Magic Kingdom touring plans for 2018 (with FastPass+ suggestions)

(Article last updated: June 22, 2018)

Worried about long waits for Magic Kingdom attractions?

Having well-organized touring plans that make good use of FastPasses is key to avoiding long line waits during your Disney World trip, including (and especially!) at Magic Kingdom.

Below, find Magic Kingdom touring plans, along with FastPass+ suggestions to make sure you're maximizing your time.

Let's take a look...

FastPass+ basics

New to making FastPass+ reservations? Check out how to use FastPass+ at Disney World to get you started.

Magic Kingdom FastPass+ options and priorities

These are the attractions that offer FastPass+ at Magic Kingdom.

FYI - these are priorities, not tiers. FastPass+ isn't tiered at Magic Kingdom.

Top priority
(visit early in the day or with a FP+)
Second priority
(great bonus FP+ options)
Low priority
(using FP+ not recommended)
Seven Dwarfs Mine Train
Peter Pan's Flight
Space Mountain
Enchanted Tales with Belle
Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
Splash Mountain
Meet Cinderella and Elena at Princess Fairytale Hall
Meet Mickey at Town Square Theater
Meet Rapunzel and Tiana at Princess Fairytale Hall
Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin
Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
Haunted Mansion
Under the Sea - Journey of the Little Mermaid
It's a Small World
Meet Ariel at her Grotto
Pirates of the Caribbean
Jungle Cruise
Tomorrowland Speedway
Mad Tea Party
Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor
Magic Carpets of Aladdin
Meet Tinker Bell at Town Square Theater

FastPass+ suggestions to save to your phone

Want to have the FastPass+ suggestions on your camera roll? Press the image below from your phone to save to your camera roll.

fastpasspluschartphone06222018 - Magic Kingdom touring plans for 2018 (with FastPass+ suggestions)

What times should you make reservations?

After the park opens, plan to ride several things in the first couple of hours without FastPass+, make use of FastPass+ for late morning/early afternoon, and then get additional FastPass+ reservations for later in the day, if needed.

We've included suggested times for FP+ reservations in the Magic Kingdom touring plans below.

Arrive before park opening

To make the best use of your time, arrive about 45 minutes before park opening.

Magic Kingdom theme park usually allows people in up to an hour before the official opening time. Guests are stopped in front of the castle until the park opens.

Between the time you enter and the time the park opens, you can get PhotoPass pics taken, shop and eat on Main Street, and watch the show just before the park opens on the stage in front of Cinderella Castle.

Get more info on the Magic Kingdom opening procedure.

Magic Kingdom touring plans

Plan to spend more than 1 day at Magic Kingdom.

If time allows, you will probably want to spend 2 days at Magic Kingdom theme park (maybe even 2.5 days).

If you arrive at rope drop (we'd suggest arriving about 45 minutes before park opening), make use of the first couple of hours to ride without FastPass+ reservations and then use FP+ to ride later in the day, you'll be able to accomplish all of the attractions you'd like at Magic Kingdom park.

We like to organize touring plans by hour because minute-by-minute touring plans can make you feel like you're running from place to place without any flexibility, but grouping them by hour can at least give you some sense of timing as you plan.

Here are some example Magic Kingdom touring plans.

General 2-day plan | General 1-day plan | 1-day plan with toddlers

General 2-day Magic Kingdom touring plan

Day 1: FastPass+ reservations made ahead of time for Seven Dwarfs Mine Train (can't get that one? Get Peter Pan's Flight instead), Enchanted Tales with Belle and Big Thunder Mountain

magickingdomday1 - Magic Kingdom touring plans for 2018 (with FastPass+ suggestions)

First hour:

  • 1. Peter Pan's Flight or Seven Dwarfs Mine Train (whichever one you did not get a FP+ for, SDMT has a 38" height req.)
  • 2. Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
  • 3. Under the Sea - Journey of the Little Mermaid

Second hour:

