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Heather & Felicia’s June trip to Disney World – PREP 414

Heather & Felicia’s June trip to Disney World – PREP 414

Heather and Felicia just returned from a busy trip to Disney World. They chat about preparing for the heat, Dreams that Soar drone show, H2O Glow, Fantasmic Dining Package, Epcot openings, and more.

The Basics

Felicia and Heather went to Walt Disney World to cover some new things opening. It was very hot and humid at the beginning of their trip. Then it was very rainy. 

It was 102-110 F with the heat index. Because of this, you need to take extra care if traveling this time of year. 

Drone Show

There are two showings, one at 9 p.m. and one at 10:45 p.m. The first show was canceled due to rain. The second show was very crowded but really cute. 

Because this is a show, there is always a desire to be in the front row. However, because this is in the sky, there is no reason to be in the front to have a good view. 

There were crowds, but it was very organized and everything went smoothly. They entered by the House of Blues and they were near Summer House to watch the show. They were about 20 minutes early. 

There are a few restaurants that offer viewing packages including House of Blues, Summer House, and Jaleo. These vary between restaurants and can prove a dessert party type of experience.

The first show was canceled both when Shannon and Jennie were there and when Heather and Felicia were there. This likely means that the drone show will be canceled more frequently than the fireworks. 

H2O Glow After Hours

The lives were low posted wait times but the actual wait was higher. It was more crowded than they’ve seen in the past. 

Heather and Felicia did not get cold that evening like Shannon did on her night. Overall, they feel it is a good option and value, especially if you go at 6 p.m. 

While it was more crowded than previous years, they had no problem finding a chair and spot. They likely didn’t have a long wait for snacks. 

It is also really nice that you can spend a lot of time there without worrying about getting sunburned. Felicia notes that she likes the water parks because she likes the sunshine, so probably wouldn’t go back at night. 

If riding the slides is important for you, this is a great value versus trying to go during the day.

1900 Park Fare Dinner

They had a great meal and felt like it was very high quality. The food was delicious. They did find it to be loud but not much louder than other character meals.

Their dinner reservation was at prime dinner time, and it was loud but not nearly as loud as earlier in the day for breakfast as Shannon experienced.

Tiana at 1900 Park Fare

They had really great character interactions and saw each character before they even got their meal. This was really lucky because they didn’t interrupt their meal with character time.

Each of the characters were so fun and they had great interactions with each of them. 

Felicia notes that the cast members really stayed on top of keeping the food stocked on the buffet. There are less options, but the quality of the items is very high. 

Space220 Lounge

They were at the bar facing away from the windows, which wasn’t ideal. The food was just okay. 

They tried to check in 20 minutes before their reservation and were turned away. When they came back, they were asked if they were okay sitting at the bar. They said yes because they thought it was crowded. 

However, the restaurant wasn’t crowded and they were disappointed to be seated at the bar. It was a challenge to eat at the bar because of the foam edge on the bar. 

Fantasmic Dining Package 

Heather hadn’t done this in a long time. They ate at 50’s Prime Time. There are 5 different options and had many available reservations during their trip. They also note that the times were very normal, and not weird times like they’ve been in the past. 

Heather really enjoyed the mashed potatoes. The food was time but Heather kept getting in trouble. They had a good server that was only teasing in a gentle way. 

The food comes with decent portions. The package includes a non-alcoholic drink, an appetizer or dessert, and an entree. 

This can be a good restaurant if you have children that need something to engage them. There are TVs playing clips throughout your meal. 

Heather and Felicia had lunch at 50’s Prime Time and then left the park. They got there at 8:10 p.m. They were seated in the center two sections. They got an aisle like they wanted. 

Fantasmic dining package seating

Be sure to bring your card with you that you get at your meal. Keep this with you so that you can get to your section. 

There was only one showing of Fantasmic this evening but the show didn’t fill up. Seating begins 90 minutes prior to the show and closes 25 minutes before the show for Fantasmic Dining Package reservations.

This is a great option, especially if you are on the dining plan and are going to eat at one of the participating restaurants. It doesn’t cost you any more to book the Fantasmic Dining Package.

Standby Skipper  

This was Felicia’s first time using Standby Skipper. They purchased Genie+ one day of their trip. 

There was a slight learning curve using Standby Skipper, but after one day of using it at Epcot, Felicia feels like she has a good understanding of how she would use it in the future.  

They like that it can be used to book things and you don’t need to be on your phone. However, they note that they will likely continue to tweak the times after Standby Skipper books things.

New things at Epcot

On June 10th new things were scheduled to begin at Epcot. This includes opening of new areas, a new show, and construction ending.

The walls came down in Epcot! It is not much easier to navigate the park. The last phase of the construction opened. 

Festival favorites food

These elements look a lot different than their original drawings. CommuniCore Plaza and CommuniCore Hall are now open, but in a different form than presented.

There is a new character spot and you can now get a lightning lane for this. You can meet 3 characters – Mickey, Minnie, and Goofy. This is a good use of a lightning lane.

Felicia and Heather with Mickey

Festival Favorites also opened in this area and serves festival favorites. There were hardly any lines in this area, including for the first showing of the Encanto show.

Encanto show at Epcot

Animal Kingdom 30th Anniversary Kingdom of the Lion King

For the anniversary, Animal Kingdom is doing some special things at Animal Kingdom to celebrate the Lion King. There are some food and drink options and merchandise. 

You can also meet Timon and Rafiki at Planet Watch. The Animation Experience is Lion King characters, but this isn’t unusual. There are popcorn buckets and photopass experiences that have also been available for the past 5 years. 


At Animal Kingdom, Heather and Felicia had no problem getting into Nomad Lounge. This is normally a tricky place to get into and they have had to rope drop it, but this time they didn’t have any trouble at all.

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