +10 to the minute?! LOL I would feel badly not going through this… Read more »

Mel Baines

I loved this podcast so much that I immediately sent Cheryl an email to get going on my family holiday for next year! As its in Feb we can’t get cracking yet but I’m so excited about working with Cheryl!

Love this site and the information as always!!!



That’s great. How do I do it?


If I’ve already booked my trip thru disney could I still switch my reservation to Cheryl?

Jen L

wow! that video was amazing! Thank you to Andrew for letting you share with your followers! I will definitely be showing this to my kids for a little taste of rides and all the characters!


I used Cheryl for my family’s first trip last summer! She was fantastic. She was always available for any questions I had. We spoke on the phone, and we sent emails and texts. I loved that I had my own ideas about what we wanted and then she offered suggestions for others things we might want to do. Her tips made our trip even better, I feel. When our final travel documents arrived, I was stunned at all the extra’s she included. The best was that she included a Disney character coloring book and Princess crayons for my 6 yo… Read more »

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