  • 4. It's a Small World
  • 5. Haunted Mansion

Third hour:

  • 6. Splash Mountain (40" height req.)
  • 7. Use FP+ for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (40" height req., suggested FP+ time: 10:30-11:30)

Rest of the day:

  • Lunch
  • 8. Use FP+ for Seven Dwarfs Mine Train (38" height req.) or Peter Pan's Flight (suggested FP+ time: early afternoon)
  • 9. Use FP+ for Enchanted Tales with Belle (suggested FP+ time: early afternoon)
  • 10. PhilharMagic
  • 11. Mad Tea Party
  • 12. Parade/fireworks show

Day 2: FastPass+ reservations made ahead of time for Space Mountain, Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin and Tomorrowland Speedway

2dayMKsmall - Magic Kingdom touring plans for 2018 (with FastPass+ suggestions)

First hour:

  • 1. Repeat favorite things from day 1

Second hour:

  • 2. Pirates of the Caribbean
  • 3. Jungle Cruise

Third hour:

  • 4. Astro Orbiter (optional, doesn't have a FastPass option so you'll want to ride it before a long standby line builds)
  • 5. Use FP+ for Tomorrowland Speedway (32" height req. to ride, suggested FP+ time: 11:00-12:00)

Rest of the day:

  • Lunch
  • 6. Use FP+ for Space Mountain (44" height req., suggested FP+ time: 12:00-1:00)
  • 7. Use FP+ for Buzz Lightyear (suggested FP+ time: 1:00-2:00)
  • 8. Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor
  • 9. Tomorrowland Transity Authority
  • 10. Carousel of Progress
  • 11. Parade/fireworks show

General 1-day Magic Kingdom touring plan

The general idea on a 1-day plan is to do a couple of lands within the first 2 hours, and then use FastPass+ for high priority items in other lands.

FastPass+ reservations: Seven Dwarfs Mine Train (can't get that one? Get Peter Pan's Flight instead), Big Thunder Mountain, and Space Mountain

MagicKingdom1dayplan - Magic Kingdom touring plans for 2018 (with FastPass+ suggestions)

First hour:

  • 1. Peter Pan's Flight or Seven Dwarfs Mine Train (whichever one you did not get a FP+ for, SDMT has a 38" height req.)
  • 2. Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
  • 3. Under the Sea - Journey of the Little Mermaid

Second hour:

  • 4. It's a Small World
  • 5. Haunted Mansion
  • 6. Use FP+ at Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (40" height req., suggested FP+ time: 10:30-11:30)

Third hour:

  • 7. Splash Mountain (40" height req.)
  • 8. Pirates of the Caribbean

Rest of the day:

  • Lunch
  • 9. PhilharMagic
  • 10. Use FP+ for Seven Dwarfs Mine Train (38" height req.) or Peter Pan's Flight (suggested FP+ time: early afternoon)
  • 11. Mad Tea Party
  • 12. Use FP+ for Space Mountain (44" height req., suggested FP+ time: afternoon) - as soon as you check in, open the My Disney Experience app and look for FastPass+ for other attractions like Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin
  • 13. Tomorrowland Transit Authority
  • 14. Carousel of Progress
  • 15. Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin (hopefully with a FP+)
  • 16. Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor
  • 17. Parade/fireworks show

1-day touring plan for families with toddlers

Get FP+ reservations for Enchanted Tales with Belle, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train (can't get that one? Get Peter Pan's Flight instead), and Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin

magickingdomwithlittleones - Magic Kingdom touring plans for 2018 (with FastPass+ suggestions)

First hour:

  • 1. Peter Pan's Flight or Seven Dwarfs Mine Train (whichever one you did not get a FP+ for, SDMT has a 38" height req.)
  • 2. Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
  • 3. Barnstormer (35" height req.)
  • 4. Dumbo

Second hour:

  • 5. Under the Sea – Journey of the Little Mermaid
  • 6. It’s a Small World
  • 7. Haunted Mansion

Third hour:

  • Lunch

Rest of the day:

