My October trip report – PREP061

I just returned from a Disney World trip full of bucket list items and each night, I recorded audio recapping the day. Today, I have all of those clips included in my trip report.

I also have a quick tip with a way to access your My Disney Experience info regardless of whether or not you have an internet connection.

These are notes from this episode. There's much more info included in the audio so be sure to listen to the episode for a better explanation.

Bucket list trip items

In this episode, I discuss our first stay at The Dolphin, dinner at the Chef's Table, my thoughts on the Wild Africa Trek and what I'd do differently at Party for the Senses.

Quick tip of the day

Take a screenshot of the reservations in your My Disney Experience app so that if you don't have an internet connection or the app is having trouble opening, you can access the info from your camera roll.

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16 Comments on "My October trip report – PREP061"

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Did you ever write up the Africa Trek? Did I miss it?

Hi Shannon! I love you blog, but am always disappointed when so much of your info is in the podcast rather than on the blog itself. Have you considered having a typed transcript of your podcasts for those who aren’t able to listen?
Keep up the great work!

As a busy Momma, runner and designer, I LOVE the podcasts Shannon. I always take them with me on the go 🙂

Thanks, Shannon, for sharing your trip report with us. I was intrigued with one comment you made though. You said that the weather was very warm and that kind of threw me in a loop. I thought that it being fall, it would be cool. I have to share with you though, where I am living, which is the country Malaysia, the only difference in our weather is either it is hot and humid or it’s raining. Do you remember the temperature when you felt hot/warm in the Epcot?

Shannon can you add the contact info for the car service to the show notes? I need to arrange a car service for our combo Universal and Disney cruise trip . Thanks 🙂

I’m confused about Dophin/Swan. They are the same hotel?
And they are on the Disney site under “where to stay” but not considered “on property” although they are? Were you able to book as an “onsite guest” in advance as an “on property guest” with FP+?
I read your pros/ cons of Disney resorts post but couldn’t find this info.
Thanks, Shannon!!

Just listened to your “bucket list” trip and it was a joy to hear how your events went. Would love to try the chefs table but feel too guilty spending all that money on myself and wife while putting one through college and having two others.
Planning Disneyland in February and Disneyworld in October.
Thanks again for all the great tips!

Have you ever used a taxi for transportation to/from the airport? That was my plan to get to and from the Dolphin over Spring Break. I’m sure a car service would be nicer though!

Hi Shannon, Just love your site and am a subscriber and follow you on facebook! Thanks for all your help with planning our August/Sept. 2015 trip so far. I know it’s an extravagance, but I too am thinking I do not want to take the Magical Express and would love to know the name of the car service you use. I was thinking of taking a taxi to and from Wilderness Lodge to airport but if it’s the same as a car service I would definitely go the car service route. I use Uber a lot in Philly and Manhattan… Read more »

I love trip reports! Thanks for sharing!
Your website and podcasts are great. Keep up the great work!

So glad you had such a great trip, filled with many “bucket list” adventures – how wonderful!
You mention using a car service, which I know you needed since you were staying at a non-Disney resort this trip, but I’m curious why you would have done so in the past. Just wondering if there is something you don’t enjoy about ME service? I always use ME, but just wondering if I am missing out on something by not using a car service?

I thought that might be the reason. Thanks!

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