  • 8. Use FP+ for Enchanted Tales with Belle (suggested FP+ time: early afternoon)
  • 9. PhilharMagic
  • 10. Use FP+ for Seven Dwarfs Mine Train (38" height req.) or Peter Pan's Flight (suggested FP+ time: early afternoon)
  • 11. Mad Tea Party
  • 12. Use FP+ for Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin (suggested FP+ time: afternoon) - as soon as you check in for your FastPass+, open the My Disney Experience app and look for other FP+ opportunities, such as Pirates of the Caribbean or Jungle Cruise
  • 13. Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor
  • 14. Carousel of Progress
  • 15. Tomorrowland Transit Authority
  • 16. Parade/fireworks show

What about Rider Switch (sometimes called Child Swap)?

The Rider Switch system allows parents to take turns riding things that little ones can't/won't ride. Please read my Rider Switch article so you can see how to use it and maximize your FastPass+ reservations.

Want to arrive late or park hop?

This is not a great park to arrive late to, and the increased number of attractions makes me want to suggest 2.5 days here for people on a 1 week trip.

One idea would be to spend the evening at Magic Kingdom on your arrival day doing a few things that you've reserved ahead of time. That should allow you to visit all of the popular attractions without long lines.

WDW Prep Members

Level 2 WDW Prep Members have touring plan tools to put together their own plans. The attractions indicate height requirements, if it's a good use of FastPass+, illustrations of ride vehicles so you can see how many people will fit (especially handy if the kids outnumber the adults), and when to visit each attraction.

Screen Shot 2016 03 27 at 9.23.49 PM 600x399 - Magic Kingdom touring plans for 2018 (with FastPass+ suggestions)

And as you build your touring plans, they are grouped by hour (for the first 3 hours) and then your whole plan is plotted on a map at the bottom of the page so you can see how it all lays out.

Screen Shot 2016 03 27 at 9.25.50 PM 600x481 - Magic Kingdom touring plans for 2018 (with FastPass+ suggestions)

⇢ Get access to Level 2 tools ⇠

Looking for touring plans & FastPass+ suggestions for the other Disney World theme parks?


What questions do you have? Please share them in the comments.

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The link for the Magic Kingdom map PDF is not working for me. It says the page cannot be found.

hi i am travelling to Disney staying at Animal kingdom lodge in August for 19 nights will do all parks on a chilled basis with a 11 and 14 year old any recommendations. i have 21 day passes and d.d plan

We are traveling mid January with our kids (7 and 5 year old girls, 3 year old boy and 1 1/2 yr old girl.) Do we do the MK “touring plan for family with little ones”? Is my 7 yr old daughter considered a “little one” ? I’m not sure what to do considering the ages of my kids. We will be there two days. I was thinking that MK for 2 days may make the most sense and leave the other parks for future travel. What do you suggest?

Hi taking my 26month old in March and trying to decide what we need fase passes for. We will have a 5 day hopper. Any advice would be great. Thank you

Hoping to get some advice, we’re traveling w/ 2 girls, 4 & 2 y.o. from Hawaii and meeting up w/ family mainly from east coast. We will be a large group of 23! I suggested we do our own thing Andrew meet up for a particular attraction or ride as there will be quite an adjustment to make with the time zone changes for us. With 5 total park days, staying 1 week, I was planning 2.5 days at MK, full day AK. Would you recommend 1/2 day at Epcot or HS? Thank you for your help!


I’m planning a 2 week trip next Easter with a 2 year old and 6 year old.

We are going to stay in the animal kingdom and just do Disney. How many days would you suggest in each park? I want to take it easy and have days off or trips to the water parks too as not to tire everyone out but don’t want to miss out on anything either.

Any help or advice would be great!!


Do I need fast pass for the week before Thanksgiving?

We are traveling to Disney World next month with our two little guys- 3 and 18 months. Do you suggest two days in MK for the Toy Story/Jake and the pirates fan or one day MK on day HS?

Personally, I’d do one in MK and one in HS. Ideally 2 in MK and 1 in HS, but if that isn’t possible, 1 in each. HS has toy story mania and Disney JR Live with Jake while MK has Buzz Lightyear

We are traveling to Orlando next week to take our two kids to Disney for the first time. Our oldest is 5 yrs old but our younger daughter is only 2 and a half and so did not require a ticket to the park. Do we need to book our youngest daughter for rides or does she just come with us as a group? Any advice you can provide would be appreciated. Thank you.

Since she doesn’t require a park ticket, she does not need fastpass+. She can just go on rides with you (as long as she meets the height requirements)

I would like to seek your advice. We are going with our two year old in a few weeks on a low to moderate day at Magic Kingdom. We will be there at rope drop. We are using fast passes on the Mickey Meet and Greet, Mine Train/Thunder Mountain (child switch), and then Winnie the Pooh (to ride at around 11:30). We plan to arrive at rope drop and go straight to Peter Pan, Dumbo, Ariel, It’s a Small World. We have elected to skip Splash and Space Mountains as well as Belle’s Enchanted Tales and Ariel’s Grotto. We will… Read more »

My 19 year old daughter and I will be in Orlando iin January and have one day to devote to Disney. We want to do MK as that is her choice and we have not. Even there since she was nine. We will be there on Thurs., Jan 19th Do I still need do buy tickets my tickets in advance and do all these Fast Pass plans? I’ve also heard of Magic Bands. For one day I’m really confused.

I have heard conflicting information on the following: if you use your three allotted FP+ in one park, can you obtain subsequent FP+ in other parks (if you have a Park Hopper), or are you restricted to the first park only for the entire day?

Great Shannon, thanks so much! To follow up, would you consider this a good strategy, i.e. Using a Park Hopper, visit one park in the morning, take a break midday after getting a 4th FP+ for later in the day visiting a different (less crowded park), and then potentially get subsequent FP+ as possible,in that second park? Another question specifically about Magic Kingdom – is it no longer possible to get FP+ for the Wishes fireworks or the special parade during Christmas Week? My family will be spending Christmas Week at DisneyWorld for the first time. We are excited, but… Read more »

I am going in Dec and I had everything planned out except the fast passes because I am findimg them to be very difficult. Then all of a sudden they changed my MK day to early open. I had reserved a breakfast at Be Our Guest so we would be in the park early. Any suggestions on wheat I should do. Any advice would be amazing!

Is this on Dec 20th? I had same exact thing happen. My breakfast is at Crystal Palace.

Do you recommend the same FP and touring plan for SUPER busy weeks (like Christmas week)? Just wondering if the influx of people will affect the lines first thing in the AM?

Hi there! I am loving all the information your site, and podcasts are full of. One question I have is about the 2-day touring plan. Is the walking from one side of the park to another a long ways? I’ve seen other plans that have you stay on one half of the park on day one and other half day two. I have 4 kids 3-10 an

Sorry my comment got cut off. My kids are 3-10 and I cannot tell how far it really is between rides from the maps on Disney. Do you find this plan works with all ages? Thanks!

I’m no expert at all but my family and I went twice in 2012 with kids from ages 1-7 years old. I felt walking from one side of the park to the other was a little too much. That was before Fantasyland opened up. The kids got worn out pretty quickly and we all felt like we were just walking the whole time and missing out on things. This year we are going to do one side of the park then the other side.

Erin, how did your trip work out for you with your 4 kids? I too have 4 ages 1 1/2-7. My kids aren’t the best walkers. We are going in January and I’m trying to figure out what makes the most sense. Stay on one side of the park the first day and the second side of the park the second? I think we will only do Magic Kingdom. Thanks

Do you have any touring plans for a full day in Magic Kingdom including MNSSHP? I am going for the first time in September. Since I’m insane, I want to be there from open to close. …because obviously I want to see all of the things!

Hi Shannon, We are at WDW for 9 days. I have purchased 9 day Park Hopper Water fun & more tickets. I am wondering if I plan to do 2 different parks on most of the days, whether this is a worthwhile idea. I do not know how long it takes to get from hotel back to accomodation (POFQ) but ideally, I am opting to go to one park in the morning (possibly EMH park), and then take afternoon break at hotel, before heading to another park in the late afternoon. I would be booking my FP’s at the second… Read more »

Hi, I have been planning my trip as well. But I am curious about park hopper with a 9 day ticket. I always thought park hopper would be more beneficial for those with short tickets ie. <5 days. A 9 day ticket gives you at least 2 days in every park with a day to spare! According to this blog Hollywood Studios doesnt even require a whole day to do everything. So why bother with the expensive park to park add on? Im just curious.

We are planning wdw trip in June I noticed on the website there are black out days are you not able to get a fast pass+ and plan ahead ?

Everything I’ve read says that I need to book a FP to meet Anna & Elsa at the Magic Kingdom, but I don’t see that on your list! Did I miss something? Have they disappeared? Is there somewhere else I need to look for them? I know that the new Frozen ride is supposed to be opening soon, but I didn’t see them on your Epcot page either. Help please! 🙂

Shannon–What would be the earliest time I should try for a FP in MK if I also have 9am BBB reservations in Disney Springs on a Saturday in late August?

Hey Shannon,
I’m in my Fastpass+ booking window now but there are no shows for Wishes showing to book for Fastpass+. My trip dates are May 11-19. Since I have an AP I can actually search all dates between now and my trip dates and I see there are no Fastpass+ options available for any dates past April 21st.
Do you know if they are getting rid of Wishes?
I have emailed DisneyWorld to see if they have anything to say but I haven’t heard back yet.
Thanks so much!
~ Amanda

We will be going to Magic Kindom on July 7th ONLY. we have an appoinment at the BBB @ 10:25, trying to decide if this is whorth the time away from the action for the park but wany 4 yr old see the inside of the castle. She loves all things princess, but is shy when it comes to pictures and meeting them. She loves the shows. Any suggesitons on what to fast pass and how we can plan for such a busy time of year? would it be best to the BBB @ Disney Springs on a different day?

I have a question about touring plans. We are going in a week to WDW. Will will be in the parks 2/29-3/2. I had to switch our days around so I had to reschedule some FP+. If I did not get the FP+ you suggested what do I do now? I have looked at your plan and written up my own based off of yours and my FP+ times. I’m so scared I’m making a big mistake and we will be standing in crazy long lines all day. What are your suggestions? Thank you so much for all the time… Read more »

how was your week? We are going the same week in 217 and I’m curious about lines.

Thank you so much for posting – this is a dream trip for us and I have reviewed every touring plan I could get my hands on and yours is by far my favourite. I have a 2 year old and. 4 year old and we are going to. DW in April (9 and 10 set aside for MK). Both kids would love to meet Tinkerbell and I was hoping to get advice as to whether I should do that first or later in the day? I was hoping to use my FPs for other things as indicated above. Advice… Read more »
My family is traveling to Orlando in June, and we are spending 1 day at The Magic Kingdom. There will be a total of 6 adults and 1 toddler (2 years old but nearly 39″ tall). I have a question about the Fast Pass…I’ve read your rider switch article and this article. When we use a fast pass for something that the toddler is riding such as Buzz Lightyear, does everyone in our party use a fast pass or just one person? It is my understanding that on a ride like space mountain 3 of us could use a fast… Read more »

Also, would you ever suggest using a Fast Pass on a character meeting? I’m thinking Mickey as my toddler is a boy and doesn’t really care to see Elsa and Anna (Gasp)!

I am thinking of adding 1 more day to our 6 day Spring Break trip in order to go to MK the evening of our arrival. We get to the hotel after 5, so that seems like a good enough time as MK will be open till midnight. I am sorry I did not think of this sooner. My fastpasses opened up earlier this week. I am interested in getting Wishes FP fireworks viewing. The cost would only be an addtl $10 per person. Was not going to do anything in particular that day, now I am tempted. Being Spring… Read more »

I have a trip booked for March 25th-April 2nd. I know..spring break crowds. In the past, we have gone over spring break and truly have had a great time. However, I have not booked fast pass+ reservations before. We like to arrive at the park before it opens, stay until 1:00ish, relax at our hotel, eat, swim, for 4 hours and then travel back to the same park between 5-6:00 pm and then we close the park down. What are your suggestions for booking fast pass+ reservations with this type of day scheduled?

Starting to make plans for a early May trip to disney with my hubby and 2yo.(girl). What rides should be on the top of our list?

Hello, We are staying at Sheraton Vistana & bought Park Hopper tix. Will we be able to use participate in EMH? Or LMH?

As far as I know only the on site resorts have the Extra Magic Hours.

We had planned to go to MK for 2 days. We also want to go to MNSSHP. Should we try to cram that into the same day or opt for another evening? Thanks.

Thank you for all of the great information, Shannon! We will be staying in Orlando for two weeks Dec 2015, off park. Since we will not be staying in the Disney resorts, we will be purchasing our tickets elsewhere (the plan is to purchase through When we get our tickets, using the My Disney Experience app, can we reserve fast passes? Even though we are not purchasing through Disney? Also, will we be able to use our tickets (like it used to be) to redeem fast passes, or are magic bands now absolutely necessary? Thank you for all of… Read more »

Thank you so much Shannon for your helpful tips. I have a question, I think your generall 1 day MK plan is what im using for our trip in March, my kids range from 4-12 and I think it fits both.. I plan on leaving mid day for a break, swim at the resort etc.. What time would you suggest returning to the park? So i can time my FP+

Hi Shannon, my question is, if I get there 30-45 minutes before the park opens can I still go in with the magic time even though I’m not staying at an indoor resort?

Extra Magic Hours are only for on-site guests.

All of the touring plans I find including yours start with Peter Pan’s flight and then work your way left. I’d like to start with Peter Pan’s flight after 8 am CRT and work my way right. Have you tried this? On day two MY plan is to go left after rope drop into Adventure and then up to Frontier land. Thoughts?

Hi Shannon, I’m confused about one of your tips. you said if you have a FP+ for a ride in which the stand by line is short, you should ride and change your FP to something else. Can you change your fast pass selections within the My Disney Experience app once you have made them? What if you have used one of your selections, but want to change to second of third? Do you have to wait until the FP+ time has passed?

Would you recommend touring plans even if we will be going for 7 days?

Hi there! I am loving your articles and podcasts. They have been so helpful as I am planning my family’s first disney world vacation for my daughters 6th birthday this October. We are staying at AoA from oct 16th-21st with 5 days of park touring. We decided to tour magic kingdom on the 18th and attend MNSSHP that evening and then tour it again on our last day. Do you think that will give us enough time do/see everything at Magic Kingdom? It seems like different websites have conflicting opinions on expected crowds for those dates but I am really… Read more »

Hi!! I found your website and it’s incredible all the information, thanks a lot… I’m visiting Disney so soon 08/14/15 until 08/23/15… I have read that it’s better avoid EMH, I already make my park tour plan choosing EMH days for each park!! you think it’s a bad idea?? I thought the period that I’am going to stay there are not high crowd days, what do you think?? You think I should avoid EMH days??… thnks 😀

I did EMH parks each day of my last trip and it was great, that hour you can really ride a lot. However, I always left the parks after lunch be my kids are little so I can’t say how busy they got later in the day. If you have park hopping, it would be a great way to get a lot of rides in then go over to a less crowded park.

Hi, I have tried very hard to study your touring plans ? we are planning a trip for Oct 2016 and I know this is doubtful but do you have a suggestion for doing MK 3 days? Our daughter will be almost 3 and son almost 5. We would like to meet as many characters as possible and ride as many rides yet hope to be out of the parks by 2-3 each day

We are going in December, and I’ve been 5 times to WDW, but they didn’t have FP+ for my last visit in 2007. So, I have a question about character greetings and FP+. Do ALL members of your party need to have a FP+ for the character greeting, or can just one person have the FP+ and all family members can get to meet the character with that person?

Thanks! LOVE your site, have my own binder!!!

My question is about park hopping. If I am at Magic Kingdom for example in the morning and use all my reserved fastpasses for there and maybe even have additional ones from a kiosk, what about fastpasses for the afternoon park? If I want to go to Epcot in the evening, can I make my extra fastpasses on my phone using the app, or will I have to wait until I get to the park and try to get some?

Is park hop really worth it? I remember around 13 years ago going to Disney World over New Years and the parks filling up fast. By noon or 1pm we were told the parks were at capacity and we’d be unable to switch parks. Pretty much, if we left we’d be unable to enter another park or re-enter the park. Perhaps park hop is better during certain times of the year. I’m currently planning our first family vacation -I’m relying on this website to make it great!

We just got back from a 5 day trip to Disney World, and this website made our trip perfection! It was the first trip for two twenty-something girls and their aunt, and we spent one day at each park. Thank you Shannon for ALL the tips, couldn’t have made the trip without you! From fast-passes, to attractions to see (and skip), to dining, you always had great advice to give, which made our first trip flawless! Thanks to Shannon and Disney for a trip we’ll never forget!

We were thinking on doing 1 day and a half in magic kingdom, the other have in hollywood and a 3/4 day at animal kingdom. What do you think? what would you do on the 1/2 day at magic kingdom? we have a 4 year old and a 13 year old. thanks!

Is there any way to view available fastpasses for our touring dates without changing existing fastpass selections? I just want to see if certain rides have better times on different days ? Thanks

Do you have a 2 day touring plan for little ones? Or could I split your day 1 plan into 2 days and take afternoon breaks?

I would recommend to keep trying daily for hot ticket fast passes. I am going to MK on Tuesday and magically a timeslot opened up for Elsa and Anna at noon! I got those yesterday (So basically 3 days in advance I got Elsa and Anna fast passes somehow). My little sister is going to be so surprised and happy because I told her I couldn’t get them! Same happened with 7 Dwarfs Mine Train. Good luck everyone!

Hi Shannon… I love your site and it’s been a really useful tool helping me plan our first family trip to WDW. Question for you… Do you think it is a good idea to visit parks with Extra Magic Hours or avoid them and visit a park with regular hours instead? Various websites and family/friends gave me their opinion but they are all conflicting. Some say to avoid because everyone is going to try to use the EMH to get the most done, thus more crowds and wait time. Others say, do it so you can get more things done,… Read more »
Hi Shannon, I love your pod casts and having been catching up on them as I drive to work! We were able to participate in the free dining promotion which includes the park hopper pass. I have not tried this before with my family and fast pass. I am planning on visiting MK on day there is a Halloween party and early closure. We will then head to Epcot for our evening. I will book all of our fast passes for MK in the early morning/afternoon. My question is, what should I try and do once I get to Epcot?… Read more »
First of thank you for the article. I have a couple of questions though. The first is about your touring plans above. They mention doing something like 4 rides in 1 hour at the beginning of the day. Is this possible during peak season or are these times more applicable for times when there are lower crowds? I have also read elsewhere that for Epcot and HS the FP for the popular rides are pretty much gone by noon. Is this also true for MK or can you still get FP for some good rides. We are going two days… Read more »

I see how to make FastPass+ reservations for attractions using the app on my phone, but I can’t figure out how to make them for character meet and greets. At first I thought it was just because they were all booked (like for Anna and Elsa), but then I realized I couldn’t do it for anyone! When I went online they were available, but they don’t look available using the app.

Try using your web browser on your phone, in desktop view. Should work that way.

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